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Tax Exemption


A., the chain of stationery store tax exemptions and material of office, wants that its standard continues growing. An expansion that is possible thanks to the facilities that it gives to those people who want abrir one of their centers. Tenemos several possibilities of contract different, each of them with his own characteristics, in such a way that the future franchise-holder can choose the one that agrees at the time of developing to its business to him more, explains Jose Luis Hernandez, its Chief of a main directorate. For tastes, colors And it is that the different variants that CARLiN offers go from the hyperstationery store, ofimarket, ofimarket mixed or the distribution, until the masters tax exemption. With this so ample fan of possibilities at the time of implanting a business with CARLiN, the stationery store company/signature tries to put it easy to those entrepreneurs who want to work with us. One is that can choose on the basis of their possibilities or preferences of business, always having the certainty that they work with a mark leader in its sector, stresses the manager.

Thus they are each one of the possibilities: q Hiperpapelera: is a supermarket of stationery store destined to urban nuclei from 15,000 inhabitants. In order to put it in march it is necessary an initial group of two people and the 100 premises from 50 to m2 in commercial a zone . q Ofimarket: In this case the sale is realised to companies, reason why a warehouse is needed about 200 m2 that is located preferably in an industrial estate in which they operate between 1,500 and 3,000 companies. The minimum group required this time is of four people .

Money Money


This is a reality of the present, all complains in them that we do not have money to make one definitive activity. If you find that she is because you earn little, then completely is made a mistake. Its expenditures are consonant what you earn, and fit it to it itself to all control the money that enters and leaves its wallet. Certainly already it happened to it, when he is to the colloquy with a prospect its and super is interested in its chance of business and to say – it that it cannot sign because it does not have money in the pocket to invest. Wise person who 99% of the people who had gained would crowd it last 5 years had met in a worse situation to the one of what already they were? The factor to earn little is not justification for the bad financial control, you has to learn to manage its money is 500? , 1000? or 10.000? , to this calls Financial Education. I go to count a brief event to you of one of my partners of business, it was to make an excellent work in its company of Marketing of Net, but it was always to never say me that it had great profits and that the account of it was always the zeros.

I asked to it that expenditures had every month so that none never sobrasse money. it said me, good I have bought some courses and this finishes for reducing everything completely what I earn in my business. Unhappyly this happens with immense people, is not for buying many courses or products, therefore an investment for the personal development will have been considered will go to have the return of this money later, but what it happens is the opposite, for times they buy courses and products alone for being interesting and nor are used nor practised with the had value. Who says courses or products online says another thing any, if not to make a good management of our monthly prescription, we will go to be always with the empty pockets. It knows because she is that most of the people who give up a business from house? It is not for not gaining money? because they spend EVERYTHING. Solution? I am here for helping, if you want to be rich in the Internet its Financial Education you are the base of everything. I invite to it to read it an extraordinary book on Financial Education. ' ' THE MAN RICHEST OF THE BABILNIA' ' he will be able to make download here.

After you reading this book, he will be capable to know its financial condition exactamente, and thus he will only know what he can save, what he can spend and what can invest. Here he is what I started to make, and where the results had been fantastic until today. – And in the day 1 of each month writes in a leaf all the expenditures and profits. ALL! – Care Has, therefore 20% of what you earn you represent unexpected expenditures, therefore keep to these 20% go certainly them to use in any height of the month. – To have an account where you do not possess cards, checks, Internet banking. – 10% Place of what you earn in this account (Way Saving), will be able later to use this money for investments. After knowing how much they earn? How much They spend? It will be much more easy to live? They have one day Fantastic! Fbio Pine

The Chain


I register in cadastre therefore it it is essential and indispensable to the movement and commercialization of products. This means that it is a support element, that needs to be compatible with the necessities of the company, it must be a facilitador and not a barrier. Today it is frequent to find the existence of incomplete cadastros, with error and divergent information. many times each field I register in cadastre of it generates a series of action of planning or operation, and any errors or divergences can have serious consequncias throughout all the chain. Although almost the totality of the industrial products to leave the respective plants with bar code in the packing of sales and many times in the boxes of forwarding, is common that the companies who commercialize or manipulate these products throughout the supplying chain, they create internal codes to identify thus losing them the benefit to adopt a system of I register in cadastre only universal e, compelling shippers and receivers to identify the content of a box, a pallet or a vehicle for description of product that comes in the forma bill of sale. Inside of this context, where the agreement of the importance of one I register in cadastre standardized is clearly for the involved ones in the process, the question can be express in the form of the following question: For which I register in cadastre it to reasons only is not adopted by the industry and retail? Which the real possibility of the creation of a system of I register in cadastre standardized between industry and retail. The behavior between industry must be analyzed and retail searching to understand what it lacks for the standardization of the system of I register in cadastre, evaluating which the difficulties for the implementation of the system of standardization of I register in cadastre of products and what this will go to generate of advantages.



