Affiliate Marketing

Electronic commerce technique called dropshipping has its origin in United States, where it has great popularity and a large number of followers. This technique consists of the following: 1. after making your market study, select the items you want to sell. 2 You do the marketing, promotion and advertisement of said article. 3 Buyer you buy you directly the article giving you his address. 4. With your customer account you do the order to the dropshipper indicating as delivery address that your client you have provided in the previous step.

5. The dropshipper is responsible for the handling and shipping of the item to the address which you have indicated, figuring in packing your data as a person or company that carries out the shipment. Although Spain still it is not a system popular in Europe and, more specifically, in markets based on the Anglo-Saxon model, you are taking a big boom in recent years, since it is a model of business open to any entrepreneur, as It is necessary in any business, take it seriously. Currently, this system, along with the Affiliate Marketing and the creation of eBooks form the basis of my business on the Internet. They are businesses that require a minimum or zero investment and provide a very high ROI Return of Investment. All this makes it one of the most suitable business for people who want to start without assuming a great investment, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take you so seriously and spend your time. Original author and source of the article