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Hash plumbing plumbing & co. KG informed on 8 and around the theme of water in Germany on November 9, 2008 consumes a person an average 126 liters of water per day. In a four-person household water consumption so to good 500 litres of water adds up in just one day. Most of the water we use for daily hygiene: as a person consumes approximately 46 gallons per day only for showering and bathing, 34 liters for flushing the toilet. Wells Fargo: the source for more info. But we actually use”don’t all the water that we use every day. Only the quantity and quality of water are often changed.

Thus arises from the water that you use in the kitchen for washing, for example waste water. This wastewater enters via the sewers in a wastewater treatment plant, where it is then reprocessed. “At your home you can thanks to modern technology, verbrauchtes” water or rain water reprocessing and use it once again. Save costs and protect the environment. Bring a water softener, for example, the lime content of the water in a natural way in the optimum range and protect your water pipes, equipment and fittings against dangerous calcium deposits. But also your body benefits from soft water: your skin is deeply cleansed and your hair gets a silky shine. When hash & learn co.

on the second weekend of November all around the theme of water and how you can use the modern technology of reprocessing for themselves. With innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment systems, you can enjoy feinstgefiltertes, vital drinking water and at the same time intelligent protect your plumbing! Her master of elements knows all the techniques that protect water, help save water, or get the vital energy of your drinking water so refreshing as spring water. Further information is available for Ms Susanne Gerken Tel: 0421 / 20 54 30 or by E-Mail gladly at the disposal. About hash & co. Hash the plumbing plumbing & co. KG in Bremen provides a better quality of life for your customers and employees. With solid The company provides complete services around bad craftsmanship and innovative technologies, sanitary, heating and plumbing. Since 1883, hash & co. for precision and quality of the master. The long tradition of commitment for the future is duty of loyalty towards customers and employees, new technologies and highest quality standards. Hash & co. offers everything from a single source the perfect service 24 hours on 365 days, from planning through to the final cleaning.