Primerica, says:

This is a blog about my experiences at Primerica and my opinions about this great fantastic company. Primerica does what is right for their clients 100% of the time. I’m an agent and I feel positive and good about what I do for families. Disclaimer: The postings on this blog does not represent Primerica Financial Services as a whole, but as a matter of opinion and information based by me.

One knows well that all strategical planning must contain objectives and goals. The concept of both the terms still sufficiently is confused. For Rodrigues et al (2009), the objectives is understood by quantitative and qualitative results desired by the company. The authors still mention that goals are resulted quantitative measurable if to carry through specifically in stipulated stated period, that is, the goal mensura what the objective desires to reach in form of numbers. The objectives and goals have basic paper in the strategical planning. To if establishing stated periods and quantifying the results, the objectives and goals become the planning most easy of being executed. It is important to attempt against itself that the objectives, as well as the strategies, must take care of the necessities of the organization.

The objectives and goals must be tangible and not a dream in the imaginary one of the executive. For Coast (2007), the objectives and goals also have the purpose to consider challenges to the strategical planning. Bigger and bolder Quo will be the objectives and goals, more challenging will be planning. According to agreement of Rodrigues et al (2009), the objectives can be classified according to nature, form and stated period. Referring to the nature, the objectives can be general or specific.

How much to the form, them they can be quantitative or qualitative e, finally, in relation to the stated period, of short or long stated period. For Ansoff (1990, p.58), the objectives of long stated period inside have determinative paper of the organization: But, to remain income-producing in the long run, the necessary company to continue renewing itself same; new resources must be applied and new products and markets need to be developed. Many basic phases of this activity of auto-renewal possess long periods of maturation. Therefore, during the next period applications of resources for some types of necessities long-range, such must be made as research and development, managemental training, and new capital assets.

Portugal Way


As Azevedo, ' ' it is not to write a segmented text correct, but yes to inside have a cohesion of the context, finishing with the idea of that to write correto&#039 ortograficamente; '. It fits to the educator to run away from the rules, grammatical and giving emphasis to the content contained in the context. Being thus, the union of letters of our together alphabet that if to transmit in words, that are not coherent with the ortogrfico system, and the same time if no phonetic interpretation, in which they are possible representations d sound. as soon as if of the right o of if educating, to give the voice to the other, to recognize its rights of each citizen has its origin, that is, each region has its proper dialect. The alterations introduced in the orthography of the Portuguese language for the o ortogrfico agreement of Portuguese language, signed in Lisbon, October of 1990, for Portugal, green Handle, Guin-Bissau, Moambique, and later for Timor East.

This simply ortogrfico agreement and for in such a way restricts it written language not affecting no aspect of the said language. The express language to the culture of the community says that it, transmitting through the generations involved of this community, having a insupervel conflict enters the ideal of uniformity of a ortogrfico system and the verbal reality of a language characterized for how much in such a way regional the social variation. As Antonio Houaiss affirms that, the one of the most important institutions on Portuguese language in any form of written communication. It is basic so that all know the new rules that go to conduct the language and for who it wants to write correctly. For in such a way the languages they are as they are in virtue of the use that its falante makes of it, and not of agreements of groups or decrees of government.

Rude Value


With regard to busy area with agriculture, 44% of the area of the south region are of property of familiar agriculturists, that is, 91% of the establishments occupy only 44% of the agricultural area (DESER/FETRAF-SUL/CUT, 2008). Still according to DESER/FETRAF-SUL/CUT (2008) in harvest 1995/1996, the agricultural sector in the south region it generated a Rude Value of production (VBP) equivalent the R$ 15 billion, where, of this total, R$ 8,7 billion, or 57%, had been generated in the familiar establishments. The agricultural and agricultural activities agriculturists do not play a determinative function in the dynamics of the majority of the cities of the South of the Country, particularly for those with inferior population the 50 a thousand inhabitants. As the Farming Census of the IBGE (1996), the State of the Paran I possessed about 370 a thousand farming establishments, being that, of this total, 42% possuam less than 10 hectares. The establishments of familiar character concentrate the absolute majority of the farming establishments of the Paran (87%) and occupy 41% of agricultural lands. About a million of people, that is, 78% of the total of busy hand of workmanship in agriculture, work in familiar establishments. Therefore familiar agriculture is main responsible for the generation and the maintenance of the ranks of work in the agricultural sector. (NAZZARI HEYSE, 2004).

According to Nazzari (2007) in the region West of the Paran, the total number of property of 29.166 and occupies an area of 1.090.018 hectares, of which 25,678, that is, 88% are property familiar occupying an area of 514.506 hectares. As the INCRA (2005) familiar agriculture in the West of the Paran corresponds 75.5% of the agricultural establishments, these data demonstrate the potential that can be stimulated for magnifying of the agricultural productivity and insertion in the productive chain of the agronegcio (NAZZARI, 2007).