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Four Development Tendencies


With the development of enterprises of coal dressing, the demand for screening equipment becomes stronger, which improves the development of the vibrating screen to a new stage. The following is the development trend of vibrating screen by analyzing the current development of screening machinery. (1) To the standardization, serialization, universalization. This development trend involves in the development of varieties, vibrator, screen frame, side plate, sieve plate, beams, drive shaft and so on. It is an effective way to facilitate the design, organize specialized production, guarantee quality and reduces costs.(2) To the large scale. The industrial modernization process promotes the enterprises to expand their scale and the production capacity is greatly enhanced.

As for the conventional coal preparation plant, the production capacity of 200-300 million t / a is large, but now the coal preparation plant with the production capacity of 12 million t / a is not common. Therefore, the large scale screening equipment with large capacity and high screening efficiency is wanted to form a complete set. With the introduction of dynamic design method and modernization of manufacture means, the structure of large scale screening equipment will be rationalized and the period of trouble-free operation will be further extended. (3) To the high vibration and high strength. That is to say, increasing the vibration parameters, which have a major impact on the processing capacity and screening efficiency of vibrating screen. In addition to the high-frequency screen, foreign advanced screening machine is equipped with vibration times 980r/min and vibration intensity 4.5-7A2/gn.(4) To the ideal motion. It refers to that the amplitude of the feed end is larger than that of the discharge end in the vertical direction, while the speed of the materials from the feed end to the discharge end decreases progressively in the longitudinal direction. This ideal screen surface movement approach has the advantage that the efficiency of each section and the entire machine can be improved, creating a good environment.

Soda Water Machines In Russia


I would like to talk about bread. Now the summer heat, we're all human and we want to drink. Options to quench your thirst set, juice water, soda, etc. I, as someone who grew up in the USSR, where the choice of drinks was little bit poor, as well as other attracted the miracle of technology, machine soda. They drank sodas this time. After graduating from school and go to work at the plant, was surprised even more when faced with a machine soda, which gave the drink for free. Let no syrup, only sodas, but it's free! So what now? In the cities there are many soda machines, but more modern, more aesthetic.

In manufacturing also is changing, "Soviet" saturators replaced date. So what is a soda machine? Let's start with the fact that water entering the machine should be suitable for drinking, for that all, without exception, manufacturers of soda machines, install, each in its discretion, the filtration system. This filter may be from the "Geyser", "Aquaphor" etc. Further, the process saturirovaniya water (water saturation with gas). In Soviet times, the gas simply fed into the water, the water does not last, but Other options saturirovaniya was not. Until one day, as a result of years of work, the engineer of one of the manufacturing plants, unfortunately, I do not remember exactly what I think of Kharkiv, not invented a new saturirovaniya way. Instead of the gas into the water, it was decided to apply the water itself in a gaseous medium by passing through karbonizator.

This greatly affected the quality of issued drink, the better. Now all manufacturers soda machine, whether commercial or industrial use only this method saturirovaniya. Then, even more interesting. In modern vending machines have bills and coins receivers with the issuance date, system for issuing disposable cups, which can not but rejoice. Number of drinks increased, a variety of syrups happy. For remote control of the machine gas water installed GSM modem, in which the owner sent information about the state of the machine. Industrial machines, too crammed with modern electronics and components of domestic and foreign (such as filters, controllers, pumps, etc.). Give saturators up to 4 types of drinks, chilled, chilled sparkling, chilled, salty, boiling water. As for the manufacturers, all of its features and nuances. Ben Silbermann is likely to increase your knowledge. Personally, I think (do not impose) that one of the best producers this, "Company Ash." Why? Because, in my opinion, this company is suitable for the production of a more serious industrial and vending machines in its series of "Euro", not only by the quality and build quality components, but also by the quality of drinking water that give machines the firm. Drinking water is one of the main priorities of the company. I also want to note that, "Company Yassen," will never be install water conducting nodes of sanitary plastic instead of stainless steel food. You never see a gun in the variation of the "most economical economy" of the company, not collected on an individual case, as in the case, very reminiscent of a wardrobe that is used in factories. Filtration Systems "geyser" used "Company Yassen," considered the best filtering system in Russia. Thus, the choice is yours. Your business deserves the best, and is the best soda machines "Euro" from "Company Ash."

