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Innovative Business Model


The freemium GmbH provides high-quality software consistently free of. The freemium GmbH combines software with Web 2.0 expertise to a new freemium business model modeled on the game industry. Freemium offers high-quality and user-friendly software titles free of charge. These are freely available via the domains and Money earned will sell additional, special features, and advertising. First product launched successfully launched with over 5 million downloads already successful is the multi-platform Downloader and converter freemium TubeBox.

The easy-to-use software can be used to found Central, viewed, downloaded, and converted into desired formats content of the biggest video platforms like YouTube, MyVideo or ClipFish. This year, at least 5 more freemium title will appear. Freemium is a member of the German IT-Mittelstand Association (BITMi). “All software titles thus carry the predicate software made in Germany”. Bill Phelan has much to offer in this field. From free to play”free to use studies show that PC users are increasingly ask: why should I spend for software money? The answer is simple: you need the software, but not enough in the title of the currently used the free scope of use for individual needs.

Not rarely the time in which the software was free are used has expired also. Immediate demand a high payment pressure when the customer therefore. The freemium GmbH goes one step further and is consistently from the beginning of the complete software free available. “, The freemium established currently in the software market model was us not far enough” the CEO of freemium commented Markus Malti, the procedure. The free use of the software is enabled by an alternate, divided Monet modularization model. The freemium business model is both ad-supported, without disturbing the customer but with advertising. The user decides what advertising he would like to see or what he wants to take advantage of offers themselves. Moreover, it is within the Give a feature shop products. Similar to free to play”play the game industry buys directly individual supplementary features that extend the functionality of the software beyond the normal user in the shop. “” We take the free to play”principle of the game industry and establish a free-to-use”Principle in the software industry”, continues Malti. Invitation to the press area with a diverse product portfolio in the areas of video downloader/converter, system, social media and photo tools freemium wants to set new standards in terms of free application software in terms of quality and user friendliness. If you want to Miss guaranteed no freemium novelty, we invite you to do so, to subscribe to our press distribution list. With your registration, they are always up to date informed about our new products and developments. For more information, contact our Presseverantwortlichen: freemium.

PROFESSIONAL Edition Business


SIMPLY SECURE FILE TRANSFER – easy shipping via a browser. Highly secure transmission with true end-to-end encryption. Minimal administration costs Munich, 10.05.2012 – when it comes to the exchange of business files, many companies rely on free services such as FTP, email, and dropbox. This is forgotten, that the files here not completely protected during transmission from unauthorized access and manipulation. The FTAPI Software GmbH provides a highly secure and easy alternative with FTAPI SecuTransfer. The system characterized by true end to-end encryption, easy handling and minimal administration. The FTAPI companies of every size with an instrument SecuTransfer Express Edition for highly secure digital collaboration. A beta version of the software is to the download available from May 14, 2012.

After downloading, unpack and start the first files directly end to end encrypted and as simple as via E-Mail through the Web interface be replaced. The Express Edition can in-house on any operating system with minimum system requirements, as well as externally for a hoster or cloud provider (E.g. Jelastics, Amazon EC2, etc.) are operated. To communicate with any number of recipients, 10 user accounts available are employees and external partners. The Web interface can be adapted to your corporate design. If necessary, a simple upgrade to the PROFESSIONAL Edition is possible by purchasing a license. While all previous settings and users remain, which allows the smooth transition to a much greater number of user accounts. About FTAPI software the FTAPI Software GmbH in Munich, develops and sells software systems for the secure transmission and storage of business files.

Their product FTAPI SecuTransfer is based on its own technology, developing was promoted by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of economics. The 2010 founded company sets new standards Safety and efficiency in business file exchange and provides encryption of all files as opposed to the commonly used file transfer solutions actually comprehensive (end-to end). In addition to management of manufacturing, retail and ITBranche also TEC and MDax enterprises rank users to the content FTAPI. About FTAPI software the FTAPI Software GmbH in Munich, develops and sells software systems for the secure transmission and storage of business files. Their product FTAPI SecuTransfer is based on its own technology, developing was promoted by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of economics. The 2010 founded company sets new standards of safety and efficiency in business file sharing and offers actually comprehensive (end-to end) in contrast to the commonly used file transfer solutions encrypt all files.

