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Intelligence Spiritual


A single work is the proposal of Ramon Gallegos Nava, founding father of the holistic education in the world; an educational model for a planetary society, an innovative proposal whose Center constitutes intelligence spiritual. Experience of comprehensive unitary perception from his childhood to date; during all spheres of its life, it has been a total encounter with the absolute, which wonderfully describes in the preface to his book the way of the perennial philosophy. This experience Gets the certainty that all are gods have forgotten we are numb, but, can awaken and transform ourselves into that truth. Be a unit, all together, with the planet, with the kosmos, with the infinite, with the absolute. This previous summary broadly defines the historical foundations of his work, and then will be a reflection of some of its books, its proposal for its educational model in holistic education. The holistic education book, this is a synthesis of the proposed holistic education, the foundations principles that hold, as all their books are explained with great simplicity, clarity and consistency, with very fluid language. Starts speaking 4 paradigms that have been given in the way of seeing the world, the two big changes of time not the only ones – which are more important in education and in the way of seeing reality and history ranging from the middle ages to our days, i.e. places us in time and spacecontextualizing the origins of this education holistic vision, referring mainly to the field of knowledge, the training of scientific thinking, his influence in the construction of reality, of conceptualisation and subsequent development of the human being as well as the ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Taking into consideration that the central point of the holistic vision is the development of the consciousness of human beings from their own essence, defines and puts in its rightful place two important concepts: thought and intelligence, both qualities of consciousness, one is for learning mechanical, practical, the other has the ability to penetrate the unknown, allows us to realize the entire unit, composed of holones and holarquias, is the reality holistic vision that perceives it as it is: an integrated whole interdependent, is the same spirituality.

Ramon Gallegos


He who seeks the consciousness is consciousness itself Ramon Gallegos the trilogy of spiritual intelligence, consists of three excellent books that its author Dr. Ramon Gallegos has written, reading opens us a new vision for all we have at our disposal a new way to reach and develop this spiritual intelligence, the best of all, which enables us to listen to the flame of beingto hear the voice of the truth without words to hear the flame of universal love. Ramon Gallegos teaches us that spirituality is everything that brings more awareness, more inner peace, reconciliation, compassion, dialogue, helps us all with her live responsibly, we are creative, open, accessible, comprehensive, it allows us to be in full presence, not complicity, understanding it as an intelligent action. Spirituality is our nature, we are born with it but we have not yet become aware of this, us is doing a wrong to live way that this exceptional part in us it does not have present, but simply that know and understand that we are on this earth living only a human experience because we are by nature spiritual beings, and spirituality is the only one that will not allow you know and be will be, she allow us know and be will be, she allow us be aware, be attentive. Ramon Gallegos pointed out that to develop this intelligence we are able to make the best decisions in any field; social, professional, emotional, or spiritual, we got us a mental clarity through holistic practice, in which meditation and self inquiry are its most important components. Spirituality and happiness can not be viewed from the mental eye, or the eye of contemplation we require of awakening of reason, and this spiritual intelligence is the way, to delve into spirituality us will give account to our human nature is only spirituality, but this many of us don’t recognize it by the band covering our eyesIt has not allowed us, we are believing that something need us but that something there has always been only need give us that we are complete there has always existed but the mechanistic schools were commissioned to encourage us that blindness which is the cause of unhappiness.

Kaspersky AntiVirus


A brief review of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Today the market is filled with all sorts of software products from different manufacturers. One of the most useful free programs will Vit Registry Fix Free Edition, which you can download directly now and absolutely besplatno.No speech today will not go about it, as you noticed. Let's start. Independently of this list is Kaspersky Labs and their new product KIS 2010.

