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Coaching For Business


Many people have asked me if it’s coaching for business is just another fad of the journals of management. Will it help to actually improve business performance or is it a nonsense? a Whose depends functioning or not? The truth is that it depends almost entirely on you. If you intend to make clear what treatment you’ve chosen well and your coach, then the benefits can be dramatic. a However, if you can not find the right person and they do not clearly define your goals then it is another way to throw your money away. My personal experience is that it is better to have a coach on time on a particular topic to start. a It is much harder to find an expert you can trust general issues of any kind.

a In addition, the required confidence level is much higher. For example, my first personal trainer who is hired on the topic of online marketing. to Find an expert with proven results and hired him to help me in this world who know very little. a In the I learned tactics, techniques and strategies that are mostly running. a whenever I can send queries and maintain very close contact.

a Besides offering opinions and check my progress, send me useful information and designed a personalized program of actions to my case. In your case, you may need a coach to financial issues or a new business plan. Perhaps a’re someone skilled in the production or marketing area. a Make a reflection on the area of your less dominate business and focus your efforts on finding someone who can contribute in this particular area. I recommend a ratio of this type to enter the world of coaching. a If you have a positive experience and then you start thinking about having a more general manager. Dennis H. Lewis was born in Artesia, New Mexico (USA.)

Soda Water Machines In Russia


I would like to talk about bread. Now the summer heat, we're all human and we want to drink. Options to quench your thirst set, juice water, soda, etc. I, as someone who grew up in the USSR, where the choice of drinks was little bit poor, as well as other attracted the miracle of technology, machine soda. They drank sodas this time. After graduating from school and go to work at the plant, was surprised even more when faced with a machine soda, which gave the drink for free. Let no syrup, only sodas, but it's free! So what now? In the cities there are many soda machines, but more modern, more aesthetic.

In manufacturing also is changing, "Soviet" saturators replaced date. So what is a soda machine? Let's start with the fact that water entering the machine should be suitable for drinking, for that all, without exception, manufacturers of soda machines, install, each in its discretion, the filtration system. This filter may be from the "Geyser", "Aquaphor" etc. Further, the process saturirovaniya water (water saturation with gas). In Soviet times, the gas simply fed into the water, the water does not last, but Other options saturirovaniya was not. Until one day, as a result of years of work, the engineer of one of the manufacturing plants, unfortunately, I do not remember exactly what I think of Kharkiv, not invented a new saturirovaniya way. Instead of the gas into the water, it was decided to apply the water itself in a gaseous medium by passing through karbonizator.

This greatly affected the quality of issued drink, the better. Now all manufacturers soda machine, whether commercial or industrial use only this method saturirovaniya. Then, even more interesting. In modern vending machines have bills and coins receivers with the issuance date, system for issuing disposable cups, which can not but rejoice. Number of drinks increased, a variety of syrups happy. For remote control of the machine gas water installed GSM modem, in which the owner sent information about the state of the machine. Industrial machines, too crammed with modern electronics and components of domestic and foreign (such as filters, controllers, pumps, etc.). Give saturators up to 4 types of drinks, chilled, chilled sparkling, chilled, salty, boiling water. As for the manufacturers, all of its features and nuances. Ben Silbermann is likely to increase your knowledge. Personally, I think (do not impose) that one of the best producers this, "Company Ash." Why? Because, in my opinion, this company is suitable for the production of a more serious industrial and vending machines in its series of "Euro", not only by the quality and build quality components, but also by the quality of drinking water that give machines the firm. Drinking water is one of the main priorities of the company. I also want to note that, "Company Yassen," will never be install water conducting nodes of sanitary plastic instead of stainless steel food. You never see a gun in the variation of the "most economical economy" of the company, not collected on an individual case, as in the case, very reminiscent of a wardrobe that is used in factories. Filtration Systems "geyser" used "Company Yassen," considered the best filtering system in Russia. Thus, the choice is yours. Your business deserves the best, and is the best soda machines "Euro" from "Company Ash."