Integral Business


Ramon Gallegos, in his book on education that humanity needs. Rarely the holistic education has been explored with a combination of depth, with an inherent power to truly educate all in the holistic education and care. Lastly Ramon Gallegos says that the business world is also a field for spiritual practice, business and spirituality can complement in a level of thinking of second grade or yellow meme. Every honest human action is a way for spiritual realization, the holistic education works with all aspects of the human being to achieve a harmonious development, the evolution of consciousness is the goal of the pedagogy of universal love. For that reason also notes Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava Holistas educators should promote financial education for all, this practice will be beneficial and will help overcome poverty to millions of people through responsible consumption and finance personal or professional care. With all of this helps to transform or change to wild capitalism. Financial education in a holistic context is a wonderful study field, because it allows us to bring to the business our practical educational area, we can even equate the business training with spiritual formation, both formations required a high level of discipline, understanding of the reality of organization, responsibility, self-confidence, etc.

Spirituality is bringing businesses to a new stage of development, a stage based on ethics and compassion, is born a new business philosophy that sees the market as an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of humanity through generating goods and services that evolve the conscience and make more dignified lives. Integrates the objectives of the entrepreneur and the Mystic in the compassionate action. The holistic education is education which humanity needs, its aim is for students to develop capacity to love the world, plants, animals, etc. The Integral education is a response so that mankind can develop in all aspects but above all in the spirituality which is the basis of waking up to the reality.

Holistic Business Coaching


The Hanoverian personal coach Frank Michael Preuss holistic advice the best way connects with sound business techniques, to predict the future is to create it yourself. Coaching is a method to get stagnant systems and areas of conflict back into the river and to provide new impetus for growth. This involves essentially to brighten up blind spots in areas of personal or company and to integrate. Bill Phelan is open to suggestions. “” The personal coach Frank Michael Preuss works holistically “by Ken Wilber and not direktiv” after Carl C. Rogers. Using a progressive system of cards called skills”he combines creative diagnostic techniques with proven business methods and accompanied to his client solution and goal-oriented in the structural work. Coaching in the professional context aims mainly to improving the learning and performance, taking into account the (often unused) resources of clients for him.

He focuses in his work, to bring theory and practice. There are talk time and Questioning techniques, feedback, and goal statement methods means for reflection suggestions and career analysis, decision support, roles, values – and system visualization. Essentially, his work means support for decision making, potential development and acquisition of new customers for its clients. In his many years working as a PR consultant Frank-Michael Preuss faced constantly with uncertainties of its customers, he analyzed himself from his extensive experience of travel and can structure together with its customers new and profitable.

Business Administration


Training has become very important in today’s time and nobody can afford more, to sit back and to make no further training more. Because no one can rest more on his work and everyone must provide for his education. Where and how to make more, remains up to everyone. One of them is for example a distance learning course. The advantage of a distance learning is of course that you can complete it part-time. There are several colleges that offer a correspondence course in Germany. Those who opt for a distance learning course should know however, that this means a lot of self-discipline and hard work. This has of course many advantages but also some disadvantages.

The distance learning economics is interesting for many people. Such a study concludes with a Bachelor’s degree and then his master who wants can make. But not everyone would like to study and so there are of course other ways of training. To the Economist, you can make a training at various institutions. There is an interest for a training course or a distance learning course, you should take the time and learn exactly.

The cost for training vary greatly and depend on several factors. So before everyone should care about possible grants and funding. Also, the qualification and its general acceptance is of course very important. You can send is usually also information material about a correspondence course or training. With the keywords “distance learning business administration” or “training in business administration” you find yourself along quickly on the Internet. Then you can check out exactly on the corresponding pages and if you have any further questions, can ask by telephone. So lifelong learning can be fun and for professional success.

