No matter that the lie was not habitual, repeated daily, impressive, official, or “patriotic.” But you never know what it can be! Lies table. We do not need so much – it’s bread journalists TV, showbiz and more. We really need it. I got the information about almost by accident, from a speech by wholly self-made man *, Moscow businesswoman, Elena Vladimirovna. Which is the honored businessman in Russia and wonderful person. And, for me personally, very good examples, whose quality awards, titles and so I will not enumerate here. They are many and all of the case.

Got a chance, verbally, and in another, no less, even more important to me context. I am gullible and believe everything. Learn more at this site: Bill Phelan. Checked yet. It was only after – use. Checked! It. And entirely fit in with my own delicacies on this topic.

And works! And you will. If alertness and alert. I warn you that the following may not all like it, but kayatsya or I’m not going to apologize. And I will not. So. We live in Russia! All live. Regardless of frontiers, politicians, ethnic groups, the current law, presidents and other short-term slime on the face of real and not “official” history. Or live in the USSR, or the Great Russian Empire, or CIS, or Kievan Rus’, or … and so on. Which, in essence, the difference is called, wholesale or retail, our common with you, to eerily uniform, geopolitical space *!? For the rest of the world that “Russia” and you – Russian.