Intelligence makes a trial deformed themselves in positive, that drags to feel the center of everything, an enthusiasm that is personal idolatry. Are also reminded that there are two types of pride; one that is lived as a passion, which implies an excessive, passionate, ardent, affection that becomes so intense that it clouds the reason, even cancel it and prevent the personal facts are watching with a minimal objectivity. The other is perceived as feeling more smoothly and encompasses such a force and head is even capable of applying the pupil that captures the reality of who you are, even if only in moments. Between one and another wanders arrogance, transits, circulates, moves and according to the times and circumstances there is more of one or the other. Ultimately, Rojas provides us, in superb one has a disease in the mode of estimating one himself, in a passion that has its roots in the basements of the personality where springs the error by excess of automatic level. In vanity the exaggerated estimate comes from outside and increases of praise, adulation, flattery, the more or less affected and deferential Coba which leads to dilate any external facet and that really has a false bottom, because it does not address rather than a segment of the conduct. Pride and vanity there is an uprising of self-love that requests a general recognition. The first is more serious, because she is often add difficulty to discover personal defects in its fair measure and appreciate the positive things that there is in others, to stay locked in his bombastic geography.

Affective Intelligence


But there is also an appeal to the candidates themselves cede to his rationalistic claims and seek in their attitudes and made personal stories that allow them to connect with their emotions in way to transmit them directly to the electorate, rather than strive hard and complex speeches and rational messages. Assessment on policy and putting people carried out in practice of their decisions are based on relations of cooperation and complementarity between emotions, cognition, learning and action. Attempts to purge the excitement of public life not only are destined for failure, they are responsible for avoiding the revitalization and the change of the political system. Advances that reveal the neuroscience investigations rapidly demonstrate how emotion in general and their specific functions play a fundamental role in politics. In contrast to the traditional view of emotion as a way of agitation associated with beliefs, the Neurosciences are certifying that political ideas are generated by brain systems that operate largely outside of consciousness. Two of these systems, disposal and monitoring, are particularly important to allow emotions to produce habits directly related to attention in policy and contagion and motivation in the stages of the election campaign. In turn, anxiety, is also an emotion crucial to the policy since it can inhibit or disable the habits and, therefore, a space clear for the conscious use of reason and deliberation. The acceleration of these recent years in research on emotion in politics cause vertigo.

Started by Cacioppo and social neuroscience, the cited work of emotion in Ledoux, Damasio, Gardner and Armony, joined studies that almost on a daily basis removed sustenance to the long tradition of treating the feel and think independently and Antagonicaen subsequent reports to research carried out by the aforementioned Ted Brader, Marcus largely confirm his theory of emotional intelligence: emotions tend to anticipate to define the political decisions of persons, and positive emotions freed the way for the entry of messages that confirm preconceived ideas, while negative ones seem to lead to reflection, but do not change the previous belief system. For more information see PayNet. Motivated reasoning can make us ignore the reality, i.e., that can make us continue supporting a candidate wanted initially, even when we have in front of us a lot of negative information. It is this issue that it is crucial how and at what time to start election campaigns. (1) George e. Marcus. The Sentimental Citizen: Emotion in Democratic Politics.

The Pennsylvania Sate University Press. 2002 Marcus is President of the international society of Psychology politica.2) George E. Marcus and Michael MacKuen. Affective Intelligence and Political Judgment. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (2000.3) George Marcus face numerous functions of emotion in communication policy Conference. (20074) Ted Brader. Affective Intelligence and Beyond. 2007 Guillermo Bertoldi is a journalist, graduated in Social communication sciences and Public Opinion analyst. He completed advanced studies in Sociology of communications and political management. Specialist in Electoral communication and Governments. He participated in more than 50 national, provincial and municipal election campaigns. Author of the emotional campaign, political communication in the territory of dreams.

Emotional Intelligence


The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. All of us present in this planet Earth with this form in order to seize the opportunity of life that it has bequeathed us, know that we invaded emotions that give way to the feelings and they act according to the stimuli that activate it, so we rely on our intelligence, which allows you to manage them in such a way, that do not affect us, on the contrary allow us to enjoy the opportunity of living and exploit the positive potential that generates every emotion intensely. Filed under: Pinterest. In recent years, much emphasis is given on the relevance and scope of emotional intelligence and how it can encourage us in our growth, the connection is drawn, that emotional intelligence is a way of interacting with the world that takes into account the feelings, and includes skills such as the control of impulses, the awareness, motivation, enthusiasm, perseverance, empathy, mental agility, etc. Character traits that set as the self-discipline, compassion, or altruism, which is indispensable for a good and creative social adaptation. Not surprising to hear questions such as: why some people does them better in life than to others? By some, with high IQ and that stand out in their profession, they do not apply this intelligence in his private life, which is going to drift, suffering to the failure? The fact, that the new concept that responds to these and other questions is emotional intelligence, often denied part and disdained, overshadowed by the brightness of the reason for the IQ more easy to define and measure, which comes to do a to be a skill that allows us to know and manage our own feelings, interpret or deal with the feelings of othersfeel satisfied, and be effective in life as well as creating mental habits that favor our own productivity. .

