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Field Marketing Agency


At a Plus we know that brands are not alone in the market, and therefore our strategies connect with customers through significant and unforgettable experiences based on face to face. Events today are fundamental to a good communication plan ensures Diego Olmedilla, CEO of a. Plus Field Marketing, to the extent that for some brands represent environment to 30% of its budget on communication. Thus they are more and more brands that are linked, for example, to sporting events or generate your own sporting event. This means that the brand not only already binds to certain events, but the event itself can be your means of communication, says Diego Olmedilla. Hence, the traditional fairs are no longer the event in themselves, but which constitute the context in which are part of other private more concrete experiences, in order to reach a specific target, creating a brand experience and strengthen relationships with their best customers. Front of static of the fair, is situated the road show, which has become one of the most popular tools holiday periods, since they move there where are customers. PLUS it is a Field Marketing Agency focused on the needs of communication and image of companies.

Formed by a team of young, highly skilled, based his work on the personalization of each company and customer. PLUS aims to make a communication tool which is responsible for transmitting the messages of marks face to face, i.e., through people, consumers at the point of sale or at a distance as the telemarketing sales channels in the marketing field. Our profiles have covered marketing actions ranging from the commercial audit events, launches of products or actions on public roads in order to strengthen, encourage and promote the sales of our customers.



You have to be honest, these strategies can be very effective, but to view results you must apply them constantly and regularly. At the beginning you will not see many results, but if you keep applying them, you let’s we begin seeing exponential results. OK, here are strategies: 1 – comments on other blogs-this is essentially when you write comments on posts or entries in blogs related to your niche. Sorry to be so repetitive but I put emphasis on this: what we seek is to give value to people in our niche, so write nonsensical comments will not help much, make sure you read the article that you are going to comment, you understand the main points, and then typing a smart comment. This will help you to achieve two things: firstly, a link to your blog will be created.

This allows other people who visit the blog and liked your comments to find more information about you (the link will bring them directly to your blog) and secondly, and this is very important: can happen that If you do this constantly, you will begin to attract the attention of the owner of the blog, once you have their attention, you can develop a relationship with him; and then sometime in the future can form a strategic alliance (by this the importance of writing smart comments and not without sense). For the person that long ago that it is in this, knows the importance of strategic alliances, with which you can literally drive toward success. Important Tip: I am No expert in strategic alliances but I’ve read a lot about the topic and found a very important Tip that I want to share with you today: never ask an Alliance at the beginning of the relationship agreement. That is how quick and easy to lose the respect of the other person and ruin your chances of developing a strong relationship, which in the future may be helpful for both. Ben Silbermann often addresses the matter in his writings. 2 Marketing in forums: is the most popular in your niche forums and began providing them valuable regularly. It shows people how valuable and useful Eres. You can answer the questions of people researching the topic if you know nothing about it yet, and then writes a very detailed and intended response. Another thing that works very well is write an article as reply or new topic, and you invite people to leave a comment or discuss the topic.

(Don’t forget to leave the link to your blog at the end of the article). If you do this well you can help you get a constant flow of traffic qualified for a long time. 3 Marketing with articles-same thing happens here; Find the most popular articles directories and begins to create valuable articles and upload them to these directories. Probably the most popular directory is 4 – write a post as a guest on other blog-this is a very powerful strategy. If you have state building relationships with other successful bloggers, you can offer you write a post as a guest for them. Sometimes successful bloggers who have created their content for a long time, will give the opportunity to others of provide them with extra content. Of course when you think this kind of posts, using all your skills in writing, to be sure that it will be accepted and once posted in another blog will help you get everything the possible traffic toward yours.

Affiliate Marketing


Electronic commerce technique called dropshipping has its origin in United States, where it has great popularity and a large number of followers. This technique consists of the following: 1. after making your market study, select the items you want to sell. 2 You do the marketing, promotion and advertisement of said article. 3 Buyer you buy you directly the article giving you his address. 4. With your customer account you do the order to the dropshipper indicating as delivery address that your client you have provided in the previous step.

