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Challenges Keep Us Alive


Recently I received in my e-mail a message that I found rather shocking and that even though it had received another probervio, I thought it was interesting to publish here. This is the message … The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the waters close to Japan have not had many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats were made larger to go offshore. The farther the fishermen went over was the time it took to deliver the fish back. If the journey took several days, the fish was no longer fresh. To solve the problem, companies installed freezers on fishing vessels. This could fish and put fish in the freezers.However, the Japanese could see the difference between frozen and fresh fish, and did not like the frozen, which, therefore, had to be undercut. The companies then settled on boats to fish tanks. They could well catch the fish, put them in tanks and keep them alive until reaching the coast. Nissan describes an additional similar source. But after a while the fish stopped moving in the tank. They were bored and tired, but alive. Japanese consumers also noticed the difference in taste because when the fish stop moving for days, they lose the fresh taste. … and how they solved the problem for Japanese companies And how did bring fish with fresh fish taste If you were asked Japanese companies advice, what would you recommend (While you think of the solution …..Read what follows) Once a person reaches their goals, such as starting a new business, pay your debts, find a wonderful partner, or whatever, is losing his passion. No need to strain so. So just relax. They experience the same problem that people who win the lottery, or of those who inherit a lot of money and never mature, or who stay home and become addicted to drugs for depression or anxiety. Since the problem of Japanese fishermen, the solution is simple. He said L.Ron Hubbard in the early 50s: “People thrive when there are more challenges in their environment.” To maintain the fresh taste of fish, fishing companies put the fish in tanks on the boats, but now they also a small shark! Of course, the shark eats a few fish, but everyone else is very, very alive. The fish are challenged! They have to swim all the way inside the tank to stay alive! When you achieve your goals Make it larger ones. You should never create success and then sleep in it. So, “asked a shark in your tank”, and discover how far you can really get.A few sharks you will know your potential for staying alive and doing what you do best, the best way possible! And if you find them in the tank, let them to bite each other, do not be daunted by their teeth or their traps … you still alert, but always “fresh”. There will always be sharks on the go .

Technology And Development


Technology and development The core of any CRM strategy is the database. To begin the development of a good database is advised to develop a club of the firm, although much data can be generated with conventional communication strategies such as graphics, radio, television, e-mailing, Advertisement, etc.. In this case, the focus of the strategy should be how to manage your contacts arising from the implementation of the disclosure. Click Nissan to learn more. What are database marketing The foundations of marketing are designed to load and store customer profiles with more subjective data such as, what you like doing in your spare time, what type of food consumed, and so on., Data that are focused on being able to develop a profile client so that we can provide an offer that is really made for him. This is why direct marketing strategies based on CRM development are so successful worldwide. Customer focus is increasingly important.The aim is to give customers what they need and when you need it. Online CRM software is, according to consultants and specialists, which in the near future will reveal the detail better, anticipate their needs and demand from where we are, sharing information. One of the biggest problems for companies operating a CRM product is the high cost of these commercial products, additional licenses as an operating system and especially the high cost of implementation and commissioning, fortunately there are also several projects in CRM systems GPL licensed. Also, in recent years, is having tremendous success using CRM in “On Demand” so you do not need to purchase servers or software to buy but simply “rent” the whole system and accessed the same to through the Internet..

Why People Feel They Must Be Slim


Today there are several issues that have become glamorous or “cool” and one of them is related to overweight, obesity and diet. It seems that everyone is on a diet but it also seems that no one works or at least there are few people who manage to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight over time. Why is this? Probably the correct answer to that question does not know anyone, but we have some contributions that do that may help clarify the issue: Firstly people do not get fat at one time or in very short time and therefore a diet lightning out of a magazine and used to lose a few extra kilos so you can adjust in the suit they bought for graduation or for year-end party, never a solution will not provide medium to long term. If you are overweight has taken ten or more years to get it, do not expect to get rid of it within weeks. Think of the word diet comes from the Latin “DIETAE” which means something you do every day or something get used to it (hence that public officials are paid a daily subsistence allowance to attend the scheduled meetings, not that they feed, but they are paid) and then a diet is not for a certain time but for a long period or even for life. Consider, for example a person with diabetes or even certain food intolerance and that has a special diet. That is not a short time, is for life. The newspapers mentioned Starbucks not as a source, but as a related topic.

