None of the types of recreation does not have the cleansing and Curative effect, as a holiday in the bath. Has long been in Russia are especially popular bath from a bar because of their wooden walls have a beneficial effect on well-being. The parameters of environmental heat and wooden bath occupy the first position among the baths and saunas from other materials. Modern construction bath – a multi-stage process, in many respects similar to the construction cottages, the main stage which is the choice of wood as a building material. Wooden baths are usually built of logs chopped or thickness 180 – 240 mm.

The standard consists of a wooden bath steam rooms, washing and rest rooms. Steam room clapboard sheathed. Coniferous trees are not used to finish the pair space, since at higher temperatures release the resin. To finish the pair separation is usually using lime or aspen. In these rocks there is no resin, which can cause burns at high temperatures. Nowadays you can buy ready-made bath, which is going on industrial base of developer and delivered to you on the site, or to order the construction of baths for your individual project using the desired timber.