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It is known that management tools provide a systematic method for analysis and troubleshooting. Using them properly helps significantly improve the decision-making process of the business, otherwise will cause an improper use of financial and human resources, and a lack of motivation within the company The fact that Wikipedia, reminds us also that it is understood that the management tools are all systems, applications, controls, computing solutions, methodology, etc., helping to run a business in the following broad areas: Tools for recording data in any business will Tools for monitoring and improving business processes Tools for consolidating data and making decisions is added that one of the major drivers of the increasing diversity of tools for managing the company, has been and new forms of interaction between different platforms heterogeneous, which is known as service-oriented architecture. These make it possible for business management systems can be segmented in modules, each with a specific function and programmed with the most suitable language for their work. When any of these modules need some other data, it requests a service that provides applied. The following links show various forms and examples for the application form and answers: SOA Middleware SOAP XML Web Services One of the great challenges of computer systems today, which necessarily must be done through management tools are summarized as: "The great challenge for computer science in the early twenty-first century is to interact or exchange information with any fixed or movable, to high speed and make decisions on Edge and without human intervention.

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Wikipedia reminds us that the benchmark is a technique used to measure the performance of a system or component of a system, often compared to which it refers specifically to the action of running a benchmark. The benchmark is an anglicized word translatable into Spanish as comparative. While it can also be found this word referring to the original meaning in the Anglo-Saxon language, is in the computer field where its use is more widespread. More formally be understood that a benchmark is the result of the implementation of a computer program or set of programs on a machine, with the aim of estimating the performance of a particular element or all of it, and to compare the results with similar machines. But we will stop at the end of Benchmarking, Michael Spendolini in his book entitled “Benchmarking” which defines it as: “A systematic and continuous process to evaluate products, services and work processes of organizations that are recognized as representatives of best practices in order to make organizational improvements “That process can result in significant benefits for the organization because it allows: w satisfy a more efficient consumer needs. w Increase the level of competitiveness.

w Define the objectives and strategies according to actual conditions in the environment. w Increase the participation of workers, through the generation of ideas for application in different processes and activities within the company. Because Benchmarking applications are endless, it is necessary for organizations to establish guidelines to determine which function or process is considered as part of programs to be developed by them.

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However, make sure someone wants to buy the things that you want to sell before you jump into that world. Internet has many tools to analyze and make such investigations. Today market research to the millions of Internet users is ridiculously economical, while in the real world this could cost millions. 2. Until they make a sale, nothing happens with your business. Another striking aspect is how many employers say, and say they hate sales. This is unfortunate, because everything else in a company is an expense.

If you have no sales whatever business will eventually have to close. The engine of the success of a company are sales and marketing, if done properly. The key is to add value to the customer at every opportunity. One of the vital things to remember is that true wealth is built when you have the opportunity to sell to a customer over and over again. 3.

Develop a strong team. One of the features that accelerate the success of any business is the momentum generated by the help of others. Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says, “Business and investing are team sports.” The average investor or small businessman loses financially because they do not have a computer. Instead of a team, acting as individuals and are trampled by the teams. If you want to build a home based business, I recommend you do not do it alone. There are only 24 hours a day and can not do anything . The Network marketing is a highly profitable business model that allows leverage, getting results in reasonable time.