Emotional Intelligence


At the beginning of our life when we are still dependents and apprentices, we evaluated to measure the helpful we can be for society. They call it skills tests, or test of intelligence, or similar things. First thing that I would like to clarify, that a test is just that one test, and therefore the result is just that a result. For nothing means what we are or are going to be, and the results as everyone knows are not immovable. What we do not pass, they are evidence of attitudes, that measure or how we behave and manage day to day situations, this name is the psychologist Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence (EI).

This which seemed to have no importance, it has and much, in recent years, especially in organizations, companies to another level of human understanding, it have very present, much more than the objective tests or grades of the school or the University. Is valued as the person operates in different living situations with co-workers, as manage their emotions when it comes to interact with others and as out of stressful situations. rabajar this type of IE, is much more expensive, because our emotions, which are not controllable thing that we would like that they were involved. Most of us can not help laughing at us a funny situation or that you jump tears when we see a movie that touches your soul. This happens with almost all the emotions, they are not controllable, hence the need for intelligence and to reflect on the events before making any decision. Who has not insulted anyone inside the car, because it has crossed or they have made you stop and myself, it was very difficult to handle these situations most of the time. No one has taught us how to control these situations, they have told us that we control them but no one how to do it.

Hence the importance of EI, how many times have had a response excessive before an event then we have repented of our conduct, and still putting me in the head. In These single lines I can contribute my small grain of sand and say; to the next that is you a situation seem unmanageable breathe deep and take time to reflect on what is happening and why it happens, in this period temporary decides the answer given, it is the power of the freedom to choose. Every day should take 5 minutes to be able to relax breathing deeply, what those around us appreciate us. And it will help us to understand ourselves better and develop our emotional intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence


How to describe the process of these years lived? Trying to write in the words of a dualistic language that limits?, only I can do it from the broad vision that integrates, which transcends, a vision that encompasses, which remains, that contemplates and moving; only from holism could express it in language involving the mind and spirit. It would be a free language that expresses not the shape or line, only the sublime essence of inside of him who feels. The road has transformed all dimensions and levels of my being. You’ve come to clarify, sort, and substantiate my experiences, I have no more to thank the opportunity that gave me life to pursue these years. I came looking for internal order and evaluate at the end and I can say that I found it. The reading of these last three books of Ramon Gallegos: the nectar of happiness, in unity with the be and enlightened conscience has been like a drop of honey that seals the uselessness of an infertile abyss, is an invitation to the real experience which culminates so much study. I cannot speak of books without referring to my experiences and that tells me that my understanding goes beyond the mind, is an understanding, if I could say that the spirit understands, in the same spirit, because every response I find there I tunes with a profound truth that I recognize from the inside.

Had much heard than read sacred writings raise the frequency of the one who reads them. That happens to me to read these books of Ramon Gallegos, they resonate within me and lead me to the expansion and the joy.

Intelligence Spiritual Education


Ramon Gallegos, I focus on the question of what is the crucial link between the two point and I deducire why intelligence spiritual can be thought or State consents to comprehensive education, to put it into practice and develop it. For this I will describe what is HD and then EI, this detectare where unify a with another to expose this positive complementarity of the two. It is taken as sources of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava 14 books on the work of the HD.

And he is expected to clearly identify this positive link between EI and EH. By the k test should be limited to the context of the mental and contemplative eye. THE intelligence spiritual and LA education holistic La education holistic is a new paradigm on the formation of human beings that arises to overcome the consequences and effects of the dogmatic and scientistic paradigms of the past four hundred years. The term Holistic is derived from the Greek: holos whole, and refers to a form of understanding reality in function of totalities in integrated processes, education holistic means, therefore, sets out a comprehensive, total education in man, the human being. This new paradigm began to standardize and develop rapidly in the past 20 years, although part of their roots is since the beginning of the century with the development of quantum physics. Born the holistic education of the decline of traditional education, its consequences on people and this in turn in the social reflection. Anguish, psychological problems, stress, failure existential, lack of common values and forgetting of oneself, everything by concentrating on the rational, logica-matematica preparation.