Humanities Business


The education fair horizon presents a comprehensive overview of courses Berlin, which 19.10.2011 the least prospective high and high school graduates know for sure in which direction to go their Karrie replanung no surprise due to the variety of the offered training courses and pathways nation – and worldwide. Here, the horizon, the fair for Bachelor and graduate training, which for the first time takes place next weekend in the Rosengarten in Mannheim, can provide valuable assistance. The range of courses is nowadays as varied as the talents and inclinations of the aspiring students themselves: in addition to classical Economics and Humanities fields, you can choose courses such as pop music design or music & creative industries there are detailed information on the stand of the Mannheim pop Academy; one can attain a Bachelor’s degree in music or audio production at the University of popular arts in Berlin. Robert Kiyosaki is often quoted as being for or against this. In the educational field, interesting and modern courses offer such “Professional and business education at or what’s behind the course pedagogy with learning cultures”? Answers give the competent contact person Chemnitz University of technology at their booth! New directions in the bio -, electro – and information technology courses will be presented as well as the field of energy technology, which offers the possibility to take a promising career in the field of sustainability and renewable energy related cutting-edge. Many programs now offer the opportunity to study abroad during their studies or aim, with its international orientation, to allow for a career on the international market: business and management degree programs offer international priorities, the SDI University of applied languages at Munich informed miert Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes such as international business communication (including Chinese!), intercultural moderation or multilingual media communication, at the Charles University in Karlsruhe Intercultural business management can be learned and in high-profile Swiss hotel management schools are represented by Laureate hospitality education, students prepare for a promising career in the international hospitality industry and other service providers. .

Schedule Business


There is a point at which fails constantly and that is one of the most strong bases in the process of auspiciamiento (of entering new partners to the network): the follow-up, which is to build credibility and trust. In other words you could say that follow-up is, earn the respect of like-minded people to your business. If not agendamos this follow-up with a business meeting, the prospectus tells us that he will think, that we are going talk, that we see it the following week, etc. lose control. Today, in the era of Web 2.0 it is possible to do this monitoring through voluntary subscription newsletters; also known as follow-up. The platform that I use is Aweber, the secret is to never lose control of the process, with that reflection you must put posture to follow-up, and if the prospect understand the benefits of this business, is essential to schedule with the date and time you will see your doubts and a decision will be taken. The closure of your exhibition of the plan would be something like the following: first, we give you the plan of business, explaining and being totally honest, where earnings are coming from and why it is the best way to generate income, what is expected of him, and in numbers how much could win with this (the business that more millionaires is generating: the Bible of the MLM is a good book for understanding this process). Second, ask questions later can help clarify things amongst yourselves.For example: what you most you like? If the answer is Yes: would you start your business? do if she tells you that you want to analyze, consult with the couple or their horoscope, say you something like what follows: – well, what do you need to make a decision-? For utlimo, if you want information you can send you MATERIAL evaluate it.

Business Ideas


Change in the package, size, taste, etc. * try to be aware: normal life occupations block our ability to invent and also gives us time to be informed. Are often the observation of certain phenomena of nature opens the way to find a Business Ideas * identify the qualities: what I like to do? What do you do? What are my most important skills? * Exchange of Business Ideas: in meeting relatives, friends or acquaintances, evidence can be found to develop a business project. ** In courses, seminars and conferences where entrepreneurs and professionals involved is a good opportunity to find references and experiences of different types of company. * There are specialized business publications, both domestic and foreign, which can be a source of inspiration for ideas. Listen to these Business Ideas are only a trigger so that you can choose to your taste and that inspire him.

1. Accessories for holidays. Nothing better to start with a party, each party has a tribute, a birthday, a couple, a preparatory meeting of former teammate, a company year-end party. And each one has a different style, speaking of that personal touch that should be reflected in the party. With this Business Ideas, we offer you all the necessary elements for a fun and party as the distinctive cotillon, articles, games, ornaments to decorate the room. Hint: to respond to different ages, motifs, themes and cultures. 2.

