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Industrial Revolution


Ahead of as many elencadas characteristics we can perceive that an accountant is not enough to have only good ideas, will force and determination, is necessary much more, is necessary a more holistic vision of the market, to know to search solutions, possibilities, innovations, confidence, responsibilities adding more value to its products and services. To be an enterprising accountant is to have abilities managemental techniques, staffs and, to take its proper business to the desired success. If the maranhense accountant to adopt these characteristics, will have the found aptitudes most common in the entrepreneurs, more possibilities will have of being successful. To think of creative form, not to think equal to excessively, is a differential to arrive itself at the success. Therefore the accounting and the empreendedorismo cannot be treated as distinct subjects, therefore one complements the other and both, as much the accountants how much the entrepreneurs are ‘ ‘ tomadores’ ‘ of decisions. An accountant formed without characteristics of an entrepreneur, probably will not be a success professional, in the same way, an entrepreneur who mounts the proper one I negotiate and that he does not use of the basic concepts of accounting, probably he will not get success in its enterprise. The ideal is to together join the characteristics of a good professional of the accounting with the ones of a good entrepreneur, thus forming a mixture that will form a success professional. Conclusion As fast changes is occurring in some sectors, economic, politicians, financiers and cultural, the work of the professionals is being differentiated.

In this context of increasing globalization competitiveness, the maranhenses accountants need to search concrete and objective ways to adapt itself to these transformations, where the accountants need a formation scientific technique and to develop specific activities of practical the countable one, with capacity of externar values of social responsibility, justice and ethics, they need to have ability to understand action critically, analyzing the organizations, anticipating and promoting its transformations. In a globalizado world the ability necessity is increasing, attitudes enterprising spirit and professionalism, an able and qualified professional only can offer a quality service. In this new time, the knowledge becomes if the well most important one for a managing accountant, however knowledge is not only enough, she is necessary for in practises and to make. This elapses many times of the enterprising spirit. For Dornellas (2001 apud THIMMONS 1985, P. 38), ‘ ‘ The empreendedorismo is the one quiet revolution, that will be for century XXI more than what the Industrial Revolution was for century XX.

The entrepreneur possesss characteristics differentiates who it and always is pledged in perfecting them. She is the person who wants to learn, searchs the self-knowledge and update in relation to the way where she acts. For the maranhense countable professional if to keep today in the market, and to take care of to the new profile of the companies it must adopt the characteristics of an entrepreneur to have a differential, to break paradigms and if to place ahead of better conditions to face the work market. The way of an entrepreneur is a permanent process of learnings in relation to the constant changes that the enterprise environment provides.

Gareth Morgan


Already in the question of the organizacional border it is not cabvel to believe that they are total impermeable. Hall, (1984) affirms that & ldquo; the organizacional theory currently is suffering the consequences of an emphasis smashing in ambiente& rdquo; (p.23), therefore currently the social forces are influencing the organizations, as much in its action, as well as, in its objectives. Hall, (1984) believes that the social environment has capital importance for the organizations and that the physical environment, has more importance of what some scholars observe. After the analysis of diverse definitions of organization, Hall, (1984) defines the same one as: (…) a collective with a relatively identifiable border, a normative order, scales of authority, systems of communications and systems of affiliation coordination: this collective exists in a relatively continuous base in an environment and if it engages in activities that are related, usually, with a set of objectives. (p.23) Another form to understand the organizations is for the bias of the studies of the Theory of the Organizations. With the advent of the organizations, researchers of the area of psychology and the administration, had initiated studies on organizations and the behavior of the man, and thus, had appeared some models of the Theory of the Organizations.

According to Motta and Vasconcellos, (2004) Gareth Morgan, in its Images book of organization (MORGAN, 1986) apud (MOTTA; VASCONCELLOS, 2004) brings studies on the Theories of the Organizations, where it explains the classic model of organization. In this model, the organization is a system closed and structuralized in objectives that are used to manage all the company, being metaforizada as a machine that is planned to execute definitive functions and not to leave this focus.



