To develop it the first thing you have to do is change your way of thinking must stop thinking like an employee and/or autoempleado to think like an entrepreneur and acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable you to make that transition.If currently these working, not necessary that you leave your job to dedicate yourself to your MLM business, you can be done for hours and as you learn and acquire knowledge and skills, little by little you do change to finally become a businessman. The advantage of being an entrepreneur is that they make things happen, take control of their lives, don’t let that you people with minds more small stop them.The majority of people are always worried about what people think of them, for that reason, probably will never be successful, no matter what you do.Depends on you educate yourself, acquire the skills, confidence, set goals and get the determination that no matter what others think of us us we get to where we want. Some reasons for recommending the MLM business:-the beauty of the Network marketing is behind these businesses generally have fabulous organizations with a sincere desire to help people to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to develop as human beings. Of course like everywhere, there good and bad, organizations with leaders good and bad but in general, most of them complies with the goals of this business and your you have to find and investigate until you find a company that inspires you trust and with whom you feel comfortable-is a business of people helping other people, to return everything that one has received from other human beings.-no is a sales business, we have to open our eyes and our minds to go more alla a simple: business transaction – help you take control of your life, without having to worry anymore for being fired, see your reduced salary, without fear of the changes in the economy, leaving to be a simple employee and you convirtiendote in the business of your life!.