Tourism in Russia

As for the language barrier, it is usually because it does not exist most pretty well speak English, and many taxi drivers, due to the large number of incoming tourists Russia has a very good talk, and even in Russian. Therefore, in most cases the trip becomes more and a mini tour of the coast with stories about local sights, legends and other interesting things that can interested visitors. The only thing all the same it is necessary to draw attention is the fact that if you are not partisan so to speak mattress rest and not going to spend your entire vacation on the beach bezvylazno, and plans are see the country more then the other alternative but to hire a taxi, if not owned or rented vehicle as stated above, you do not. This is due to the fact that regular flights to transport relatively large intervals movements are unlikely to create a convenient format that you a carefree holiday, after all, need to constantly watch the clock to adjust their plans for the schedule of buses. That's not to mention the night travel, when of course all traffic is reduced to a minimum. It remains a taxi.

And if you ever use this mode of transport, the resulting amount will come out pretty impressive. That such a trip a taxi costs about one kilometer of a rate of one euro. Therefore, it is easy to calculate how many can do a simple trip to a picturesque lake which type of Skadar, if you do not want to be tied to format excursion by minibus with a clearly limited range of time. By the way prices for tours also pretty high – how could a country that receives income from tourism. This is of course due to expensive gasoline and quite possibly a limited alternative means of transport.

Of course, this may be offset by a fine of Montenegrins relation to travel, but agree that this money could be to spend on anything else save for a taxi. Hiking who could be an alternative to short trips pretty difficult and require from those who want a good physical preparation, because the entire coast not to mention the mountain areas is strongly undulating relief, and often mountainous terrain. So that, for most of us taxi is perhaps the easiest, though not the cheapest option. If all the same money you are not very concerned about, then you'll surely enjoy traveling on mountain roads with professional drivers, who by the way, in contrast to our taxi drivers did not tend to reckless driving on narrow mountain roads. For those who do not like predinfarktnoe state from near the cliff, or moving towards the car seems to like to use a taxi Montenegro. Good rest and yet want to remind you that sleigh better to cook in the summer. taxi in Montenegro