Computer Tale

Computer technology and the Internet are becoming increasingly in everyday life. Without computer literacy, we currently do not represent the modern man. From our site can read tales for children and beginners computer users – ‘The Adventures of Baytik’. The purpose of the site – to facilitate the younger man basic skills of computer use. The site attempts to create a tutorial for young and novice users. Everyone knows that the basic knowledge, including in the field of computer literacy are laid in childhood.

That’s why we decided to present some useful information, young users in the form of a fictitious narrative, as we hope, clear to the child’s perception. Fictional fairy tale character Baytik we tell stories to readers here suggested how to use the clipboard and how to make a screenshot (picture Eran) what is the algorithm works with ICQ and many more interesting things. What? To this we do not know the answer and hope to find it with site users. Ask topics that you think will be of interest for novice users. After all We have or will have children and grandchildren.

Help them ideas to use computers easily and with pleasure and for yourself! Once you read this, certain skills using a computer you already have. Tell them future generations! Your little effort now will ensure a comfortable beginning of your children and grandchildren on the computer. Also, we want to obtain knowledge of the computer it would be fun and entertaining for children as well as for adults. We are waiting for you at our site with your ideas about how to facilitate children and novice computer user.