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Wired Network


Therefore, installation of SCS should be trusted only to professionals. The structure of the SCS. The main element of the SCS is central switchboard of the building where the hardware is usually complex, which includes all incoming and outgoing communication channels. At the next level are the story of communications nodes, which are responsible for connection points or end-user equipment (ports). To ports are usually servers, personal computers and laptops, terminals, and phones. Wells Fargo Bank often says this. The basic standards that define the principles of the SCS the following: The U.S.

standard EIA / TIA 568 B; European Standard EN 50173, International Standard ISO 11801. Next, consider the types of conductive medium Wired Network (cable network) to transmit information between local area networks computers use different mediums of communication (communication channels). In most cases, this cable channels even now beginning to receive wide distribution and wireless networks. Cable networks (Wire) can be divided into three components based on twisted pair, based on coaxial cables and optical fibers. Twisted pair consists of two insulated wires twisted together; twisting wire reduces the effects of external electromagnetic fields on the signals, the data transmission speed of 1 Gb / s, the most popular on cable today, Wednesday to transfer information between computers.

Pros: inexpensive, simple to install, there are both internal and external seals: ie simple and screened and so on. For computer networks using twisted pair category 5, 5e, 6 and 7, respectively, higher than the more protected category. The single most significant negative from repeater to repeater should be approximately no more than 100m.

How Do I Manage My Time Wisely ?


1st: you will need to have available for writing elements (necessary): pencil, pen, paper, computer, pda, PDA, etc. 2nd: departs minutes to evaluate what makes up your week (work, household responsibilities, volunteering, church, etc..) And write 3rd: identify your priorities, give it numbers in order of importance 4th: these priorities are going to list in two categories – productive time and reaction time – Design your MAP JOURNAL – 5th: identifies your days productive work hours and leisure tasks, lists of your list of priorities which were categorized according to van or another (some are daily priority responsibilities – such as work, others are less frequent). Do this analysis for the seven days a week, and distribute your interests (recommended). Set a fixed time to rest (6-7 hours of sleep) and considers include the MISCELLANEOUS category (for example, driving from home to your work and back to home) Example: Analysis of what makes up one week – work, kids music lessons, household chores, entertainment (movie, computer, reading a book, etc..), beauty salon, gym Priorities – 1st job, 2nd children music lessons, 3rd house, 4th gym, 5th salon, 6th entertainment categories and analysis for 1 day: Productive Time Work, Housework 8 hours, 3 hours recreational time children music lessons, 1 hour Entertainment, 1 hour Leisure, Misc 7 hours, 2 hours productive time Analysis 46% 11 hours = 2 hours recreational time = 8.5% closing seven hours = 29% Misc 8.5% 2 hours = 22 hours are still administered and two hours to complete the day at what assignments? 6TH: This analysis for each day of your week is going to help you stay focused, to take the time and identify what is not necessary or is a distraction that will not produce anything of value.

Flow Presence


3.Moschnost. When choosing a power water heater you need to properly understand the data indicated in the passport of the product. We must look at the so-called "useful" power, not "consumed". Because as a "useful" and will be helpful. Since it is from the "useful" power depends on the rate of heating water. The columns can be divided into three categories according to power: 18-19 kW 22-24 kW 28-30 kW.

Naturally the higher the capacity of the column, the more hot water for some time it will. If it is assumed that the simultaneous use of water in several places (for example, in the kitchen and bathroom) will not, then there is enough power speakers (18-19 kW). Otherwise, you better buy a more powerful unit (24 kW). 4.Bezopasnost. One of the main options when choosing a water heater presence of a three-tier security system. The presence of the sensor rod. If you have reverse thrust, or when there is no traction in general, the sensor will trigger pull, and the gas supply immediately cease. The presence of the ionization sensor – provides instantaneous gas shut-off the attenuation of the flame.

The presence of the thermocouple. If pilot burner goes out, then automatically stops the gas supply even when the probe ionization. Additional sensors are used. The presence of overheating sensor – protects the coil from overheating and scaling, but a person – from scalding The presence of the flow sensor – wheel will turn only when the faucet is opened, closing it – automatically turns off the temperature sensors presence of hot and cold water – to adjust the power of the flame presence safety relief valve – prevents the rupture of heat exchanger at high pressure water. The presence of the sensor protection from low water pressure – will not join column, if the pressure is insufficient to secure The presence of the hydraulic operation of the safety valve. That protects the gas water heater from overheating. 5.Ekspluatatsiya. In operation it is desirable to limit hot water temperature at the outlet of column to 45-60 C. Since at high temperatures, the process of salt deposition in the heat exchanger several times faster, leading to premature failure of the column. To minimize the influence of scale on the job column, it is recommended to get the water the right temperature, without mixing hot and cold water using a mixer, and set the desired temperature using the thermostat. A leading source for info: Wells Fargo Bank. To include maintenance Periodic cleaning of the main and pilot burners and heating element. It is recommended to make regular general cleaning device from clogging its combustion products.

