Tamer Zincidi, Inca Group: Company Is Sponsoring Sports Group Of The University Of Mainz

The Canadian national sport is Lacrosse, once Olympic discipline in Germany is still always undervalued and is also at the Olympic Games in London not his Wiesbaden, 18 may 2012. “It is a concern for Tamer Zincidi, CEO of Inca group of companies: the decision financially to support the lacrosse sports, I met spontaneously.” Not only in the year of the Olympic Games in London, it was important to show the flag for young sports people. Lacrosse is a team sport of native American originally and was at the Olympic Games in St. Louis (1904) and London four years later to the regular competition disciplines. Please visit Clive Holmes if you seek more information. 1928 in Amsterdam, 1932 in Los Angeles, and again in 1948 in London it was only demonstration port type and lost significance as a result. “” In Canada at least,’ Inca Board Member Zincidi, deemed it next to the ice hockey since 1946 officially sport, also Lacrosse is exercised around the world in 45 other countries.” Is played on a field with a length of 120 and a width of 55 meters.

This is a hard rubber ball with a bat (Crosse or stick called), at the upper end of a network is caught, carried and thrown. For men, a match lasts four times 20 or in the American Leagues for 15 minutes, the women twice per half an hour. For your own protection, the teams wear helmets, elbow pads, shoulder and rib protectors and a mouth guard. Lacrosse is as fastest ball sport, apart from Polo. For the lacrosse College Sports Group of the University of Mainz, Inca is sponsoring new T-Shirts, lacrosse, but also in everyday use are carried at various university events, about the launch event for first-year students, the University fair, the day of the college sports and the College Championship. The logo which is Inca group adorn the back of the T-Shirts. With this sponsorship, Tamer Zincidi combines several aspects: Inca demonstrated not only their partnership with young athletes. Rather have We also directly related to the nature of the sport of lacrosse.

In business life is only successful in the long term, who particularly flexibly and quickly.” And by the way you could inspire perhaps more young people for this fascinating sport. It should not remain in this commitment. In the next step, a sponsorship with the usage of a mobile Pavilion of the Mainz Lacrosse Club Mainz is Musketeers”firmly planned. The Pavilion on the edge of the playing field at the midline height will be placed not only on every home match day of the Mr team (2nd Bundesliga) and the women’s Club (1st League). Also on the occasion of a preparation weekend of the French national team, a camp of the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) as well as many other regional events in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Inca-writing will be visible from afar. This project is intended as a long-term commitment. For more information,