Anti-extras – that's what makes this product truly universal solution. To begin with, that KIS 2010 was not so demanding of computer resources: CPU: 300MhZ (Win XP) or 800MhZ (Win Vista); RAM: 256 MB (Win XP) or 512 MB (Win Vista); hard disk space : 300 Mb. In the ammunition of the product Present: File, Mail Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus (protection of web traffic), IM-antivirus (IM traffic protection, such as the ISQ, MSN, etc.), monitoring programs (monitored the behavior of all applications installed on a PC), firewall (monitoring network activity programs) Proactive protection (designed to calculate the unknown threats based on the behavior of programs installed on your PC), protection against network attacks, anti-spam, anti-banner, if you want you can enable parental control. And with the help of this program-SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2009, you can test the software on your computer. In KIS 2010 also features some very interesting things: Game profiles (especially for computer games – allows you to disable certain features of the product, and removes the notification of events during the transition to full-screen mode), the elimination of traces of activity (after work session you can completely remove the information about their activities on a PC), keyboard (protects information from keyloggers). In general, KIS 2010 meets almost all requirements demanding Users and optimally suitable for both home use and to protect small organizations. It resembles a cure for all diseases – drank, and no problems! The website and other useful programs For example, a program to encrypt the USB drive and the hard drive of your computer. The product is sold kits for two to five PCs or PC. The price for the package to 2 PCs can vary, but start at 1,400 rubles.

Government Machine


And, of course, no doubt, deserves a separate article the workplace (or the operator, whichever you prefer). Work on such a machine, as motor grader, needs to be comfortable design. About this talk. First you need to specify that the driver (operator, employee, etc.) is, of course, in the cabin (and nowhere else!). And this very generous cabin and must apportion all sorts of devices for improve working conditions. Device first need – a system of sound and thermal insulation (for motor grader – not too "quiet" car, and the weather for not zakazhesh in advance), and supplied most of these booths.

Considering graders working conditions, it is worth noting a special reinforced frame (this is the case, if the machine suddenly turn upside down). He is a very good defense in an emergency. To increase operator efficiency often installed in the cockpits of advanced glazing, which significantly increases the visibility and width of the survey area. Naturally, in addition to the efficiency of the machine, it is worth considering the human factor. It is to needs of the previously mentioned factors facing adjustable seat (with depreciation for even more comfort) and an adjustable steering column. Just here are ventilated system and heating system, which in Depending on the customer, it is possible to add air conditioning system. And, speaking of the graders, we can not say about this, the Russian fleet. If you compare the technical characteristics of the "Fatherland" and foreign graders, it's easy to see that "our" not too far behind in development, and to be more precise, almost equal to "foreigners." However, there are points on which we are still lagging behind.

These are the same hydrostatic drive, bearing turntables to fill, and the already-mentioned computer system for tracking the parameters of the machine, computerized control systems and management capacity in general (and large). Time Speaking of our fleet of graders, we must mention that in recent years, a serious problem brewing. It lies in the fact that the Russian fleet of motor graders in dire need of updating, which is, like, expect to perform at the expense of funding included in the federal program transport system routine "Roads of Russia" (Of course, if the funding goes to the claimed amount). If all goes according to harvested by the Government to plan, predictably, will be expected to rise in demand for these machines (graders, we're talking about them.), and, even more predictably – growth in production of motor graders. Summing up all the above facts, we can conclude that the grader is truly universal and "functional-gifted" machine, indispensable in the construction of roads and their immediate care.



According to intelligence that humans develop at present, it is far superior to having three thousand years ago. For example; then the inventions of electric light, planes, boats, trains there etc. In those times the inhabitants of Earth lived in villages or small towns, over time these peoples grow and grow, then people start to travel around other directions, visit new places, where many of them are definitely forgetting their place of origin. In this way, other peoples, other cities are formed so on spread across the planet, right away with these cities come countries, countries where people are adopting new habits, new ideas, new religions, new languages, hence all human are of different religion and speak different language. Then people do not return to their place of origin, were developed with different physical traits, according to the the Earth’s climate in which each country was also varied her skin color. These features together we call them races.

Races which finally are distinguished by colors, the black race, the yellow race and white, to mention a few. Then passing more time happen the variables, the black race is mixed with the white, white with yellow, yellow with the black, and all this is the mestizo, about what most are a result of these multiple variables. But more physically change humans evolved intellectually, is why there are very smart people in all the countries of the Earth. Thus the same chio chio is the result of a genetic process, what was evolving according to the exchange of races in thousands of years in the cosmos. And as in humans, in all countries and in all races there is a leader, also chio chio watchdog is in your community. name of the author; Federico Jimenez Martinez details of the author; I was born in CD. Valles S.L.P Mexico. I am a composer and writer’s life.

