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Western Union


falsified money: the falsified money is printed and it is sent by postal mail. This one is an example of somebody that it asks for falsified money: Jamal I need to somebody so that Jamal makes many tickets of 20 dollars because alive in Canada Jamal we can gain a pile of money if it beams Jamal I will use it in other stores and I will give back to the article Jamal if you can make copies of the ticket and send them to me, I will change them to I by real money and I will send half to you by means of western union? Accounts of Western Union: Western Union is used much because bottoms in the act can be sent and they cannot be located nor recover. All these articles interchange and they are sold more by means of conversations improvised in IRC or organized form by means of forums in line in which the salesman can take control of the account of " proveedor" and to make businesses. In this way, they can publish a list of prices structured for the buying futures. The users provide commentaries of their experiences with " proveedores" of fraud, which allows them to elaborate a species of system of classification of possible confidence that discourages to " rippers" (cheating). It is possible that the suppliers also must pay a quota of entrance and to be put under a basic process of verification before they can act like suppliers in the forums of cybernetic crime. He is impressive, as ell black market in Internet moves about 70,000 million Euros indicates to us, that the black market in Internet, purchases of data of credit cards or shipments of " spam" , it anywhere in the world moves around 70,000 million Euros every year, about 500 million in Spain, according to estimations of the company of computer science security GData. .

Carpathian Mountains


Carpathians serve as a testing ground of the dislocation centers international business, to stimulate the growth of commercial and business tourism. 3. Factor of the territorial division of labor. In Ukraine, in fact, there are two regions, the conditions which allow for the process of meeting social needs of recreational services, namely, the Black Sea and Azov Sea region, the Carpathian region. Congestion on the background of the first and the growing demand, the Carpathians are the actually the only territory that can realize the pent-up consumer demand for recreation and relaxation. 4. Consequences of the Chernobyl accident. The relatively high level of environmental safety and availability of mineral water for treatment Radiation diseases are responsible for the need to create a broad network in the Carpathian Mountains of specialized health centers for people affected by radioactive contamination.

5. Ecological phenomenon territory. On the one hand, the nature of the Carpathians in comparison with other regions, suffered smaller losses, and in many places, has retained its original condition. And for various forms of recreation and tourism is very important. On the other hand, given critical climatic and water regulatory importance for the Carpathian Ukraine, and neighboring European countries, is an issue to preserve the unique nature of this area. 6.

Socio-economic specificity of the mountains. In mountainous areas, four areas of the Carpathian population of about 1.3 million people. Of these, the third part – at an altitude of 500m or more. The mountains create a specific and extremely difficult living conditions and business practices, especially in agriculture.



If the scale marks 100 less than, is necessary to unscrew the screw. Soon the process is repeated until it is fit the balance (to fit in zero and sensitivity). 4. To confirm the brake of the subject of gossip. This one is mounted on a spiral axis that, when the balance is blocked, is called on the subject of gossip to avoid that it oscillates. In case of misalignment the axis is due to rotate smoothly, until the distance between the brake and the subject of gossip is zero when the balance is blocked. Maintenance of the mechanical balance The maintenance of the mechanical balances is limited the following routines: Frequency: Daily 1. To verify the level.

2. To verify the zero graduation. 3. To verify the sensitivity adjustment. 4. To clean the subject of gossip of pesaje. Frequency: Annual 1.

To calibrate the balance and to document the process. 2. Desensamblar and to clean the component interns. A specialized company/signature is due to follow the process defined by the manufacturer, or to be contracted for the effect. Electronic balances The electronic balances involve three basic elements: 1. The object to be heavy that is placed on the subject of gossip of pesaje exerts a pressure that is distributed of random form on the surface of the subject of gossip. Of, by means of a transference mechanism handles, supports, guides, concentrates the load of the weight in a simple force there F that it can be measured. F =? P? to the integral of the pressure on the area allows to calculate the force. 2. A transducer of measurement, known with the name of cell of load, produces a signal of proportional exit to the load force, in the form of changes in the voltage or of frequency. 3. An electronic circuit analogous digitalis that finally presents/displays the result of pesaje in digital form.

