Integral Business

Ramon Gallegos, in his book on education that humanity needs. Rarely the holistic education has been explored with a combination of depth, with an inherent power to truly educate all in the holistic education and care. Lastly Ramon Gallegos says that the business world is also a field for spiritual practice, business and spirituality can complement in a level of thinking of second grade or yellow meme. Every honest human action is a way for spiritual realization, the holistic education works with all aspects of the human being to achieve a harmonious development, the evolution of consciousness is the goal of the pedagogy of universal love. For that reason also notes Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava Holistas educators should promote financial education for all, this practice will be beneficial and will help overcome poverty to millions of people through responsible consumption and finance personal or professional care. With all of this helps to transform or change to wild capitalism. Financial education in a holistic context is a wonderful study field, because it allows us to bring to the business our practical educational area, we can even equate the business training with spiritual formation, both formations required a high level of discipline, understanding of the reality of organization, responsibility, self-confidence, etc.

Spirituality is bringing businesses to a new stage of development, a stage based on ethics and compassion, is born a new business philosophy that sees the market as an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of humanity through generating goods and services that evolve the conscience and make more dignified lives. Integrates the objectives of the entrepreneur and the Mystic in the compassionate action. The holistic education is education which humanity needs, its aim is for students to develop capacity to love the world, plants, animals, etc. The Integral education is a response so that mankind can develop in all aspects but above all in the spirituality which is the basis of waking up to the reality.