And, of course, no doubt, deserves a separate article the workplace (or the operator, whichever you prefer). Work on such a machine, as motor grader, needs to be comfortable design. About this talk. First you need to specify that the driver (operator, employee, etc.) is, of course, in the cabin (and nowhere else!). And this very generous cabin and must apportion all sorts of devices for improve working conditions. Device first need – a system of sound and thermal insulation (for motor grader – not too "quiet" car, and the weather for not zakazhesh in advance), and supplied most of these booths.

Considering graders working conditions, it is worth noting a special reinforced frame (this is the case, if the machine suddenly turn upside down). He is a very good defense in an emergency. To increase operator efficiency often installed in the cockpits of advanced glazing, which significantly increases the visibility and width of the survey area. Naturally, in addition to the efficiency of the machine, it is worth considering the human factor. It is to needs of the previously mentioned factors facing adjustable seat (with depreciation for even more comfort) and an adjustable steering column. Just here are ventilated system and heating system, which in Depending on the customer, it is possible to add air conditioning system. And, speaking of the graders, we can not say about this, the Russian fleet. If you compare the technical characteristics of the "Fatherland" and foreign graders, it's easy to see that "our" not too far behind in development, and to be more precise, almost equal to "foreigners." However, there are points on which we are still lagging behind.

These are the same hydrostatic drive, bearing turntables to fill, and the already-mentioned computer system for tracking the parameters of the machine, computerized control systems and management capacity in general (and large). Time Speaking of our fleet of graders, we must mention that in recent years, a serious problem brewing. It lies in the fact that the Russian fleet of motor graders in dire need of updating, which is, like, expect to perform at the expense of funding included in the federal program transport system routine "Roads of Russia" (Of course, if the funding goes to the claimed amount). If all goes according to harvested by the Government to plan, predictably, will be expected to rise in demand for these machines (graders, we're talking about them.), and, even more predictably – growth in production of motor graders. Summing up all the above facts, we can conclude that the grader is truly universal and "functional-gifted" machine, indispensable in the construction of roads and their immediate care.