5. The dropshipper is responsible for the handling and shipping of the item to the address which you have indicated, figuring in packing your data as a person or company that carries out the shipment. Although Spain still it is not a system popular in Europe and, more specifically, in markets based on the Anglo-Saxon model, you are taking a big boom in recent years, since it is a model of business open to any entrepreneur, as It is necessary in any business, take it seriously. Currently, this system, along with the Affiliate Marketing and the creation of eBooks form the basis of my business on the Internet. They are businesses that require a minimum or zero investment and provide a very high ROI Return of Investment. All this makes it one of the most suitable business for people who want to start without assuming a great investment, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take you so seriously and spend your time. Original author and source of the article

BTL Marketing


These actions allow us to establish a relationship with our customers in a relaxed and environment more relaxed outside the formality and rigidity of the Office and the firm itself. This facilitates a closer on a personal level. Our business is based on trust and that is why this approach is very positive. On the other hand, thanks to the innovative ideas of Aplus, we have managed to attract this target market of potential customers who are not usually put to the phone. Cesar Serrano, Director of Marketing and communication DTZ as in the past the technique of Marketing professionals have incorporated into our vocabulary and daily practice concepts as BELOW THE LINE / BTL or ABOVE LINE / ATL to refer to policies for approaching the market depending on the public final and the medium used, the term FIELD MARKETING I am convinced that will be spreading to again become a widely known and used resource. The engine of this change will no doubt increase the pressure on the positioning strategies for to fully customize the last stretch of the relationship with our potential customer. angel M.

Urtiaga Rubio, Director of Marketing and development of Partners Avanzit technology group Avanzit Field marketing is still key for businesses but you can use new tools (Internet, blogs) or tactical (smart panels) which can be or appear with a better ROI or that allow Entrepreneurs to launch a business with little investment. But, to work a brand, it is very important to have clear and well-defined strategy and rather when depends very much on the marketing field!. Hide behind the Internet, does not work. Field marketing is key. Marie Claire Pfeifer, CEO Giga Trust Spain Las NGOs that we work with every day are a helpful tool in Field Marketing to publicize our activity to a public heterogeneous but willing to get involved if you see that the cause is just. This communication is face to face fundamental to reach with your message and involving the public in your fight. Field Marketing is our great ally at short distances.

Antonio Gonzalez, Medical Director of the is world alternative, tool capable of eliminating the advantage that, until today, had large companies when communicating their products. Now, any company, regardless of its economic potential, can access this extraordinary instrument that enables interactivity, creativity and personal communication actions, direct and able to promote the necessary complicity between all product/brand with your target audience. That is why salute with joy this new formula: imagination + proximity = guaranteed success. Gerardo Gonzalez Otero, CEO of G2O PUBLISPORT Field Marketing has made products that promotes be perceived otherwise, humanizing them and associating them with activities that potential customers they perceive as their own. EST Aplus is a Field Marketing agency focused to meet the needs of communication and image and your company’s sales. Formed by a team of young highly qualified, based on the customization of each company and each customer. Our goal is to make us partakers of Field Marketing as a tool of communication which is responsible for transmitting the messages of marks face to face, i.e., through people, to consumers at the point of sale.

Marketing Correctly


Us to start a business online should always note that will not only be our business and ready!. We should think very seriously about that everything has a process and follow it to the letter. One of these points is to know that if we have no advertising we will not achieve anything. However there are various forms of advertising, but I’m going to dedicate to the way as more we use them that we started in this business, and is the free way. Step 1 – go to the best search engines, like Google, yahoo, hotmail, ect and we will give us high manually, nothing of payments only manually, this will take us a little time but assures them that it gives results. Step 2 is a very good form and excellent diria is doing articles like this same or go places where we can put articles free and always respecting the rules demanded by the site, such as…

You can write and comment or put articles of all disiplinas or business than your you offer, the issue is that you write and write, do not forget but we have money to invest should do a couple of sacrifices. Step 3 – networks social, all are free and useful, it is an excellent way for all your business be known by your friends and thus achieve great amount of traffic Gratuito.trata do so in the social network that you like and separate x. does that I mean.? do not mix your family or private life with the business. Step 4 _ Pasiencia, pasiencia and perseverance will help you to achieve all your goals.You do not discouraged and veras that sacrifice after come the blessings step 5 – Chats searches the network for any category chat sites or chat normal for friendships and stuff, there gonna give out of that are, at time suitable shalt your website, remember in that currently there are many people in the room and always but always there is someone who is going to interezar what is saying. Pinterest has compatible beliefs. Do step 6 advertising that we always and never give us account that works fine, you know what? Our mouths, if!… starts to comment your friends in school, Church, neighborhood, work, ect… that you’re dedicating to Internet business and there are possibilities for all you sorprenderas when you begin to ask to close to the topic so that if these decided to really have a business on the network but not accounts with resources enough these options will help to 100%, so go ahead and good luck!… Ruben Bianchi Webmaster and Marketing expert.

