Shore Excursion

The resort island of Penang is a favorite destination of Asia cruises in Malaysia at the first glance it is a temple like many others in the far East: the heavy scent of the incense, the interiors of the centuries-old smoke darkened, gloss and glitter to the altars. Only when the eye of the blazing sunlight outside has accustomed to the half-light, you see them. The snakes. They are everywhere, the poisonous vipers. On the altars of the beams on the ground, even on a ladder, which was probably needed for repair work, they rest mostly neatly on a stage, but sometimes in strange contortions. It is revered as sacred, the vipers were in a trance, half numbed by the smoke victims. Therefore, assure the tourist-photographer in the next room, is also completely safe, with one of the snakes on her bosom photographed it. The business with the Snake is flourishing, no shore excursion, which not the snake Temple stopped on the tour about the small Malay Penang Island.

Here one knows about strangers and their wishes, Penang is one of the oldest ports of the region is. Already in 1786 the British Captain Francis Light took over the already thriving hub of the Sultan of Kedah; Light remained on Penang, his grave can be found in the old cemetery of Georgetown. The island’s capital was named Georgetown in British days, in the shipping world, the name of the island remained a synonym for the port anyway. Today, Georgetown is a popular destination for Asia cruises. It remained thus, as in the last decade, Penang was discovered for tourism and on the beautiful beaches of the Straits of Malacca new hotels were built, even though the water quality at the busy sea route can not be compared with the clear waves in other corners of the Indian Ocean. Fort Cornwallis, a fortress from 1810 dating back to the early days of English domination over Georgetown.