Business Card

A sophisticated Internet presence today is mandatory for every company. Anyone who would like to obtain initial information about a company, goes on the Internet and calls the company website through a search engine or by direct entry of the name in the address bar of the browser. This is true for private buyers, for potential business customers, but also for investors who want to get an overview of the business of the company, without directly in contact with a personal contact. Ben Silbermann might disagree with that approach. The Web presence is an important business card of a company which can be called from any workstation equipped with a computer in a matter of seconds around the world. The content, the optical presentation and the subjective appearance of the site, are determined by the Web design reflect the corporate design and the philosophy of the company.

A site visitor assumes that gives the impression conveyed by the company site, also in personal contact. A prospective buyer can find no record of this company on the net, he becomes suspicious and involuntarily classifies them as not on the amount of time. He will then turn to a competing company. Therefore, the website is always an effective way to compare companies and to consider what value the company places on a good customer contact for potential customers and business partners. The Web design of the corporate presence decides whether the desired information can be called quickly, whether the visitor a pleasant impression of the company and once again falls back on the site. The functions of a website but still far beyond the function of a business card.

Depending on the industry and the company size, the site can have a webshop through the trading activities are handled. Over the Internet, other and larger audiences are reached as spot.