Much people believe that hackers are things of developed countries and that here in Brazil does not exist this type of thing, therefore are, had deceived themselves again. Brazil is the country that more sends spams in the world, second research effected by the Security Panda in the two first months of 2010, followed by India, Coreia of the south, Vietnam and United States, most of the content of these spams at risk places the security of the information of millions of users, this same research still evidenced that to each 5 million spams sent in world 20% they are of Brazilian origin. Brazil is enters the countries most advanced in the area of technology in the world, as research of the Pointer of the Society of the Information more than of the population possesss computer in house and to each 9 computers installed in Latin America 5 are in Brazil. In the year of 2009 Brazil met in 59 placed in ranking of of the hardwired countries more in the world, according to a research carried through in 134 countries for the World-wide Frum of Economy, who led this list was the Denmark followed for Sweden. In another research carried through for Cisco Networks and the Universities of Oxford (England) and Oviedo (Spain) sample that Brazil is 42 in the list of the countries that has the best broad band in the world and that 21% of the homes Brazilian possess broad band. Nowadays we are stirred up to more even learn each time on what we do not want obviously having a justification for this, satisfying the necessities of the companies where we work and we give our lives so that with this let us can serreconhecidos with honor and glory for ours leaders, nor that he is per one week, one day, one instant that either.