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Internet Information


– Place Online Free to download the program. This may be a program with different statuses: freeware, shareware, demo, etc. You can even part of the site turning into a free software directory. If you yourself have created some programmmu, then write it unit ad on your site and publish it in specialized software directories. – Take all comers for free in your online club. Everyone wants to belong to a community or group of people eaten by common interests. Install the special privileges for club members, such as free subscription to the online course.

This will be a strong motivation for other people to join your community. Freebies – it's not the only sure way to bring happiness to your visitors and subscribers, they will also appreciate your kindness and generosity. The hardest part of this strategy – this is the need to constantly be in the presence of these same gifts and bonuses. Where are their you can get? 1. Priobreotite license atorskiy product today is the hottest trend on the Internet – the emergence of copyright products.

If you buy the copyrights to any product, you can legally do with it, what you want. You can put your own name on a product, change the content, distribute it for free, broken down into articles, etc. In general, you are right to do with it what you vzbredet in the head. There are websites offering monthly kits copyright products, electronic books and articles. My advice – do a little research and choose only those sites that offer packages that match your goals Internet marketing. 2. Create products themselves may sound daunting, is not it? But in reality it is quite easy if you know how to do it. You may be perfectly cook? In this case, record the recipes of your favorite dishes and share this information with your audience. You are a great programmiist? Then develop a program that will help your visitors solve problems in, say, the protection and transmission data, organizing e-business, Internet technologies, etc. 3. Compile all the best article in an information product is the fastest and easiest way to create your own information product. All you need to do – to find sites that offer free articles, and to choose the best materials related to your niche. Everything! Your own information product is ready! And yet – do not forget to include the name, author's name and address RESOURCES article. It mandatory rule in an agreement on free republishing any text material. 4. Hire someone who could do the job for you If you feel that all this is too difficult for you, or you simply do not have time then you can find a person agrees to comply with this work. Visit the services work remotely (freelance) and place your ad there – be sure someone will find. There are so many free things You can offer to its subscribers. The main thing is that they can get all of this the quickest way, ie through online download directly from your own site. As a rule, most people download information products: e Books and infopakety. Propulyarny also download MP3 files, video films, audio and video players. And do not forget about the programs, Java-games and other forms of entertainment resources. Good luck!

Korean Fashion Continues


Even if you are a regular observer of trends of fashion – you probably already know about the impact of the latest generation of Asian designers in the fashion market. And perhaps the most influential designers – from Korea. In recent years, Korean fashion has gone from so-called cottage industry, to the full force of the fashion world. In fact, the fresh young Korean designers fashion show themselves wildly from Paris to New York. One thing that makes the Korean style so exciting – it is its uniqueness and flair.

Korean design has recently opened a fashion show with a diverse style of clothing that can be called unique. The style was such that it can immediately sell in the store and put on the street. From the costumes, with some influence of the military style, to the truly feminine dresses, woven with a mind and a good cloth. One could say that Korean style and undervalued, and at the same time is in forefront. Then, as the Korean industry has only recently begun clothes to attract the attention of the world – it is not new.

In fact, Korea has a long history of generating world-renowned designers. What actually is new to Koreans – because it is an attempt to break out of its own borders in marketing their designs. With the advent of the Korean understanding of the model homes that the world accepts them, Korea started its way into the world of design. For Most people outside of Korea, the world interested in the Korean style, the Internet – the best place to start learning. All you have to – it is to type your search and you will be presented a lot of sites that specialize in Sales of Korean clothing. There are websites and wholesale and retail, and each site can provide a slightly different angle on clothing. Some sites – regional, and will represent the Korean design with clothing other countries such as Japan and China. Others specialize in clothing for young people. No matter which site you chose, you will see that the prices are reasonable and the selection is extraordinary. Through the Internet, You can also go on and direct manufacturers, retailers or directly to find in your country, specializing in the import from Korea. Internet shopping makes buying foreign goods – a very simple and inexpensive. You will understand that Korean clothing – available directly from your home computer. The future of the young and fresh designers from Korea – a bright and promising. They will continue to be a kind of force in the world of design and their design will continue to become available for all. Prices for their products, it should be noted – is even available, regardless of class of garments. You can find cool clothes for a good price today and in the future.