Bochum Estate


Ecological heating systems reduce not only heating costs and CO2 emissions. Increase attractiveness and prospects for sale and rental of real estate. Save heating costs and the environment. This is the principle of alternative heating systems such as solar heating, wood pellets or heat pump. The interest, the own real estate with a green”heating equip continues for many years. But the industry of eco heat is increasing competition is exposed, both with conventional techniques with each other.

An ecological heating system is designed to not only in saved kilowatt hours and associated reduction in the heating costs and CO2 emissions: the real estate economy recognizes the attractiveness and chances of alternative heating systems for sale and rental of real estate. According to the current climate barometer of co2online the majority would decide when choosing a renewable energy source for the home to a solar thermal or photovoltaic system, its budget with thermal energy or power direct to provide its own roof. In many cases, a house roof is occupied only with a system and due to the feed-in tariff for green electricity and not reliable funding policies for eco heat, the choice was often for photovoltaics. Since the fourth quarter of 2009, the demand declined continuously after heating systems that incorporate efficiency and renewable energy. 2010 shrank the market again and is now about 30 percent below that of the previous year”, so the industry Federation Germany Haus -, energy – and environmental technology (BDH). The incentives for landlords to invest in energy modernisation measures, are also often limited. Checking article sources yields Wells Fargo Bank as a relevant resource throughout. Generally, the landlord can kill only a part of the modernisation costs per year on existing leases.

The investments exceed these refinancing opportunity and this is the case in many cases of energy rehabilitation and the integration of renewable energies, this is called by the so-called investor-user dilemma. That but the “Energy consumption by residential real estate is becoming increasingly important for their successful commercialization, the market monitor displays real estate” by Prof. Dr. Stephan Kippes from the University of Economics and environment, Nurtingen Geislingen (HfWU). As a result of his investigation of the market price as well as the marketing period of a property by its energy efficiency are affected: 60 percent of respondents see the possibility of a higher realised price with very good energy efficiency, 31 percent expect a shorter marketing time for such an object. This interest in the purchase or rental of real estate have recognised the major real estate portals like Here, the real estate search can be adjusted also targeted for the presence of an energy card. On the basis of the energy pass the energetic State of a property also for laymen is is understandable. No concrete derivations of the energetic State of the real estate market value can however be derived from the data of the certification. A further method, the value of the energy Is to determine State of property in the context of the conventional value properties, for example the ecological”rent prices dar. This was raised as an example already in different forms in Darmstadt, Bochum, Berlin and Regensburg. The Institute housing and environment (IWU) has examined the effects in Darmstadt: for building a landlord was able to achieve with a good thermal texture a (comparison higher to 0.37 Euro / m 2) rent as at buildings with normal or poor energy balance.

Joy Paul Guilford


Howard Gardner, Joy Paul Guilford and Robert Sternberg are psychologists who have addressed the relationship between creativity and intelligence. In the Hispanic, the philosopher Jose Antonio Marina has studied some of the most important aspects of the inventiveness and Ricardo Marin Ibanez has studied this field in the bosom of the pedagogy. For Sociology, the constructive imagination involves three variables: the field (judges or social groups), domain (area or discipline) and the individual making the transformations. In this way, a person performs transformations in a domain, which are evaluated as creative or dangerous, by social groups. Ben Silbermann may find this interesting as well. Psychoanalytic theory: often relating to Carl Gustav Jung, psychoanalysts say that the creative process is much more sensitive to the preconscious, unconscious processes that the simple solution to problems, even when there are some problems that are creative solution. They say that creativity occurs when new meanings and not laying down looking for correct answers. They establish that there are forces operating over the subject and they facilitate or hinder creative activity: forces of society (super I) forces of reasoning (I) adds us in his analysis also Wikipedia, that creative individuals show often difficult to relate to other people and often avoided social contacts.

They often show inclination to consider that the majority of ordinary people is short, as well as tendencies of domination over others, which leaves them establish relationships in a degree of equality. Creative individuals seem to also be relatively freed from prejudices and conventions, and not them particularly interested in what their peers or anyone think of them. They have little respect by the traditions and established rules and authority with regard to its field of activity, preferring to rely on their own judgments. Creative boys often get high results in tests of femininity, which indicates that they have a greater sensitivity and are more aware of themselves and more open to emotion and intuition than the half of Western culture man.