One of my best musical works is that composed to the neighboring country of Costa Rica. That eventually won the Novel Peace Prize. Another musical theme is that of Venezuela, inspired by their beautiful women. And good inspiration I have since childhood, has served to develop the sensitivity, sensitivity that I have been useful in order to write the evolution of the cat.

Ramon Gallegos


Ramon Gallegos, in his trilogy of spiritual intelligence, widely describes what is being, consciousness and bliss, as attaining it, understand it and live in harmony with the world and with our own essence. The works that make up the trilogy in which this essay is based, written by Ramon Gallegos are the following: 1.-in unity with the self (spiritual intelligence I) 2.-enlightened awareness (intelligence spiritual II) 3.-the Nectar of happiness (spiritual intelligence III) at this writing the most important aspects are developed, however, poured teachings in the trilogy deserve a thoughtful readingdeep, where you get a great richness and clarity of the themes of spirituality, happiness, love, consciousness, spiritual intelligence which are taken as a basis in this document. The text is presented in the form of concentrate of the previous topics which are extracted from the work of Dr. Gallegos. Intelligence spiritual lives spiritual intelligence is the most important Faculty of consciousness human, its development is our primary objective.

Ramon Gallegos tells us that spiritual intelligence is the foundation of a healthy, creative, happy life, serves to live responsibly, to be creatively and fully in society, serves for everything, makes us patient, open, accessible, comprehensive, creative. The broad spiritual intelligence purpose is open to the profound life meaning, rather than reduce it to acquire some skills, spiritual experience leads to an appreciation of the beauty in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the perception of the whole, is the recognition of the value of life. When there is the ability to perceive this in a direct way skills can not be used to destroy others or himself. This is the essence of spiritual intelligence which is the basis for the development of the consciousness of the 21st century. Spiritual intelligence is a key concept in education for the 21st century, because it is now develop all intelligences in the context of spiritual intelligence, is a concept which is revolutionizing the field of research about intelligence, education and all other areas of human activity.



What is Adsense? It is a program of Google, which provides income for the publicity generated on each page of a Web site. More beneficial is that it takes little time and does not require additional resources. AdSense publishes relevant textual and graphical ads, and has a great power to segmentation either according to the website as to the content of the same. AdSense is a Google service by which the webmaster inserts text-based ads, called AdWords. As a result it receives an amount of money for each click that visitors click on the announcement. In summary, Adsense is a method simple and fast so any publisher websites can publish relevant Google ads in your content pages and earn money thanks to them.

Another advantage that this program has is that as ads are related to the content of the site, help the webmaster not only to obtain economic benefits from its pages but also helps to improve them. This way editors can also provide its users the Google search and at the same time technologies can publish Google ads on the search results pages. The program is free and combines payment ads per click and pay per impression. This means that you pay for valid clicks receiving ads on your site or search results pages, as well as the impressions of your content pages. With the extensive base of advertisers of Google, they have ads for all categories of businesses and for practically all types of content, regardless of whether they are very specialized or very general. And because Google provides the ads, the webmaster does not have to maintain any relationship with advertisers. The AdSense program represents multiple advertisers, from large international brands to small local businesses. But the ads are segmented geographically, so that international companies may display advertising tailored to the local level without having to duplicate efforts.

Feng Shui Prosperity


Possibly, before you start reading this post has heard or read articles of Feng Shui has been reason to change reality and to attract wealth and prosperity. But the testimonies have been put in its right context to be able to know how Feng Shui has the ability to improve our life and achieve objectives seeking to achieve. The first thing that has to be said is that each space is different for Feng Shui. Determining orientation as the location of the home or trade to achieve a reading it more accurate as possible with the use of a Lo Pan compass. After performing with the LoPan compass reading, it is ready to calculate the Bagua map quadrants that configure all space be it commercial or residential. Once the above it may be determined if the main entrance is situated in an area of positive Chi energy. Sure parts of our business or residential space – is placed in quadrants of positive energy and which not? After you have completed the steps above, by appending another important information such as the year of construction, the study will be. Now if you can know if a home or trade to be prosperous and good to contribute to the prosperity usually is ignored by the majority of the captivated in Feng Shui is the fact that from time to time all construction closes to win economic capital. Do you ever found that you were willing to work absolutely indispensable and you were not winning just money or sales calaban not to the desired level? The reason is simple, his domicile or establishment might have been limited to money. Bringing the right amount of water in certain outdoor areas is avoided that the building might block and limit the gains.



