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Statistics Customers


Where does the statistics? On television, on radio constantly using various statistics: so many Russians prefer tea coffee, but much more like handbags made of natural rather than synthetic leather. As gather these data? Who, whom, when, and most importantly – as a poll? One way to gather such data – telephone surveys. Who carries them out and why – Let us examine one by one. Today across the country, there are many so- called call-centers. Here sit the operators, who all day and night responding to calls or call yourself. Who and why? By itself, the call-center services to offer only the work of operators, equipped with workstations, but the specific orders come from businesses, companies and organizations. Let’s start a lottery in the store, and found your ad for future reference. Someone must be responsible for all day thousands of questions from customers.

In this case, very convenient to use the services of call-center, whose staff wisely and patiently answer every call. Same thing with the opinion polls. To conduct such research do not get “rid” the fact that a couple of hours with pad to run on a busy street and passers-by to ask questions. Sociological research – is a science. Written many books, doctoral theses, experts are studying this for years. But before we go to Analysis of the data, you need to collect this information. Here begins the first difficulty. For each case study to determine the “selection” – those who have the potential interviewees.

There are a lot criteria: and the target audience, and by age, sex, and even “random selection” in such statistics as science has its own laws. Any questioning of the population requires serious work of many people. For example, you want to find out how your customers are satisfied with products or services offered, or before you start selling a new product – to study the need for it among customers? In this case, you need to interview more than a dozen people to get an idea about the real situation in the investigated issue. And in this case, those who need to know any statistics, refer to the call-center – the real center of public opinion polls. Those who are here works, know how to keep the conversation going, what to ask questions, arrange a companion to the conversation. Several dozen operators can per day to interview over the phone thousands of people. Today, virtually every contact call Center allows you to order not only to sociological surveys of the population, but also by marketing research survey. Although, in fact, it is also statistics, only collect it for finding new clients for market research goods and services. Modern marketing research can assess whether customers are satisfied with the work of an organization, as demanded by the work of any company. Any marketing research require the use of professionals, because once customers use the services of call-centers. In today’s world contact call center – it is also outsourced call center. What is outsourcing? This is a call to service call-center solutions for any problems associated with telephone surveys. It could be public opinion polls and marketing research and survey customers. Each outsourcing call center operates as a remote office, which decides serious questions regarding business and economic research.

Vologda Investment


This situation is typical for the markets at the early stage of development due to the fact that developers tend to reduce the risks associated with long-term business. It may be noted that the maximum selling price is marked on the retail space with small rooms on the first floor of the central streets of the city, as well as at shopping centers for new construction. In the near future we can predict structural changes in the market commercial properties – will increase the number of shopping centers through new construction, with a gradual decrease in the aging formats of trade, such as markets. Given that the investment attractiveness major Russian cities is gradually decreasing due to the saturation of retail properties with a high degree of confidence we can predict an increase in investment interest of market players trade Property for cities with fewer than 500 thousand people, including the Vologda. Industrial and warehouse real estate growth of the intensity of retail trade, increase in freight traffic passing through the Regional center leads to an increase in demand for storage space – less popular segment of the commercial real estate, featuring a not so high yields and a longer payback period. Meanwhile, the total storage facilities, currently operating in Vologda, gradually increases. Perhaps, as the saturation of other segments of commercial real estate market and reduce the profitability of their building stock facilities will attract more investor attention. The main factors that affect the growth of investment attractiveness of the market warehouses, are to improve the investment climate in Russia stable growth, the development of the retail sector and the market penetration of large Russian and foreign companies in need of modern warehouse complexes.

Currently, the largest in Vologda demand of industrial and warehouse space to 500m2. The cost of such facilities is maximal. Owners of storage facilities for the most part prefer to use them for rental, so most of the stores offered for sale is located in remote areas of the city, requires a significant investment for the refitting and repair. Despite the fact that the warehouse and production space companies that are adapted for storage, use sufficient demand, it is clear that the market there are a lot of unused space. Proposals for the delivery of warehouse space is little, so as to most are long-term contracts.

The Smallest


Thus, the most important thing in a military operation is the victory and not the persistence. The latter is not beneficial. An army is like fire: if it does not turn off, will be consumed by itself. If you throw a product into the market and it does nothing but give losses, after a time is best to abandon that battle waiting for a more favorable opportunity. 16. Those who manage powerless outside armies surrender without a fight are the best teachers of the art of war.

…An expert in martial arts teacher rolls back the plans of the enemies, damaged their relationships and alliances, short supplies or blocks their way, defeating by these tactics without having to fight. Use and practice of market intelligence. 17. Thus, the rule of the use of force is the following: If your forces are ten times higher than the adversary, surround him; If they are five times higher, to attack him; If they are two times higher, divide it.If your forces are equal in number, fight if you can. If your forces are lower, keep you continuously on guard, because the smallest bug you It would cause the worst consequences. Try to keep you sheltered and avoid possible confrontation with him; prudence and firmness of a small number of people can become tired and to dominate even to many armies. This advice applies in cases in which all factors are equivalent.If your forces are in order while theirs are immersed in the chaos, if you and your forces are with mood and they demoralized, then, although they are more numerous, you can enter into battle. 18. Thus, there are three ways in which a Prince leads the army to the disaster. When a Prince, ignoring the facts, sorts move their armies or retire when they should not do it (is not capable of measuring their chances of success).