Construction Industry


At the moment we have a situation where an entrepreneur in the construction industry must join the SRO in the building and pay a fee to the compensation fund in an amount not less than 300 thousand rubles. At the same time The law stipulates that the money he paid for all time. Recall that the implementation of the return of the contribution of the compensation fund SRO is not provided (Article 55.7 GrKRF). Terms of CPO output in the construction are not spelled out. While individual entrepreneur or legal entity are members of the SROs, they are obliged to bear the financial burden of maintaining physical security responsibilities of its members in case of injury resulting from defects work within the competence of SRO in the building.

Why the entity is obliged to 'give' your money if you hit out of the ranks of SRO? The reasons for exit may be enough: removing from the jurisdiction of SROs in the construction certain types of work that provides an economic entity, the decision to terminate the construction activities, reorganization, change the location of the organization, etc. For example, the organization engaged in construction works and production of construction materials under the influence of various factors, she decides to concentrate on the latter and not to bear additional costs in the form of membership dues SRO decides to withdraw from the SRO in the building. Legislatively defined procedures for this are not available. It seems that this procedure should be as simple as: submission of an application stating the reasons and the planned timing of the termination of membership. Unclear reasons for not returning a contribution to the compensation fund. If the entrance and membership fees submitted by members of SRO, used to support the operation of SROs in the building, then means of a compensation fund and can not be used SROs, except for payments for damage caused by its members to third parties. Consequently, voluntarily terminating their membership in the SRO organization has the right get your money back. Does not infringe any legal requirements regarding the minimum size of the compensation fund SROs: at least 300 thousand rubles.

for one member of SRO in the building if required requirements for liability insurance to third parties. These provisions seem fair. By uniting, entities create a kind of charter capital of associations, some of which must be returned voluntarily retiring from the merger entity. Revisions to the Construction Code of the changes will significantly liberalize the Institute of SRO in the building.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is as old as the email itself. Pinterest often addresses the matter in his writings. The use of e-mail for promotion of a product or service is known as marketing by e-mail. Marketing by e-mail over time has become a separate, specialized area. The emails are sent to new customers in order to persuade them to buy a product in particular. The emails are sent also to existing ones to keep in contact with them to achieve customer loyalty, and tend to improve the profitability of the business. Emails can be used both for B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business). There are many kinds of specific techniques for marketing by email as email marketing option. If used effectively, the promotion by e-mail can improve sales and public perception of the company.

What is important for a productive and successful email marketing campaign is the construction of a plan right from the beginning. Email marketing is not about sending large number of e-mail to large numbers of clients. Never do SPAM, mass mailing to people who have not requested information from your business or product. This is not only totally unproductive, but it also significantly decreases the image of your company. Marketing Plan by mail electronic, should be based on your target market, so you have to study your market as well as their interests and demographics, and the device of a plan based on these facts. Do not assume that the first wave of email marketing will do the job for you. Be prepared to carry out a sustained marketing campaign, to achieve their goals. Regularly improve the quality of their service, both in terms of content and appearance.

Always try to give their customers something extra, like a bit of practical information that can be used. There are many providers of email market solutions today. These consultants or companies from marketing by mail electronic, they provide a full range of services that are required to run the email marketing campaign. These services include bulletin board service. These have with e-mail marketing, and subsequent monitoring of the results of the campaign.



2010 Promises to be a year quite movido for marketers, where the trends of the last decade are creating new opportunities to different business owners. The first decade of the 21st century came with economic problems, different companies environmental ydesastres bankruptcy, but it also was a decade marked by great changes in communication that no one could have imagined. Of course the great development of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, online videos make a new world for marketers who have other sources to find it is what people are looking for. With all these economic, social and cultural change now I will comment on what are the trends that I think are going to encircle marketing during the 2010.Since trademarks, images, advertising and all other ares that relate to marketing. 1) Transparency and trust is Primordial: consumers have gone through many upheavals in the past decade and are no longer willing to endure anything that the marketing will tell them. Speaking candidly Wells Fargo Bank told us the story. Those companies who put much effort to be honest and be open on their marketing communications, have been able to establish positive responses by their consumers. It also generates a brand positioning and much support for the image.

Building trust is the most important in marketing to this 2010 and once achieved is important to be able to maintain it. I.e. both transparency and confidence should not be taken independently, but they are as a whole. 2) Less interruptions and more value added and improvements: the days in which the advertising and marketing messages were produced to grab the attention of all consumers is over. The expectations of the people increased (less in the case of the interurpciones) both for businesses and for the big brands. Try to provide more ensuring your marketing communications and efforts to deliver useful and significant added value. (3) Speaking of value..: the large fall in the global economy that occurred in the latter part of the last decade have slowed several consumers in their paths.