How To Learn To Work On Sewing Equipment


It's no secret that everyone can learn to sew. If you have time to sew, you're sure to learn. This is really no big deal. Of course, you may be confused by the fact that in order to learn something, need to spend enough time and effort. But if you are persistent people, in the near future will be able to create various items of great beauty. If the vase will be able to sew, then you can always find a vast amount of materials about sewing machines and equipment, which also will detail the highlights of sewing.

Also educational books on a variety of sewing machines can be found in electronic form. Once you're familiar with the basic rules of sewing products, it is time to buy a sewing machine. Special courses offered sewing stores offer sewing machines. Attending courses, you will be able to consult with the person who knows sewing, so quickly get into species and classes of sewing machines, and how that needs to be done. Education sew – it's a good thing.

Although chtoVy can be a little insecure when you start this business, but in the end it is your confidence much effort – and you'll enjoy each received product! Many people want to sew, visit the online shop sewing machines and get first sewing machine, which will fall under their arm. Although it is very important in a balanced and careful consideration relates to the choice of machine. Since you are a beginner, you will approach sewing machines easy to use. Many different operations you to anything, at least in the beginning. Each machine usually attached instructions. Be sure to study it as it is necessary to know not only how to choose a sewing machine, but also how to sew on them.

Government Machine


And, of course, no doubt, deserves a separate article the workplace (or the operator, whichever you prefer). Work on such a machine, as motor grader, needs to be comfortable design. About this talk. First you need to specify that the driver (operator, employee, etc.) is, of course, in the cabin (and nowhere else!). And this very generous cabin and must apportion all sorts of devices for improve working conditions. Device first need – a system of sound and thermal insulation (for motor grader – not too "quiet" car, and the weather for not zakazhesh in advance), and supplied most of these booths.

Considering graders working conditions, it is worth noting a special reinforced frame (this is the case, if the machine suddenly turn upside down). He is a very good defense in an emergency. To increase operator efficiency often installed in the cockpits of advanced glazing, which significantly increases the visibility and width of the survey area. Naturally, in addition to the efficiency of the machine, it is worth considering the human factor. It is to needs of the previously mentioned factors facing adjustable seat (with depreciation for even more comfort) and an adjustable steering column. Just here are ventilated system and heating system, which in Depending on the customer, it is possible to add air conditioning system. And, speaking of the graders, we can not say about this, the Russian fleet. If you compare the technical characteristics of the "Fatherland" and foreign graders, it's easy to see that "our" not too far behind in development, and to be more precise, almost equal to "foreigners." However, there are points on which we are still lagging behind.

These are the same hydrostatic drive, bearing turntables to fill, and the already-mentioned computer system for tracking the parameters of the machine, computerized control systems and management capacity in general (and large). Time Speaking of our fleet of graders, we must mention that in recent years, a serious problem brewing. It lies in the fact that the Russian fleet of motor graders in dire need of updating, which is, like, expect to perform at the expense of funding included in the federal program transport system routine "Roads of Russia" (Of course, if the funding goes to the claimed amount). If all goes according to harvested by the Government to plan, predictably, will be expected to rise in demand for these machines (graders, we're talking about them.), and, even more predictably – growth in production of motor graders. Summing up all the above facts, we can conclude that the grader is truly universal and "functional-gifted" machine, indispensable in the construction of roads and their immediate care.

Tap Widespread


Tap Widespread use of threaded connections in the industry, in particular a bolt-nut, as well as countless anchorages on the basis of the thread, led to a variety of proposals for the use of cutting tool. This article focuses exclusively about the tap. We will help avoid confusion in a number of proposals of suppliers and will address structural features of this type of instrument. The tap is threading tool used for threading into the holes. The tap has a rod-like shape. Consists of, the cutting part with cut grooves or napaynymi combs, and the shank is clamped in a ratchet or machine-gun.

The tap is welded or solid (mostly in large diameters in order to save material). Taps are made of tool steel (9HS), high speed steel (R6M5, R18, R9) or less of the hard alloy. Classification tap. Taps are divided into two groups by the nature of this machine tap, or it is also called machine-hand and hand tap. Machine and hand taps are used in manufacturing the machines machines, usually made of high speed steel with a substantial content of tungsten in steel R6M5 mainly or R9M3. Hand taps do not need special hard and made of solid steel at least. Shank hand tap lengthened for better placement in the manual vorotke. Hand taps are used for tapping into larger non-replaceable parts or to work in tight spaces. Hand taps in the main available kits. Includes roughing, intermediate and finishing taps, indicated they 1, 2, 3.