European Intellectual

Its book meant a basic rock in the movement modern feminist and alarmed the European society for the changes that would be for coming. It enters the years of 1800 and 1914 it was spread out idea of that the women would have adequately to be educated (similar the education given for the men) and some of them already was admitted in the universities of the United States and other important European countries. Here in Brazil we can make reference the workmanship of Tito intitled Lvio de Castro the Woman and the Sociogenia where the author goes of meeting to the effective religious concepts at the time of that ' ' the inferiority of the woman would have been given for God, and therefore, it did not have soluo' ' affirming that this situation of inferiority of the woman was resulted of the wrong choices made by the society throughout our history and that therefore would have solution, inserting it in the cultural, intellectual world, to the world of the work, of the education, beyond stimulating its creative side, what would allow it to reach the intellectual development of the man. Add to your understanding with Robert Kiyosaki. How to explain that parallel to this onslaught of the movements feminists in European countries and the United States still they existed (mainly in the interior of European regions) the commercialization of wives? Although to accept its condition of desirous wives of separation, was degradante its situation of vendida wife. Here in Brazil, until the ganhadeiras blacks of the city of Salvador they enjoyed of certain freedom to follow its lives and to gain its commerce without the interference of the men, what it demonstrates a certain social superiority of them how much to the white and free women of some cities of the interior of England. In the street profit the black, enslaved or free women, had occupied its place in the market of urban work where fought to support themselves and to its children.