Spain has been, and remains economically powerful state with a nearly trillion-dollar GDP .5, which according to the World Bank is the fifth rate in Europe and the eighth – in the world. GDP growth in the watershed, 2007 amounted to 3.8% – the best indicator in the EU. The per capita income has reached 600, surpassing the neighboring Italy (900) and France (600) and coming up with Japan (500). According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Spain – in third place in the world volume of its investments in other countries. The share of homeowners in the country is 87% – an indicator that displays Spain to first place in the Union, they are not excluding domestic demand should still be noted that in such provision of proper housing for a significant surge in buying activity from the Spaniards, apparently not wait. Therefore, the main players in the Spanish property market – the foreigners, including nationals Her Majesty the Queen is around 80%. Others who may share this opinion include Ben Silbermann.

The number of transactions with the British actually declined dramatically, but it speaks only about the financial problems in the United Kingdom. British financial Group Conti Financial, specializing in real estate sector in its report noted that Spain continues to be in first place among British investors, notably ahead of France. The British, to paraphrase well-known saying, goodbye, but do not go away. WAITING FOR GROWTH facilities on the coast today, when the proposal clearly outstrips demand sagged in the price is not as critical as houses and apartments in the inner regions of the country. Discounts on the first line from the sea reaches 15%, away from the water – more than 30%.

It is believed that the least affected by the crisis province of Extremadura, Castile-Leon, Andalusia. Apartment in good area of Valencia a year ago was worth 250-300 thousand, today its price is 230 000. Last year in Torrevieja 1 bedroom apartment to cost at least 80 000, now you can buy it for 73-75 thousand. In a small town near Barcelona, in a radius of 20 km from the airport can now be found on sale apartment for 100,000, while a year ago or objects for 100 thousand, or even for 150 thousand in the sentence was not. Leader of the fall is called the Costa Brava – is price reduction exceeded 30%, mainly, according to local realtors, because strong demand has allowed the crisis to seriously inflate the price. Now Spain has sharply decreased the number of companies involved in real estate business (since 3000 two years ago to 1,500 today.) Many sellers 'secondary housing' in the last two or three months off their sites with sales, so they do not want to sell cheap. According to experts, this suggests that the 'rebound' in prices will occur in a fairly short time, although not significant because of the recession – for therefore will be most advantageous purchases made until the summer of 2009.