Investing in Advertising


The development of a crisis in the country has forced many companies to recall the profession sales manager. This profession has recently become a profession of actively seeking customers in the profession of passively waiting for calls. Not being able to invest big money in advertising, corporate executives have cut advertising budgets, and began to talk about the need for telesales. However, it should be noted that the work of a good manager sales depend not only on his ability to get through to the right person and the ability to convince the client to sell services being needed. A successful sales manager as a good pianist needs a tool for their work. Tool to assist sales manager in the sale, has always been and will continue to be a regular catalog. Promotional Products – a unique and inimitable marketing decision, and to abandon his creation, hoping that your staff is on their fingers to tell the buyer about the merits of the goods – are unreasonable. Directory, unlike many other printing, is a systematic and more mature titles.

Goal advertising leaflet or booklet – to draw attention to the service or activity, the goal of good catalog – to stay on the table a potential buyer as long as possible and provide him with as much information about a possible purchase. It is noticed that in contrast to the small printing – flyers, brochures or flyers), directory name, have all chances to be a source of stable and constant over time selling your product. On this work by many factors – good photo, correctly drawn description, indication of the detailed characteristics of your product (color, size, articles, charts and tables). All this combined effect on the spectacular and most importantly regular sales. Who remembers specialist responsible for the purchase of furniture or equipment for your company? Company, which paid particular attention to the presentation of his product and developed a competent design catalog or on the company, which has left at memory of nothing but business cards? Develop a good catalog – is a carefully planned action, which should not be detail.

Network Marketing


'I had to meet liuom liuu great difficulties in the beginning, including my great fear of having to converse with people. " Prior to this I was a naval gunner in the Armed Forces! You know, I used to think that you are standing at his post, I am – on his own, and we have no words to understand each other well. To overcome this, I had to go beyond my comfort zone and learn how to talk to people. It was not easy, but I had to overcome this fear. So I posgaralsya turn it into a kind of game.

I tried to be like most people preuspevayushih of those who knew personally, the meetings I tried to amuse the audience, and, you know, chuvsgvo humor often helped me out of a ticklish situation. I think that the main reason for my success was that I was guided posed Perea a uelyami and aimed at their implementation activities. I clearly knew what I wanted, and again it could work in principle, I had to get it to work for themselves. One of the main features of my character, which played to my advantage, this is what I introvert and not an extrovert. I listened primarily to those words that are said to himself, not to what I was told by others. More I – very stubborn. I do not resign themselves to negative responses. I knew there had to be millionaire! I have had the inner belief and ubezhdennosg I cmory achieve this …

I still just can not imagine the end, as this dobitsya. .. But one thing I know for sure – the only thing that can prevent me to do this – stop prekrashenie deysgvy, why I did not stop. One of my life is nasgavnikov Jeff Olson. His philosophy of 'thin edge of the' claims that it is necessary every day to do the same simple stuff that a some time or prodviut you in life, or throw their fate. As Emerson said:,, do it, and you gain power. " This is the philosophy that I am motivated. It is not necessary to do just a lot more than others, it is important to do a bit more than they, but all the time. What is best for me in Network Marketing? I must say, chto found very large family, which only a person can have, what kind of dream can be any child in the world. Everything. I'm doing – just constantly traveling and meeting with my brothers, sisters and other members of my family. When your life becomes a continuous leave, you do not have the rest of his life at work food. In fact, just such a vacation for me now. I do not even have to wait for Sunday, because every day I become a cybboty!

Furniture Production


In a modern office and even at home a lot of attention given to computer desks and other furniture. Computer desks have become the main place of work for the main part of company employees, so it's important to take into account that for the efficient operation corresponding to the situation. In addition, the office – a business card company that you are willing to show consideration and respect for the client. This does not mean that the office should be furnished with an expensive, elite furniture, it is sufficient if it is high quality, ergonomic and easy to use. The proposed models on the market of computer desks allow them ready as a very simple job, and designs of varying complexity, supplemented by a system of fittings and partitions. Tables can have the most variety of configurations – from simple rectangles to complex-shaped with bends, curves, side consoles.

Depending on the floor space and functionality, now you can choose, in principle, any model of the table, arranging their own characteristics. Computer desk can be located along the wall, and in the corner (Provided the angle combination of computer tables). He often comes with sliding keyboard shelves, shelf system unit under a desk, a monitor stand. All this creates additional convenience planning the working area of the room. Obviously, the main argument in the choice of computer tables – compactness and functionality. This is due primarily to the fact that many buyers are limited or inadequate living working area. It is on these customers and this kind of furniture-oriented furniture producer 'Colosseum'. Designed and manufactured their products are distinguished by their simple, and at the same time, graceful forms, without excesses, thereby concluding a compact size, capacity, functionality, ease of use.