The art graphic: advertising. Pictures sell. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words, can create images that help clients sell more. Business LIdeas is the design: logos, photos, cartoons, why not, all sorts of images that make the ads more attractive for consumers. Tip: please contact with advertisers from print media and you can add value to your ads and 3. Graphic arts: Online advertising. The images that sell to the world. In a context such as the Internet, the value of the image is increased, if they do not receive the attention of the Navigator, only leaves, or shutdown. You can design graphics for companies, professionals and small businesses that are advertised on web sites. Images you design will be consistent with your client, but above all, respect for the characteristics of the context of the Internet, since there are images that make it difficult to load heavy pages. Tip: Navigate by the sites, see what type of ads to potential customers and contact them to offer their services business Ideas is excellent choice. 4. A Business Ideas is the graphic art for web sites. Images that captures the browser. Remember the different graphics that are part of a web page: the logo of the site, buttons, icons, lines, bullets, photos, drawings, etc if you want to carry out this idea, consider this interesting market. The language of the Internet, the communication of the message with sailors through this powerful medium has its own codes, different communication through other means. Tip: Please, contact with the webmaster or site administrators. 5. Advising of image. Details to view. In a world where image prevails over other issues (but not the mean values), an image consultant services is welcome. Find a style that suits the person, their physical, their activities, is the service. Suggestion: executives or people who working on the show or the media are a great potential. I hope this information about Business Ideas can be very helpful.

A Product For Your Business


Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about a digital product for your business or attimino, hope to serve you. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo and I dedicate myself to do Internet Marketing, now let’s create a digital product so that you can start a business is a very smart decision, since you do the work once and you can see results or earn money for a very long time. Since others can market for you and you only pay them a Commission. I.e. you can create digital products and live it.

Create a digital product is not something difficult, everything depends on the degree of adaptation we have to write, make videos, or teach about some aspect in which we have the specific authority to speak. That is, if you know about sports and do a digital product on football or talking about the world, you can generate many sales just making known your product and others marketed it. Make a digital product could be in text, audio and video format. For that you can go practicing writing, making videos or recorded you. After that an orderly record concepts you want to dip into your own digital product, I recommend you see this as a business or serious attimino, and not some hobby. That will define the final result you get.

If you like to learn how to create digital products, visit my blog for more information if it is to your liking. Make a digital product also requires planning and consistency, and of course some points and important technical knowledge. I hope you have served or helped, I say goodbye and I wish you the greatest success in all your endeavors.

Business Online


That involved take a business from idea to financial freedom and in general, where the business don’t need you more? There are several steps involved to take a business online from the idea all the way to freedom, not only financial if not total freedom, where business depends not more than you and you don’t need to be more present in the business. These steps are not taken into account by the majority of entrepreneurs, either because they have forgotten them, there has been someone who ordered them and translates them into a drawing as clear for execution, or lack of knowledge. These ten steps have been tested and have allowed that many entrepreneurs have managed to free themselves from their business so that the business works on auto-pilot for them and now dedicate their time in activities that complement other areas of their lives and allows them to concentrate on what they are most passionate about. These 10 steps are: 1. It’s believed that Wells Fargo sees a great future in this idea. your entrepreneur.

Most of the people who want to take has no idea what really means to be an entrepreneur. You have to understand the position that you want to take, be clear of the price which must be paid to achieve it. You need to educate yourself to be an entrepreneur. Learn more at this site: Wells Fargo. Questions such as the following should be answered for you: do you know exactly what is an entrepreneur? Do you know what makes a great entrepreneur? Do you know what skills you need to work to improve your business skills? What is necessary to become a true entrepreneur? Your business can grow up where you can grow your. It all starts with the understanding that you’re really an entrepreneur and what you need to be a better entrepreneur. 2 Find an opportunity where is located the dineroEncontrar where you can build your Empire distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction. .

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