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Advantages Of Being In Crisis


In recent months the economic crisis is affecting significantly the life of Spanish society. On the occasion of this crisis increasingly people who lose their job and spend to increase unemployment lists. According to experts throughout history, every crisis has found the positive side. In the professional field both as organizations people leave reinforced. Due to job insecurity that is experiencing increasingly more people want to find stability in their workplace and thereby achieve a greater quality of life. In Andalusia e.g. has multiplied by 120 the number of people aspiring to each square that leaves officer.

There are many people that due to massive layoffs that are occurring in the private company will be part of unemployment lists. When the individual is unemployed and has to seek work, many are those who decide to reorganize. Some go through stages of enjoy life and do things that you could not do before and are increasingly those who begin to form to find a good work, immediately or in the future. But sooner or later all pass through the phase of preparing to be better trained. There are those who prefer to expand knowledge and those who choose the specialization. Today the versatility is most valued but specialize in a field or field allows to differentiate us from other candidates.

This training is accomplished through graduate programs and the learning of new languages. The best way is to carry out training courses. According to the features and the professional field in which you want to do incidence must find courses already is language, vocational training, graduate, etc. All this suggests that just as happened in other times of crisis in the history of Spain, the people take advantage these circumstances to train and acquire new skills that will serve you in the future. For all those who want to form and expand their knowledge to choose a field professional major necessary training courses. Original author and source of the article.

Javier Vergara Editor


Emotions do not simply happen we, emerge from our interior with a purpose, always to communicate something. It is the voice of the emotions that incites us to listen to or neglect, stop us or advance, remember u forget, change or remain, sympathetic or antagonize, motivate or decay. By that when emotions speak, my whole being body and mind – responds to the language of emotions, live, there emotions are accompanied by changes and reactions in the body field (expression of the face, tone of voice, body posture, brightness of eyes, gestures) and in the psychological field (emotional experience: lack of concentration, irritability, excitability, etc.). Listening to my emotions now, the emotional handling kit lies in knowing, as experience organismic in sense holistic-, how accurately decode the language of emotions that emerge from our inner reality, which demand to be conscious of the own inner world, emotions that we experience, and learn to recognize them and accept them. Maybe sometimes the voice of our emotions stun us, overwhelm us, may seem unpleasant or is threatening, and perhaps the first reaction is escape from them or hide them. However, we need to listen to their messages and serve them, get used to vivenciarlas without judging them looking for the message trying to communicate, learn from what we are told, because behind her voice is a message that hidden internal reality, a flow of energy that seeks express a need, a potential life. The greatest master in listening to our emotions develop, the greater our ability to express them without that us overwhelm or hurt. Bibliography: Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence, Javier Vergara Editor, 1996 Martin Doris and Boeck Karin, what EQ is emotional intelligence, Edaf, 1997 original author and source of the article.

David Lachapelle


But really these terms could be a little wrong, because neither pragmatic nor surrealist described the work of Lachapelle, the idea is how, through its aesthetic show us how decadent our world either directly or forcing you to think. Consumerism, fanaticism, idolatry and other messages of a flawed society are printed on the paper, after being permanently recorded in the digital film of the photographer. Even so, this does not mean the aesthetic of their creations. The colors are a repetitive and element exploited to exhaustion in the works in this exhibition of Lachapelle. Bright colours, gradients and Visual harmonies with class, are only a part of the elements that give a new meaning to the expression of painting with light.

Also, part of the technique is the theatricality. In pursuit of the baroque spirit, the exhibition presents an excess of ornamentation and a theatricality so exacerbated that, together, create a strong magnetism for the eye of the beholder that can get lost in the expressions of the characters and trying to find his way back on the saturation of the boxes. Even so, leaving aside the semantic exercise and landing on own exercise of photography aesthetic perceptions, we can find much material to analyze. First of all, the use of light. All the works in the exhibition of David Lachapelle show the use of the light artificial and controlled to achieve the desired effects. Here we see a light control exceptional that is almost tangible plastic works of Lachapelle success secret. Here, light is not only the primary material to capture images, colors and shadows in the camera, but here constructed and draws, is tracking for the eye lines and dominates the look of the characters that tell silent stories within the pictures. The light is shows, many times, obvious: are dismissed by the lights rays, are the coordinates of where comes and is reflected in the eyes of many of the beings.

Iberian Peninsula


IKEA, a Swedish company world leader in the sale of furniture and decoration for home and dining accessories, closed its fiscal year 2010 in Spain (from 1 September 2009 to 31 August 2010) with a turnover of 1,254 million euros, according to presentco in the director-general of Iberian IKEA, Peter Betzel press conference. This means an increase in sales of the company’s 8.2% over the previous year, despite a particularly difficult economic context which goes through the sector of furniture and decoration. For its part, the restoration area of the company in Spain (IKEA FOOD), which includes restaurant, bistro and Swedish shop, also experienced significant growth to reach 51.4 million euros, almost 11% more than in 2009 (10.9%). IKEA has been reinforced its position as the first choice among Spanish consumers for the acquisition of furniture and living room furniture, and decorative objects. 13 Stores of IKEA in Spain they received in 2010 15% more visitors than in 2009, to a total of 36.2 million visitors, of which 2 million correspond to people who had never before visited IKEA. Commitment to continue lowering prices during the 2010 fiscal year IKEA invested 30 million euros to reduce the prices of its main products and provide at all times the best value for money in every product category, including the section bathrooms.

On average, the year past IKEA reduced their prices more than 1% compared to 2009 and with the arrival of the new 2011 catalog company returned to announce that it lowered its prices in over 200 articles, in some cases up to 60%. Peter Betzel took the public presentation of results to announce that this year the company will invest 35 million euros to lower its prices even further, and expressed its commitment to continue reducing them each year between 2 and 3 per cent on average. Since 1996, the year of his arrival in the Iberian Peninsula, IKEA has maintained a business model based on the steady decline in their prices.

PPS Seller


However, the typical PPC affiliate programs fees are low, usually less than a dollar per click. Pay Per Performance (PPP) or pay per performance marketing affiliate PPP is the most popular among the sellers and is also the most lucrative for affiliates. In this type of program, the seller only pays the affiliate when his envoy enters in action, i.e. each time visitors who commanded actually buys something from the site of the seller or the visitor becomes prospect. This represents substantial savings for the seller. In turn, is the most lucrative type for the affiliate, since the commissions in PPP affiliate marketing are normally in the range of 15% to 20% of actual sales. Affiliates pay for performance marketing can be further classified into two popular types: payment for sales (PPS) and pay-per-prospect (PPL). Or payment for sales (PPS) in the marketing of affiliate payment type by sales, the seller pays the affiliate certain amount whenever the visitor sent to the site of the seller buys something from that site.

Normally they are paid to affiliates based on commissions, however, some sellers may opt to pay a fixed remuneration. But, no matter what the form of payment, this is generally higher than the fees given to affiliates in the program pay per click. Or payment by prospectus (PPL) the type of marketing of affiliate payment by prospectus is a small variation of the PPS type and use it frequently companies insurance and finance and other companies that depend on prospects for growth. In this type of affiliate marketing, will pays the affiliate whenever the visitor he sent to the site of the seller fills an application form or any similar format related to the business of the company. The remuneration for this type of affiliate marketing is based on a fixed fee whose percentage approaches the fixed pay of the PPS type.