Federal Constitution


The practical one of nepotism in the three Is observed currently To be able: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The Federal Constitution of 1988, in the article 37, interpolated proposition II, it disciplined the public investiture in the positions and jobs, establishing as rule generality the public competition and for exception the free nomination and exoneration in the positions of confidence defined in law. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo Bank. The National Advice of Justice imposed a limit beyond foreseen in the express text of the Constitution of 1988 (MATOS, 2006) Such situation if finds aggravated, for two reasons: in first place, because the formuladores of politics of the Executive do not know, normally, institutions and the processes that characterize the politics; in second, because the members of the Legislative one they are not felt responsible for the formularization of the national politics and are dedicated primordially to the representation of regional interests, corporative or clientelsticos.. .

French Revolution


All the existing ways of production looked useful effect of the work, but they did not make measurements of the consequences. Read more here: Wells Fargo Bank. Fact demonstrated in the analyses of Engels is still the division in certain measured of the population in all the ways of production in different classrooms. As Mr. slave; Nobleman and Servant; dominant and oppressed. Today we see the bourgeoisie (rich) and the proletariat (poor), that detainer of the private property, means of production, it I deal and of the consumption and this detainer of the work force, good transformed into merchandise to be ' ' livremente' ' commercialized. On this estimated, we can explicitar here the theory of the value developed for Marx, who in general lines is the perception of the alive work as possessing of value of use and exchange, this existing one why it exists of use and that one in turn, why it has potentially alive work (employed force of work) During its appearance since the French Revolution as appropriation ideological politics and industrial Revolution as economic appropriation and the two as historical development, perceived logical it of the accumulation on value of the work and the priorizao of the economic growth in an increasing wave of globalization and mundializao of the capital, at moments exacerbado in detriment of the life, of the quality of life for all and of the rights proclaimed for the proper bourgeois revolution (French). known the inerncia of the crises of the capital well, for its contradictory nature, where it accumulates wealth and it produces in gigantic scales more misery. It was for crises as these that we know moments of century XX that each time more in shorter spaces of time we perceive the strategies of the capital to continue dominating and to surpass its abalos. The examples, the 1929 crisis, the crisis of 1970 and the current crisis.

Christmas Gift


Certificate instead of cigars! There is a gift for Manager, find the makers of Hi-chef. There is a gift for Manager, find the makers of Hi-chef. However this time less a box cigars, but innovative support for more power and success in the job. With limited resources which enhance competitiveness – from this challenge, companies are now more than ever. Successful managers control their area of responsibility with optimal processes, clear focus, and a dedicated staff. Lever for the further optimization are always welcome here. For this purpose, now Hello chef offers the right tool: the TOP-chef certificate management feedback as a gift for Christmas. Ask employees, colleagues and bosses and find new ideas in time for the feast the Santas from Hi-chef have put together a special package for managers at all levels.

A motivating fresh and non-bureaucratic style managers may collect anonymous feedback of its employees, colleagues and bosses. Ben Silbermann is likely to increase your knowledge. So can be very direct and unbureaucratically valuable impulses and information gain. An intelligent software adds together these puzzle pieces to a meaningful overall. The final analysis is provided exclusively the respective feedback employees in appealing form as TOP chef certificate. Quality and low cost through clear standards by sophisticated technologies and modern processes Hello chef can offer its tools at a surprising price – performance ratio. A special and precious gift is in the form of an attractive community with easy online redemption. While the TOP chef certificate the respective Chief at the center of the feedback, the whole company or a Department is the focal point of viewing the TOP corporate certificate.

The TOP corporate certificate is characterized by the same high standards of quality and ease of use. All products can be conveniently and easily ordered online, and it can be applied. Trust through transparency and quality – hi Chief informed detail about its offerings. In an online demo of the entire survey process can be before a decision is taken to final analysis regarded. Hello boss: The performance factory for more efficiency, motivation and performance