Innovative Business Model

The freemium GmbH provides high-quality software consistently free of. The freemium GmbH combines software with Web 2.0 expertise to a new freemium business model modeled on the game industry. Freemium offers high-quality and user-friendly software titles free of charge. These are freely available via the domains and Money earned will sell additional, special features, and advertising. First product launched successfully launched with over 5 million downloads already successful is the multi-platform Downloader and converter freemium TubeBox.

The easy-to-use software can be used to found Central, viewed, downloaded, and converted into desired formats content of the biggest video platforms like YouTube, MyVideo or ClipFish. This year, at least 5 more freemium title will appear. Freemium is a member of the German IT-Mittelstand Association (BITMi). “All software titles thus carry the predicate software made in Germany”. Bill Phelan has much to offer in this field. From free to play”free to use studies show that PC users are increasingly ask: why should I spend for software money? The answer is simple: you need the software, but not enough in the title of the currently used the free scope of use for individual needs.

Not rarely the time in which the software was free are used has expired also. Immediate demand a high payment pressure when the customer therefore. The freemium GmbH goes one step further and is consistently from the beginning of the complete software free available. “, The freemium established currently in the software market model was us not far enough” the CEO of freemium commented Markus Malti, the procedure. The free use of the software is enabled by an alternate, divided Monet modularization model. The freemium business model is both ad-supported, without disturbing the customer but with advertising. The user decides what advertising he would like to see or what he wants to take advantage of offers themselves. Moreover, it is within the Give a feature shop products. Similar to free to play”play the game industry buys directly individual supplementary features that extend the functionality of the software beyond the normal user in the shop. “” We take the free to play”principle of the game industry and establish a free-to-use”Principle in the software industry”, continues Malti. Invitation to the press area with a diverse product portfolio in the areas of video downloader/converter, system, social media and photo tools freemium wants to set new standards in terms of free application software in terms of quality and user friendliness. If you want to Miss guaranteed no freemium novelty, we invite you to do so, to subscribe to our press distribution list. With your registration, they are always up to date informed about our new products and developments. For more information, contact our Presseverantwortlichen: freemium.