Such research disclosed that the majority of the producers that possess agroindstrias is in the informality, but possesss social validation of its products, being these considered of quality for the consumer. On the other hand, the ones that obtain to surpass this obstacle of the legalization, present greater production scale, that is, to get capacity of payment in what it refers to the legal requirements it is necessary a rise in the production scale as Silveira and Heinz alerted (2005). In research on the ambient question and its relevance for the legalization of the agricultural familiar agroindstrias, Sulzbacher et al., (2008), they had evidenced that the ambient legislation, as well as the sanitary, these considered inadequate for the transport of the enterprises become empecilhos for a legal validation of the AFRs, being, not taking care of the especificidades of these, considering the volume of generated residues and its pollutant power. In way to as many obstacles, legal and marketing, some agricultural producers if use of group mechanisms to support these restrictions, using the strategy of formation of nets, joining efforts and guaranteeing scale in a competitive market (MIOR, 2005). Understanding itself for Nets, organizacionais structures that connect people and entities of democratic, participativa and horizontal form. They are flexible and if they support for the will of its integrant ones to share and to reach a common objective (RASP; PINE, 2004). For Mior (2005), nets are constructed socially before conditions of necessity of the familiar agriculturist, through nets of familiar, nets of friends, nets of social movements, thus closing commercialization canals that bind to the stages of production of the substance cousin, transformation, distribution and final consumption, thus tracing the calls vertical nets. It is very important to the construction of these social nets before the consolidation of a group agroindstria. According to Tesch (1999), the social nets are formed from the existing reciprocity, being that in the case of the agricultural producers they are on between itself, either for structure (equipment), kinship, neighborhood, friendship, associations, cooperatives, among others.

Security Panda


Much people believe that hackers are things of developed countries and that here in Brazil does not exist this type of thing, therefore are, had deceived themselves again. Brazil is the country that more sends spams in the world, second research effected by the Security Panda in the two first months of 2010, followed by India, Coreia of the south, Vietnam and United States, most of the content of these spams at risk places the security of the information of millions of users, this same research still evidenced that to each 5 million spams sent in world 20% they are of Brazilian origin. Brazil is enters the countries most advanced in the area of technology in the world, as research of the Pointer of the Society of the Information more than of the population possesss computer in house and to each 9 computers installed in Latin America 5 are in Brazil. In the year of 2009 Brazil met in 59 placed in ranking of of the hardwired countries more in the world, according to a research carried through in 134 countries for the World-wide Frum of Economy, who led this list was the Denmark followed for Sweden. In another research carried through for Cisco Networks and the Universities of Oxford (England) and Oviedo (Spain) sample that Brazil is 42 in the list of the countries that has the best broad band in the world and that 21% of the homes Brazilian possess broad band. Nowadays we are stirred up to more even learn each time on what we do not want obviously having a justification for this, satisfying the necessities of the companies where we work and we give our lives so that with this let us can serreconhecidos with honor and glory for ours leaders, nor that he is per one week, one day, one instant that either.

Georges Miloslavskogo


I do not know how you, dear readers, but for me a trip to the country – a solid offering. And almost all have to sacrifice, what is so accustomed to his cozy apartment in Moscow. Here's the other day just plugged in the country of the microwave oven as good neighbors yelling obscenities, he says, lighting them off Well, it's okay, it's all small stuff, you can finally, in the country and without miracles of electronics to do But the lack of water and sanitation has seriously poisoned existence. Water for watering the garden, and just for domestic use have to pull out of the public well. Benefit is still refreshing source of only five meters away from my site. In the end, on the agenda got a burning question: need a water pump. The more that a standard 20-foot hose is quite enough to reach the well. "Such questions, my dear Ambassador, with not be solved" – I recalled the words of Georges Miloslavskogo, a great friend to us the notorious Ivan Vasilyevich.

Simply put, you need to know which pump is better to buy. The pumps were found to be different. I would even say – totally different, for a variety of needs. We are with you, of course, interested in domestic pumps. They come in three varieties. Water pumps are suitable for pumping clean water, without any admixture of sand, grass, algae and frogs. By the way, just what I need: and garden watering, and in the shower rinse, wash dishes and drainage pumps are designed for dirty water, mixed with sand, silt, algae, wood chips and other small debris.