House Of Wealth

The house of the wealth is not so great as it seems, nor impossible as we imagine, it is constructed in firm land, raised on of strong and solid foundation, made of hard and constant work. Each placed brick is the fruit of a conquest, the walls goes being raised with the mortar of the sweat, the devotion and the patience. The floor is made of saving, sacrifice and perseverance, the doors are made of sundays and holiday dedicated to the work, in detriment of barbecues, parties and diversions, the painting comes of the ink of the resignation to wastefulness and laziness, the windows are made of love and hope in the work, the ceiling are made of the used to advantage chances, with the finishing of the knowledge, positive attitude and of the faith in itself and God. Unhappyly this type of house, if does not find ready, people has that to construct it throughout our lives, being able the construction to be fast, it measured, or long, exclusively depends only on the attitude and the railway will of the constructor. Daniel Fiza. To more know the marketing strategies that I use it has access:.