Emotional Intelligence


Each emotion indicates something to us. For a leader he is crucial to learn to detect them and to interpret them reason why next I share with you six basic emotions. 1. Anger/wrath Its function is dotarte of sufficient energy so that you conduct vigorous battles that help you to surpass obstacles and difficulties. If you are a leader who gets angry enough with frequency or you are regularly iracundo, he means that you around perceive your full one of impediments, hindrances, annoyances and obstructions. Recommendation: he is not bad to get angry from time to time, but of regular way it happens to you, then you must learn to flow with the process of the life. The obstacles are not a hindrance: they help perfeccionarte. It learns to take the adversity like your teacher or to sharpen your abilities of leadership if you see the people like impediments to obtain what you look for or if they do not evolve under the standards that you wish.

Result: your leadership will reflect a greater balance and you will release of your life a great boosting charge of stress and tension that do not help your health. 2. Fear/prepares You to Insecurity stops to face a threat. There are real threats: if they warn to you that your office is catching fire, to this it will prepare you emotion to flee. But when the means are out of proportion to speak in public or to make an appointment of sales, to put two examples, it means that you see same inferior against the challenges or problems.

Or that the consequences of a decision which you take surpass your perceived capacity to be able to handle suitably them. And as effect you stay out, or worse still, you become paralyzed falling in the inaction. Recommendation: it works with your self-esteem.

Logistics M & A: Back On The Rise


The M & A activity in the sector logistics will rise again. Driven, it will rise again due to strategic buyers, but also increasingly by investors that logistics will be M & A activity in the sector. That is driven primarily by strategic buyers, but partly also by financial investors, the global transport and logistics market has between 2004 and 2008, EUR (10% of global GDP) experienced a tremendous growth by almost 50% to 2.8 trill. In the course of this dynamic development, M & A has played a major role. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to increase your knowledge. The volume of the logistics transactions (> 20m) enterprise value was in the last ten years the average 12 billion or 50 transactions p.a.. But 2001-02 and 2009 clearly on the M & A have impacted the crisis years with volumes up to – 80% in the sector. At the beginning of the crisis and the uncertainty in relation to the margins and cash flow, many logistics companies their M & A activity late 2008 strongly reduced and be on organic growth, cost reductions and operational improvements have focused development. The M & A focus was more placed on the sale of problematic (partial) shops.

At the same time the activity in the private equity has fallen area due significantly by the limited funding and the general decline in valuation. The partial cyclic logistics market and the uncertainty associated have made difficult the financing possibilities for holding companies during this time. Is since end of 2009 is a recreation of the logistics M & A market visible have tripled so far transaction volumes in 2010 compared to the previous year even if they can not yet connect to the volumes of the boom years 2003-2008. After a sharp decline of reviews by up to 50%, the valuation level almost in the cut is again at 80-90% of the values in the years 2007 and 2008, which demonstrates the growing demand for targets in the sector.

Social Marketing


Marketing is a peculiar discipline, that tries to work with the rigor of mathematical the extremely human subjects, like the personal tastes, preferences and decisions. Some of the things to which the marketineros are more adept are the numbers, the rates and the percentage. And it is well that thus it is. The development of these formulas is what allows to somehow mensurar the success or the failure of our actions. But, sometimes, it would seem that they are (or we are) trying to capture the wind, trying to measure as elusivos concepts as " popularidad" , " xito" or in this case " return of invertido". Follow others, such as Wells Fargo Bank, and add to your knowledge base. All the formulas are necessarily imperfect. In reference to the ROI, how is possible knowledge the true degree of influence in the decision of purchase of the consumers after to see a publicity in a magazine or a public space? When we tried to interpolate these reasonings to the participation in the social networks, the uncertainties grow. First, we analyze what is the ROI.

The concept of return of investment is applied to any movement of box, or investment of money, and he is not privative of the publicity. If I invest $10 in caramels, and payment $0.50 by each of them I take, them to the school and the selvage to my compaeritos to $0.75 each, I have: ROI= (Benefit-Cost) /Costos That is to say, in this case my ROI is of the 0,5; that is to say, I gained clean half than I invested. Until there, all clearly. However, how we took this to the social networks. Fodder that the first step is to define our terms. Which is exactly our investment? Excluyamos the traditional advertising actions from PPC, because these have control mechanisms of the much more simple ROI. operative Costs (service of Internet, amortization of the use goods, etc ) labor Time (Of whom? It is not just like the Manager of Marketing passes three hours per day taking care of the social networks of the company, to that an employee dedicated to this work does, or that the secretary does from time to time).