Before March 8, many men think that would give his companion? For men, choose a gift – it is usually a painful process, which is why nearly half of 'macho' is considered the best gift of flowers for the Day on March 8. Of course is a rare man dares to leave his companion even without studs or mimosa – because if it the whole year – until next March 8 will be the number one enemy. And very often too protracted meditation until the evening of the 7th of March, when afterthought, the men ran to the nearest store and buy the first thing that caught my eye as well on the way home complement your gift a sprig of mimosa. A holiday in the morning, trying to ignore the mocking sparks in the eyes of his companion, with a proud kind of handed a gift. Similar to men accustomed to many women. Let's try to break the stereotype of the upcoming holiday? Believe me, if you really organize your favorite holiday of the soul, its appreciation will not know borders, and in general, is not it fun – surprise and please a loved one? Give her a holiday! In any woman is hidden a little girl who believes in miracles.

Surprise her! Of course, the gift of song Alla Pugacheva about a million red roses are not everyone 'by force'. Start with armfuls of fresh roses and beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers. Gifts beloved woman? Most men believe that somehow this spring day, the main thing is not a gift, and attention.