Computer furniture using natural and at home. There is still needed and visual appeal, such as table, dresser, closet. Through the use of laminated chipboard of various colors (walnut, apple), furniture factories 'Colosseum' fits perfectly into the interior space, and, naturally, it becomes an indispensable functional part. Various versions of the model range will help to optimally arrange your room such as: transformers tables, corner computer desks, tables and podkatnye usual, spacious shelves and cupboards. Compliance production technology of this high-quality furniture, participation in the interior of your room helps factory 'Colosseum' not to lose the leadership position in this sector and be one of the pressing in the furniture production.

Peugeot Boxer


The company "City Taxi" from 2003 provides passenger and cargo transportation in Moscow and Moscow region. Its fleet consists of Economy cars, business and executive class passenger buses and vans. Extensive experience, established communication and navigation systems, own transport and a staff of skilled drivers allow the "City Taxi" comply with all requirements to ensure successful and the most "painless" office relocation: Moscow dispatchers and drivers know well enough. Efficiency Lively traffic on city roads leads to congestion of vehicles in certain areas, and the resulting traffic jams Muscovites are losing a day for several hours. Cars urban taxis are in constant communication with the dispatcher, who monitors the motor traffic on city streets, and helps adjust the route so that the transportation process went as quickly as possible. In Moscow, there are certain rules according to which daytime trucks can enter the city center only if the permit. This restriction applies to cars with carrying capacity of more than 7 tons. "City Taxi" has light trucks Peugeot Boxer and Hyundai Porter, which can transport loads within MOZHD, including office relocation exercise, without special permission.

Affordable prices Planning office relocation, and calculating the cost of transportation, many leaders forget that part of the time it takes to load things into the car and unload them on arrival. In order to save money often choose the carrier's ad, which clearly indicated the cost of hours of work. And then it appears that the idle time is charged at the same rate as during transport to Moscow. As a result, save the fact remains doubtful. "City Taxi", taking care of our customers and provides a full hour of free time for which the competent organization for the work load of things in the car becomes very real. Speaking about the security office relocation, not to mention a security issue. Using the services of questionable carriers, for the safety of property are only responsible for their content.

Children Enjoyable Children


Family holidays should be a good and comfortable for everyone, including young children. Our travel company wants you and your children are rested with pleasure and had not experienced any problems with the food or the entertainment. At this principle, we base our advice on selection for families with children the most suitable hotel in a particular region. Our company offers you a holiday in any part of the world in any season – whether it's winter, spring, summer or autumn. Pleasant memories associated with this release will always be with you. Perhaps you will give preference to 'Disneyland', or other amusement parks combine your trip with enchanting carnival, visit to excursions are many interesting places, or elementary will enjoy sunbathing. Give your child a new pleasant and unforgettable experience – they will remain in his memory forever. We have many years of working in the market organization of families with children, so can offer you exactly what you need for your family.

You can buy ready-made packages for the rest of the sea both in Russia and abroad, many family tours in Europe country. And as we develop individual tour itineraries at any time. Undoubtedly, to rest with a small child should be taken seriously and carefully to prepare for it, then your vacation will be simply gorgeous, even if your child has chest. Call us and we will tell you that you should bring on a trip, and what you can buy on the spot. We will make all our strength and experience to the organization for a wonderful holiday You and your children, because children are to us are the most important guests, deserving of the most brilliant holiday!



Corporate sites should be much greater load recruiting, but rather stand out in a separate project. In the west, career sites of companies are growing by leaps and bounds. Provide the most advanced personalized and multi-layer information for the various categories of visitors and provide an example to follow. Your company's website (COP) – a unique recruiting resource. It surpasses newspaper ads, brochures, Big-boards, job fairs and other tools to attract qualified staff, and here's why: 1. KS – quickly and cheaply updated resource.

2. It affects some organs of sense: You can use text, photos, video and music, as well as combinations thereof. You can give the visitor feel that he was in your office, even if it is now over 1000 km, arranging interactive discussion and virtual walk around the office … 3. Global access: the whole country, the whole world, 24 hours, 7 days a week. No amount of recruiters unable to cover such a huge potential audience … 4. You can provide different information to different people.

