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The Idea


Brazil already is great in population and territory, but it can be bigger in problems or still gigantic in number of authorities, programs, projects and proposals of changes, nor that they are proposals of changes to make the opposite of what is being made or to leave to make something that was combined to make. If the income of the sender of this statement to increase, gives credit that it did not have lie, therefore something dumb and if it explains the growth of capital and, thus, Brazil also grows after all our leader is, for law, a Brazilian. One is about a metonmia where if it takes the part for all. Thus, how much to the income of the poor person, all know that poor in Brazil it is what it does not have income, is nothing, and if nothing to increase, if it cannot say that this promise was not marked. The phrase does not say that the income of the poor person, who is swims, goes to be everything, doravante. However, the interpretation leads to the extremity, with two sides: for the pessimist, it is that the poverty goes to increase and for the optimist, is that what does not have income, it goes to start to have some any that is. ' ' My friends, avante! We go together to construct our houses, schools, squares, clubs, to close arrests, to educate our young and to protect ours famlias' '.

In fact, he is possible and pleasant to work in set, mainly with friends who go to the front, enthusiastic, to make our service. In this in case that, the proposal corresponds to an invitation, discloses optimism, confidence in the collective work, partnerships, accords and are not committed in making something alone, justifying until the case not to make something due to contribution. The idea is that the action depends on the effort of all and not only of the leader.



The region metropolitan of So Paulo normally is known by the chaos of the great congestions, day to day running and for the great agitation. It is practically impensvel many people to find a place calm and that it has quality of life to be able to live with tranquillity, far from all the upheavals of the great cities. But, very next to the center of the So Paulo capital approximately the 35 kilometers are possible to find a place of calmness and tranquillity, with much vegetation and lindssimas houses with pretty gardens and paisagismo. This place is known as Village of the Mountain range located in Barueri is one of the redoubts of peace and calmness to few kilometers of So Paulo, that all paulistano would like to live or simply to know. There it is very easy to find pretty houses and sobrados in international style, without walls, gratings or cameras in clean and very well woody spotless streets of, pertinho of the capital is truily a dream well. Beyond pretty sobrados houses and of high standard, the peace and the environment of calmness are attractive and extremely pleasant to witness and to contemplate. It is very good for knowing that still it has regions to few kilometers of the center of the So Paulo capital that is possible to tan a little of quality of life, security and clearly the good sensation of peace and calmness. It knows Village of the Mountain range and it has more information in

The Relation Man X Nature


From the events that we witness in the day the day, it is possible to observe how much the life human being and its relation with the environment assumes a significant picture for reflection on the material conditions which the man if displays. Leaving of the logic of the wild accumulation, the nature is devastada and transformed to take care of the interests of groups minority that they use the substance cousin, either it in the wooden form, natural ores, and other goods, transforming them into consumption good. In accordance with Boff (2004), the war declared between the human being and the nature, assume significant ratios in the ethical field, social and cultural politician, which imply in new perspectives of behaviors, attitudes and vision of world, guided from the defense of the use of the natural resources to extend the consumption relations. It is possible to perceive how much the nature comes being destroyed in raised levels, represented for the assoreamento of rivers, desertificao of territories previously inhabited by animal and vegetal species, destruction of the forests for use of cattle agriculture and, beyond the increasing industrialization that if makes responsible for the atmospheric pollution. The paradox that if presents in the modernity vision is represented by the great concentration of wealth at the hands of a minority and one raised poverty picture that if manifest in the esquinas of the streets, is of the great or small cities.

The City


Lefebvre (2003) analyzes the urbanization, approaching that the result of the increasing process of industrialization, which invades the cities through the plants and that also it arrives at the field, beyond imposing the rhythm of the agricultural or extrativa production. Ahead of some functions of the urban space, Ribeiro (2003) it points that, the urban way of life the one that we are citizens ahead reduces the daily life to one shuffled system of meeting and failures in meeting, despersando us of obstacles as the transit, difficulties of housing and lack of occupation for others as much. But it also makes possible the ephemeral, accidental meeting, of the fast after-modern identity, staged in one of the much qualitative possible to the Being in the world contemporary (RIBEIRO, 2003, p.325). Ahead of insatisfaes caused for the capitalism, Ribeiro (2003) in this manner points some consideraes on the reproduction of production in the urban life. Amongst natural course of history, is perceived that before mechanization the man it saw the nature as divine, extracting of it only the essential its survival. However, other values start to be substituted.

This magnifying of the way scientific technician has as main agent the capital, that shapes the spaces, imposing new habits, speeding up the social time. Lefebvre affirms that, … in such a way the logics as the tautologias deny the nature. does not make it in abstract or speculative way. The industrial rationality, when rejecting the particularitities, dilacera purely and simply the nature and everything that relation with the naturalness has (LEFEBVRE, 2003, p.361). Being thus, the nature passes to be seen as good you went off to the man and, the city, and one of the expressions most forceful of the social capacity to transform the nature into merchandise, as it affirms Spsito (2003), that the city is seen as counterpoint of the proper city, that is, the city is considered, par excellence, the not-nature.



An important strategy used for the ANL to divulge its proposals was the accomplishment of the Liberating Caravans that had covered the north country the south. In May of 1935 one of these caravans it passed for the Espirito Santo and it carried through assemblies in Victory and Cachoeiro. While in the capital concentration of the ANL was dissolved by the public force, in Cachoeiro the aliancistas had been recepcionados festively in the point most important of the city: the railroad station. Immediately afterwards, an assembly in the field of the Star of North F.C was carried through., that it counted on a vultuosa assistance. Still empolgados for the success of the first event, the cachoeirense nucleus of the ANL took care of to the call of the national directory and convoked one another great aliancista concentration for day 5 of July. However, of this time, the state public force denied the authorization for the accomplishment of the manifestation. Exactly thus, a concentration of the militant ones of the ANL was carried through that was marked by antintegralistas speeches and against the government Vargas.

The environment politician of the city after entered of time in boiling the announcement of a possible visit of Salty Pliny as main palestrante of the Provincial Congress Integralista of it YOU ARE, marked for days 02, 03 and 04 of November of 1935. The expectation of the cachoeirenses integralistas age to congregate five a thousand person from de state of espirito santo shirt-greens. This information had as immediate reply the invocation of one another event for the aliancistas: antintegralista congress for the same date of the meeting of the shirt-greens. Palco was mounted for plus a confrontation between members of AIB and ANL. However, before exactly of if initiating the works of the Provincial Congress, Cachoeiro was shaken by the murder of the young Alberto Secchin, militant integralista.