" For the latter, require powerful model – always with a separate discrete graphics card. You love to talk? Like when all your friends, family and friends in touch? Forward! This is one of the major destinations on the Internet and the best tool in this case – mini-notebook. Function Number 5 – Mini-notebook for communication is indispensable. Social networks and programs for communication, enjoyed for years and trust – ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Skype and others. If previously it was only text chat, you can now see and hear each other.

However, with a large margin in popularity in the lead, of course, e-mail – the standard international business communication. Nowadays, almost every mini-notebook ready, equipped with a webcam microphone and sound kolonkami.Mobilnost! One major advantage. All these functions would be meaningless if I were in a large box, called the system unit and would stand somewhere in the fixed – speech on the desktop, cumbersome and virtually useless. Wells Fargo Bank might disagree with that approach. Also a little confused by them in larger notebooks – they can be a good replacement home computer – a kind of computer for the whole family. But no individual mobile device. They are heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. Option – up to 13 inches – that is necessary. You can carry it with you wherever you go.

Home – in an armchair on the couch, for any table, even though the carpet … make your case, where no one you will not be disturbed. In trip – a mini-laptop will fit in any backpack, bag, and some in his pocket.