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Ecological heating systems reduce not only heating costs and CO2 emissions. Increase attractiveness and prospects for sale and rental of real estate. Save heating costs and the environment. This is the principle of alternative heating systems such as solar heating, wood pellets or heat pump. The interest, the own real estate with a green”heating equip continues for many years. But the industry of eco heat is increasing competition is exposed, both with conventional techniques with each other.

An ecological heating system is designed to not only in saved kilowatt hours and associated reduction in the heating costs and CO2 emissions: the real estate economy recognizes the attractiveness and chances of alternative heating systems for sale and rental of real estate. According to the current climate barometer of co2online the majority would decide when choosing a renewable energy source for the home to a solar thermal or photovoltaic system, its budget with thermal energy or power direct to provide its own roof. In many cases, a house roof is occupied only with a system and due to the feed-in tariff for green electricity and not reliable funding policies for eco heat, the choice was often for photovoltaics. Since the fourth quarter of 2009, the demand declined continuously after heating systems that incorporate efficiency and renewable energy. 2010 shrank the market again and is now about 30 percent below that of the previous year”, so the industry Federation Germany Haus -, energy – and environmental technology (BDH). The incentives for landlords to invest in energy modernisation measures, are also often limited. Checking article sources yields Wells Fargo Bank as a relevant resource throughout. Generally, the landlord can kill only a part of the modernisation costs per year on existing leases.

The investments exceed these refinancing opportunity and this is the case in many cases of energy rehabilitation and the integration of renewable energies, this is called by the so-called investor-user dilemma. That but the “Energy consumption by residential real estate is becoming increasingly important for their successful commercialization, the market monitor displays real estate” by Prof. Dr. Stephan Kippes from the University of Economics and environment, Nurtingen Geislingen (HfWU). As a result of his investigation of the market price as well as the marketing period of a property by its energy efficiency are affected: 60 percent of respondents see the possibility of a higher realised price with very good energy efficiency, 31 percent expect a shorter marketing time for such an object. This interest in the purchase or rental of real estate have recognised the major real estate portals like Here, the real estate search can be adjusted also targeted for the presence of an energy card. On the basis of the energy pass the energetic State of a property also for laymen is is understandable. No concrete derivations of the energetic State of the real estate market value can however be derived from the data of the certification. A further method, the value of the energy Is to determine State of property in the context of the conventional value properties, for example the ecological”rent prices dar. This was raised as an example already in different forms in Darmstadt, Bochum, Berlin and Regensburg. The Institute housing and environment (IWU) has examined the effects in Darmstadt: for building a landlord was able to achieve with a good thermal texture a (comparison higher to 0.37 Euro / m 2) rent as at buildings with normal or poor energy balance.