The peccadilloes of Metrolinea Metrolinea is the mass transit system that is being implemented in the city of Bucaramanga (Col) and still continue with the expectation on the real usefulness of this solution to the drawbacks of mobility that has the city and its metropolitan area. Away from certain criticism or not, about their inconvenience, the slowness with which is developing the project and possible mismanagement administrative; If we can say that they are committing some peccadilloes, which although they do not seem of much importance, if they are to cause serious accidents if they are not corrected in time. One need not be an expert on traffic, transit or transport, nor clairvoyant or witch; It simply requires a little common sense and some memory to remember several accidents that we have witnessed or heard from similar causes. I then gratisthe both of which I consider peccadilloes or errors consented by both of the executors of the project and of bodies of control processes that are carried out: Iron hooks 1 are leaving uncut in places where vehicles are subject to repetitive loads that sooner or later will make them failing. Once booted a steel hook, remains adrift in the path and becomes a lethal weapon that can, from break the tyres of cars to fly off and hit pedestrians or the same passengers or drivers that we we journey through. It is only a matter of time so that the vehicle loads, fatigue steel and this uncomfortable prediction is fulfilled. 2. Do not understand why they are becoming paths for the separation between lanes with extremely wide lines (more or less 20 to 25 cms); If so there is a law and until you know where they had been 12 CMS and has not legislated to require them more wide and if this happened, too bad but would be Crassus error that did not agree to anything with the spirit of the law; Moreover, as is legislation with lines of 12 cm, and although for purposes of visibility they consider correct, are not for road safety, mainly for cyclists and motorcyclists who threatened their integrity when they slow down on a line of paint on the road; how you now with the lines so that you are painting today on Highway to Floridablanca, separating the single bus lane. It would be very good that take into account these constructive criticism before the unfortunate accidents.

General Management


Summer is here and with it the culmination of certain projects started some time ago. It is time to review milestones and recognition of merits. Why wait to year to take stock? Now, about to finish the MBA (Master in General Management), culminating some processes of coaching and concluding auto leadership workshops, I take awareness of the accomplishments achieved step by step. I turned myself, served as guide to scale higher peaks and shared a wonderful exploration towards the inside of people. Today, with the mind set on the closed for holidays, I cannot help feeling nostalgic for what they left behind, and above all by those who lag behind.

So the profession of coach. Do them they come into our lives and we do not understand what you bring us until they leave. Each one comes with its own purpose, your particular goal, or his defiant challenge, and during a time helps him to glimpse the path, keep the torch lit, and setting the direction. You get into different oceans with unimaginable riches and forgotten treasures, with great surprise the coachees (clients) returning to their lives. And then, with the recent taste of mission accomplished yet mixed with saltpeter, beams reflection on the acquired learning to transform them into experience. Each person teaches us something new, each stage brings us something new.

And with that new look ahead with hope and illusion other processes to continue diving into new waters, overcoming fears of the unknown and you undoing of old beliefs. Each stage we close invites us to live new adventures. Although not all episodes of our life are color that we would like, all contain some valuable lesson. It is possible that some of these lessons do not have a clear and immediate application. But with the passing of time can we find the way to get out, even if only in the form of wise advice to a / friend or a / child. To squeeze that experience and taste your juice it is important to know to turn the page. For this, it is sometimes essential to reconcile with the past and accept the circumstances, by very adverse that they are. It is important to remember that nothing is forever, that everything changes, both what pleases us as what we dislike. Very difficult it seems to us today life, by very high which is eleven goals, by very deep that we are falling, always can abandon the past and rebuild our lives. To start again only it is necessary to conquer fear.

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