Spiritual Intelligence Model


Ramon Gallegos, aware of the problem that exists today, in where many seek desperately longed happiness, has written three books that exposes clearly and accurately its actual meaning and how to experience it on a permanent basis; Ramon Gallegos, speaks of spiritual intelligence as the conscience of knowing our true spiritual nature, in which humans are happy not because of circumstances but despite them. Books in unit with being, enlightened consciousness and the Nectar of happiness are the trilogy of spiritual intelligence; published in 2010, in this trilogy, Ramon Gallegos, explains the true nature of the human being, and is this recognition is the one who comes to reveal the illusion in which we live and see happiness as something inherent to the human being, that there is no need to search for something outside of us, because it is not something we have lost, because it is hereWe are that, just admit it. In the first book of the trilogy in unit with be, Ramon Gallegos mentions that for 400 years the society focused only on external aspects of development of the human being, and forgot largely subjective inner world, having problems living today, such as nihilism, hedonism, ignorance of the true nature of the human being, lack of sense to live and as a consequence as a resultthe lack of happiness and fulfillment in the life of many human beings. In the process of change towards a full and happy life, spirituality has the most important role, which implies an enormous challenge for a society based on the last 4 centuries, in instrumental rationality, in which spirituality is conceived only in the first stage of your search, as a religious practice, and in which is not given the true connotationthen only given a sense based on dogmas and beliefs, resulting useless practices that are in religious institutions, for the development of a full and happy life.

Albert Einstein


Human intelligence has been studied. There are countless theories here that have tried to explain it. None are entirely satisfactory. It is a complex phenomenon. And to get an idea of the complexity you can say some things. Pair start, that researchers are not agreement on what is intelligence.

Some define it formed especially with skills toward logic or mathematics. Others with geometric or verbal skills mainly. And so thousands of different approaches and tests that are intended to measure it. But the truly interesting thing is the question of the origin of the intelligence. And especially related to a question: can develop intelligence or have to settle for the one that has? There are those who say that it is a genetic condition. And therefore it is unchangeable. Do not realize that if so abundaria between members of a family. And more specifically it would inherit.

I.e., the son of Albert Einstein was a genius. Or perhaps it would be his grandson. You’ve heard of them? Probably not. This theory is untenable. Without denying that genetics play a small role, such a theory not already convinced. It is very clear that it has more to do with learning. It is most closely related to the cultural level and the development of skills than with a gift of nature. So don’t stop learning; your current intellectual level is not definitive. Problems you’ll have to face life along you need to have a clear mind. Feed your culture, studies and stay informed if you really want to do something that deserves to be counted. Only being cult can be truly free.



To develop it the first thing you have to do is change your way of thinking must stop thinking like an employee and/or autoempleado to think like an entrepreneur and acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable you to make that transition.If currently these working, not necessary that you leave your job to dedicate yourself to your MLM business, you can be done for hours and as you learn and acquire knowledge and skills, little by little you do change to finally become a businessman. The advantage of being an entrepreneur is that they make things happen, take control of their lives, don’t let that you people with minds more small stop them.The majority of people are always worried about what people think of them, for that reason, probably will never be successful, no matter what you do.Depends on you educate yourself, acquire the skills, confidence, set goals and get the determination that no matter what others think of us us we get to where we want. Some reasons for recommending the MLM business:-the beauty of the Network marketing is behind these businesses generally have fabulous organizations with a sincere desire to help people to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to develop as human beings. Of course like everywhere, there good and bad, organizations with leaders good and bad but in general, most of them complies with the goals of this business and your you have to find and investigate until you find a company that inspires you trust and with whom you feel comfortable-is a business of people helping other people, to return everything that one has received from other human beings.-no is a sales business, we have to open our eyes and our minds to go more alla a simple: business transaction – help you take control of your life, without having to worry anymore for being fired, see your reduced salary, without fear of the changes in the economy, leaving to be a simple employee and you convirtiendote in the business of your life!.

How Do I Become A Model


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Internet Affiliate


When you’ve made the decision to work online, you may decide to work for someone else or open a business by yourself. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out FirstNet. There are numerous affiliate programs, you only have to register in order to obtain a second income. Participation in these programs are available for all those who have a Web site, and the ability to promote a product on sale to the general public. To start working online for someone more then they are affiliate programs, we need to have a Web site for a better sales conversion. If you have Web design skills, and don’t have no idea of how to build a Web site, you can search on the Internet about the different options that exist, many of them are free so you have no worry. Once you have a website you can be ready to start working online, now it is necessary to choose the affiliate you wish to market and promote product.

Choose from a wide range of products is one of the benefits of working in deciding to sell the product to another person. In this way, the company makes hard work in have and maintain the product available, and send the product to another place without you have to put your hands. When you work as a member, all you have to do is promote the product, without the hassle of worrying about shipment of the product. In this sense, this is one of the best reasons to work online with affiliate marketing.

