“How do I become a model” If You think this question, you should definitelyread this. Many want to become a model – but very few realize this dream. For almost a young woman goes with realistic ideas ran to the cause. Clearly, modeling is glamorous models look great, make a lot of money to travel around the world, live the jet-set lifestyle. ” But behind the facade hides a lot of hard work, discipline and: Brainpower. Stupid Girls take it in the model industry was not far away. First you need to know how the business works – because that is the modeling, a very tough business. Modeling is a serious profession, and as in any profession you need to bring your expertise if you want to create the entry. The information you find here, completely free at: TopModelTricks: Everything that a model needs to know. Of course you can also say: Bah, I do not need that, I look so well, I just put my photos on the Internet at various online modeling agencies, and if I found my agent take care of everything. But rememberturn: bring Stupid Girls’s not far away. Most online modeling agencies are anyway at best semi-serious. This means that the probability that you will get a real job is on such a portal is very low, the probability that you will be exploited in one way or another, very large. There are also a few exceptions, a couple of really good online model portals, but these are the least. What That you will experience when TopModelTricks. Erstmal better you will learn what goes with the modeling. What is needed, what are the conditions and of course the “technical language of modeling.” Or do you know the difference between a “model agent” and a “ModelManager” already Do you know how to look should be a Comp Card And what is a buy out What percentage of your reputable modeling agencies get paid So, you most like thee safest free insider report on TopModelTricks Everything to know what a model needs.