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Pet Gift


Before March 8, many men think that would give his companion? For men, choose a gift – it is usually a painful process, which is why nearly half of 'macho' is considered the best gift of flowers for the Day on March 8. Of course is a rare man dares to leave his companion even without studs or mimosa – because if it the whole year – until next March 8 will be the number one enemy. And very often too protracted meditation until the evening of the 7th of March, when afterthought, the men ran to the nearest store and buy the first thing that caught my eye as well on the way home complement your gift a sprig of mimosa. A holiday in the morning, trying to ignore the mocking sparks in the eyes of his companion, with a proud kind of handed a gift. Similar to men accustomed to many women. Let's try to break the stereotype of the upcoming holiday? Believe me, if you really organize your favorite holiday of the soul, its appreciation will not know borders, and in general, is not it fun – surprise and please a loved one? Give her a holiday! In any woman is hidden a little girl who believes in miracles.

Surprise her! Of course, the gift of song Alla Pugacheva about a million red roses are not everyone 'by force'. Start with armfuls of fresh roses and beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers. Gifts beloved woman? Most men believe that somehow this spring day, the main thing is not a gift, and attention.

Loyal Assistant


Pallet truck – a simple mechanism for a variety of works in the warehouses of all sizes. Pallet truck operated manually and is ideal for transport of goods on pallets inside the warehouse. In this case, pallet truck can lift and carry quite a lot of weight thanks to the hydraulic mechanism. The main structural elements that determine quality hydraulic truck itself is the hydraulic system, wheels and handle. Also pallet truck forks may have different lengths, made of various materials.

Standard pallet truck is equipped with fork length from 100 to 120 centimeters. Typically, when such amounts to them easily fit most trays used for storage of products. But there are other modifications. For example, in small rooms with narrow passes the most convenient pallet truck with a shortened 80-centimeter fork. There are elongated truck, but they are used much less often because of their awkwardness.

In addition, warehouses, working in more complex conditions, can be used pallet truck with forks in stainless steel. The hydraulic system provides the lifting of the load, and controlled it with the handle. Typically, hydraulic truck has three positions handle: lifting, for lowering and neutral. The latter applies when the truck is transported to a warehouse, and the first two – with the loading and unloading. The handle should be durable, comfortable and efficiently manage the work hydraulic system. Often the choice of a hydraulic truck buyers underestimate the importance of quality wheels. Meanwhile, this is an extremely important element without which the use of carts would be impossible. They have the weight of which has not only the pallet truck, but also placed her merchandise. A load capacity of such equipment is on average about 2 tons. Therefore, the wheels should be durable and reliable. It is also important and the quality of sex in the room where it will be used pallet truck. If it is uneven, you need dual wheels of rubber or other similar materials.

The Room


they have no sense "that people will like it." I think every person has any targets, ideas. In communication with them is useful to recall the hierarchy of human needs by Maslow: 1. Physiological needs (such as sleeping, eating, sex) 2. The need for security 3. Social needs (the need for love) 4. The need to respect 5. The need for self-Which item is your goal? It is clear that the needs of numbered 5.3 can not be met outside of society.

Just to meet those needs and is creative. In my opinion, creativity is here that a coin with which we want to "buy" these items. When a man in love, it can do extraordinary things. What is it like no creativity? In order to become a leader and gain the respect of people sometimes commit unthinkable combination. This is the same creativity! And that creativity is primarily aimed at men. So, before you choose a product for manufacturing, or plan of action for implementation, must be done exercise. 1. Take one of your ideas or goals.

To get started you should not take anything global. 2. What are you going to do? Describe in general your product. 3. Take a definite place in the room where you are. Your imagination and look as if from the whole of humanity. Looking to be aloof and independent. It's not even your mind, and an independent expert opinion. Who should your work (product)? Write to the maximum list of your possible customers.

Still Waters Run Deep


Each fish species has its own customs and habits. One swims on its side, the other loves standing water, and the third falls on everything that moves. This article focuses on carp or already cultivated carp. About the age I would say that covered with moss came across age. Length of life is better to look at books. Dimensions – to 2-meters had to catch.

It feeds on plant food. Meet possible at a depth of 15 meters, and in the reeds near the shore. In the food is not picky – and pastry bites, and indulges in a worm. My favorite bait – boiled potatoes, peas, old, young corn, boiled, pickled wheat. Potatoes cooked usual – the main thing that was not raw.

Then he will be tight and our pet will not be able to peel him off the hook. In place of potato peel, cut into small cubes fishing line. For potato knife to molest. Old yellow peas soaked in water and boil until tender. Hooked under the skin nazhivlyaetsya not in any way in the middle! Corn takes a young dairy. Brewed usual, you can buy a ready market. With swinging tail cut under, to pass through the cut bait. Wheat to soaked in water at a ratio of 3 parts water to part of the wheat. Leave in a sunny location, the capacity is not covered. After 2 weeks, it starts to wander. Take a few seeds, crushed with your fingers. If you ran a white jelly – Bait is ripe. Nazhivlyaetsya two seed – the first across, and the second along. And most importantly – the bait. Would be the best cake – the waste in the production of sunflower oil.



In natural sand and gravel content of gravel grains larger than 5 mm should not be At least 10% and not more than 95% by weight. Enriched with sand and gravel mix depending on the content of gravel grains is divided into five groups: 15 to 25% from 25 to 35% from 35 to 50% from 50 to 65% from 65 to 75% Non-delivery of the enriched sand-gravel-gravel mixture. In this rubble is included in the gravel component of sand and gravel mixture. The largest grain size of gravel (D (Naib)) in natural sand and gravel mix shall be not less than 10 mm and 70 mm. Enriched with sand and gravel must have the highest gravel grain size of one of the following values: 10, 20, 40 or 70 mm.

By agreement of the parties permitted delivery of sand and gravel, with grains of gravel particle size over 70 mm but not exceeding 150 mm. The strength of gravel, which is part of the natural and enriched with sand and gravel, it contains grains of soft rock and frost must meet the requirements of gost 8267-93. Sands that are part of the natural sand and gravel on the grain composition must meet the requirements of gost 8736-93 for large, medium, fine and very fine sand. Sands that make up the rich sand and gravel mix shall meet on the grain composition gost 8736-85 for large, medium and fine sand. The content of particles passing through a sieve with a mesh N 014 in the sands that make up the natural sand and gravel shall not exceed 20% enriched 10% by weight. Contents dust and clay particles in natural sand and gravel mix shall not exceed 5%, including clay lumps 1%, while in the enriched – respectively 3% and 0.5% by weight. Sand-gravel mixtures do not contain inclusions clogging. Natural and enriched with sand and gravel, depending on the size of the total effective specific activity of natural radionuclides Aeff, is used: to produce materials, components and structures, used for construction and renovation of residential and public buildings in Aeff to 370 Bq / kg for materials, components and structures used for the construction of industrial buildings and structures, as well as construction of roads within the territories of settlements and areas of promising development in Aeff than 370 Bq / kg to 740 Bq / kg for construction materials for building roads and airfields outside settlements with more than 740 Aeff Bq / kg to 1500 Bq / kg. If necessary, national regulations in force in the state, the value of the specific effective activity of natural radionuclides may be changed within the limits specified above.