Username: SabanaMedicina /


Username: SabanaMedicina / Testing GENERAL SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM IN COLOMBIA (SHSS) This study aims vital to disclose the main features and functions of the general social security system in Colombia in a way that you provide a general outline of the general concepts , systems, principal actors and entities in the system. 1) General concepts a. Set of institutions, rules and procedures that provide for the person and community to improve the quality of life through health: b. C. Individual WelfareCommunity integration of the human protection against social needs 1) Social Prevision 2) Social Security 3) Workers individuals 4) Public Workers 5) Public Assistance 6) Occupational Health 7) Privacy empeleo 8) Wage Policy 9) Conferences and breaks 10) Public health 11) Policy Mechanism social housing that humanizes social relations 1) Social stability 2) Public Service Political Stability Keeps 1) Appointed by the Constitution of 1991 The system is comprised of 1) general system of pensions 2 ) social security system in health 3) General system of occupational hazards 4) Supplementary social services main objectives 1) To secure economic and health benefits in relation to employment or ability to pay 2) Ensure provision of services complementariosestablecidos by law 3) Ensure expanding coverage 2) a. SGSSS Features SGSSS affiliate Affiliate – All Colombians must be affiliated to the SHSS.Prior payment for contribution through subsidy or regulation. Membership can be: Single: through business, Through guilds, for settlement geography. Guarantees members. Should receive at least a comprehensive plan of protection of health: Preventive Care, POS (obligatory health plan), Medical / surgical, Essential medicines. The warranty shall also include the member’s family, which also will be entitled to the provision of service. Everyone must be affiliated in the same EPS (entity health promoter). Depending on the type of family relationship must present documents to establish the legal conditions of a household and family so they can enroll in special conditions such as: Spouse – Must submit the registration of marriage, lifelong companion – notarized statement, expressing the will of form a permanent family.Quality of children, parents or relatives by blood 3rd – civil records proving kinship, as students – Certification of the educational establishment. PERMANENT inability of children over 18 years: 2463 Decree 2001. Economic dependence. Affidavit delivered by the contributor. 3) a. Regimen Subsidized population who can not pay the full cost of service. 1. State Responsibility facilitating membership to those who lack a working link. 2. People with lower incomes and without payment capacity of health services therefore receive full or partial subsidy to supplement the value of the UPCS. ii. How 1. Can join an entity to register as: 2. Health-promoting entity 3. Company health solidarity 4. State social enterprise iii. What gives 1. Basic care of the first level 2. Promotion and Education 3. Hospital care less complex 4. Hospital care more complex 5. Transportation of patients 6. Iv medications and diagnostic aids. Resources 1.Financing territorial 2. Resources to fund subsidized solar and guarantees of local funds 3. The 15 additional resources of income tax of the production companies. 4. The benefits are not made by demand but by priority given by the Ministry of Social Protection that is up to each district, municipality or department. 5. The beneficiaries contribute through co-payments set by levels or categories established by the Sisben: 6. To properly indigence verfic and indigenous communities, the Athenion is free and no copayment 7. Level 1 Sisben and incubated in the population census listing the copayment is maximum 5 of the value of the account without charging for the same event Eced a quarter of the legal minimum wage. 8. Level 2 Sisben the maximum copayment is 10 of the value of the account without charging for the same event Eced a quarter of the legal minimum wage. 9. It prohibits the collection of copayments to prenatal care, delivery care and its complications and care of children during the first year of life. v. Focus 1. A. National LevelB. Ministry of Social Protection C. National Health Authority National Council on Social Insurance 2. A. Municipal Level B. Mayor City Council social security health 3. A. Departmental Level Departmental council health social security 4. Sisben a. Tool for identifying factors of poverty in a given population. b. Levels 1-6 which classifies the need for coverage, 1 and 2 where the population more experimienta extreme poverty and therefore most need coverage. c. Identification in populations without Sisben d. Child population abandoned e. F. indigent Population displacement in terms of g. Family groups of community mothers h. Elderly people in nursing homes protection i. Migrant rural population. 5. Administering a. Health solar companies (ESS) b. The Family Compensation c. B. EPS Linked i. Vulnerable population that does not qualify to enter the subsidized system or who is in “waiting list” to enter. c. Contributory i.They belong to people has a job working relationship in private and public sector, pensioners and retirees, and independent workers’ ability to pay and their families ii. Because 1. With a health-promoting entity daily high 12.5 of their earnings separately or in tandem with your company. 2. Single 3. Collective 4. Enitdades authorized by the National Health Authority 5. Settlements GEOGRAFICO 6. Guilds 7. Companies iii. A cohort 1. Sign in to play an important role EMPLOYER.