You can give multiple levels access information depending on the status or the wishes of the visitor. For someone only 10-second spot, for another need detailed presentation to PDF. 5. KS – an interactive tool. Suggest potential candidates to participate in any process. This may be a competition, a quiz, the heading "question-answer", a video game forum, blogs, etc. Engage them and get back to the site. 6. Differentiation. You can focus on a particular demographic group, occupation and geographic region. Information may be directed to a particular audience or a specific person. It can be focused on both the active job seekers and those who work are not looking for … 7. COP can help build long term relationships. Especially with people who are initially not interested in working in general and your company in particular. Even if they do not will be your employees, they can become your loyal customers. 8. It is inexpensive. Create a career site will cost between 300 and Ukraine (in the province) to 1500 cu in Kiev. His support – 50 to $ 300 a month … 9. COP shows "Advancement" of your company. Introducing the world site with the latest technical capabilities, you are on the deed, not words, are showing leadership in your company. 10. You can represent information in different languages. 11. You are more actively refreshing database. Now it becomes easier to trace the contacts and get the most relevant to the company's experts. 12. Light feedback. You save time and money: posting information such as "Question-answer" you get rid of many unnecessary phone calls and pay no JOB-sites for the placement of his headings such as "Leading companies". And interested candidates you provide information more quickly and cheaply. 13. COP can be a fun and informative for prospective employees. Firm brochures and booklets rarely entertain, they must be serious. A site can not afford to be entertaining and useful lists of recommended starting Literature and ending with video games and video clips. 14. Good word is spread quickly. And even without your help (viral marketing). Encourage contacts "second tier" and the message of "chips" will spread to your site all over the internet … The third part – features, sections and features the best career sites of the world, everything that can attract the best minds in the company and the talents

Shanole Russia


To date, clearly formed the category of potential customers sall centers and contact centers. It was there in the near future we can expect a surge in demand for telemarketing, and as a consequence – to improve the quality of services. Who is on the other end? Today, more companies are organizing all kinds of service information support the user (or hot lines). What is 'informational support'? Sylvie Shanole, director-coordinator of services for working with consumers Nestle believes that the service is to work with consumers – is primarily a sall Center (Contact center), which receives calls from customers who can ask any questions about the product and give their opinion about its quality. Co Service can be contacted by telephone (to do a 'hot line') through email or regular mail. By correspondence, the company manages to communicate with customers in the regions since the telephone connection is available in the first place people in Russia. Addresses and phone numbers are listed on the package of products company. Operator sall-center (contact center) should be prepared to answer any question. Therefore, it provides specific information: the composition, terms and conditions of storage, cooking methods and the history of the All products (brands), which the company sells in Russia, the signs of authenticity of the goods and counterfeits entered the market, how can return or exchange the counterfeit goods in the place of purchase, the terms of participation in promotions and competitions conducted by the company, on sales and marketing network to have to call a potential client-wholesaler could learn how to contact the sales department or your local representative or distributor, about the company itself – its history, areas of activity, the official position of the company's current 'problem' issues (such as foot and mouth epidemic).

Economic Cooperation


Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation was signed with Hong Kong, Great Britain and Ireland June 21 in London and June 22 in Dublin, respectively. This comprehensive agreement is already 13th in a row that Hong Kong has concluded with their trading partners. It was signed by the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Professor KS Chan – Hong Kong on behalf of, the Executive Secretary of the Treasury, David Hayk – on behalf of the UK Minister of Finance, Brian Lenihan, – on behalf of Ireland. The agreement is drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the model double taxation convention, approved by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It distributes the tax law between the jurisdictions and establishes reduced tax rates for different types of passive income, income from capital.

Prior to signing the Agreement for the avoidance of double taxation of income of the British and the Irish received in Hong Kong, subject to income tax in Hong Kong, and in the UK or Ireland respectively. British and Irish Revenue companies doing business through its offices in Hong Kong, were taxed in full at both places. In accordance with the agreements, the United Kingdom and Ireland will provide tax credits to its residents and businesses instead of paying the British and Irish tax on such income. Residents of Hong Kong, receiving dividends from UK and Ireland, currently pay tax at a rate of 20% in both places. In Under the agreement, the UK tax rate will drop to 15%, while in Ireland a person would be exempted from paying this tax.

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