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Freelance Or Contract Workers – Where Does The Border?


New judgment to the Landesarbeitsgericht ensures clarity as long as to principal and contractor agree, take over independent like to freelance work for changing companies. It comes to the dispute over the nature of the business relationship, but can cause serious consequences. On the safe side, it is therefore who informed prior to a contract for the legal framework of its activities as a freelancer. When freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs provide services for third parties and those customers pay the self-employed for the work they have done, both are automatically in a legally binding contract. But where exactly? Here are the limits of fluent, explains Lutz Groot Bramel, Managing Director of the insurance broker specialised in freelance and self-employed entrepreneurs gmbh: A distinguishing criterion formulated aims of the Treaty.

A concrete success is sought, for example, the development and implementation of a Computer program and the contractor determines how he fulfills the contract, so it is a work contract. If the target is only the fulfillment of an activity at the or the provision of services to the customers, one speaks of a service contract.” Here, it is essential that the contractor owes not a concrete success, but only a particular activity the customer in a service contract. Quite different the situation is, if the Freelancer or his staff at the customer site will be active. Here, the suspicion of temporary work and thus a license contract is close quickly. Most important criterion for the detection of such license agreement is the question of whether the service provider in the customer operations is incorporated and whether he gets employment instructions directly from the customer. In this case, the presumption is close, that here is a self-employed as employees of the client company working without being hired there. The problem is, it don’t care about the courts as the contractual agreement is between two parties, but will be lived as the actual employment relationship “, explains Lutz Groot Bramel. The National Labor Court Baden-Wurttemberg has made a landmark judgment in August 2013 to this question which will be decisive in assessing similar contractual relationships between freelancers and their clients in the future. It is advisable therefore to undergo the scrutiny’s own working conditions and, where appropriate, with the principal to negotiate changes, in order to avoid the accusation of bogus contracts and of self-employment. The media spokesman of the Landesarbeitsgericht BW, Ulrich Hensinger answers questions about this ruling and its consequences, see.

Darmstadtium Conference Hotels


The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels offer “One-to-many” a combination of presence events and online meeting with the product. The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels offer “One-to-many” a combination of presence events and online meeting with the product. On the regional SME Messe b2d Munchen”, the hotel chain on the 23rd and 24th March 2011 in the M, O, C, Hall 2, .dieses introduces innovative usage scenario for conferences, meetings and seminars. The service combines presence events in the Darmstadtium houses via the Internet of to virtual, cross-premises meetings. The Web-based conferences lead to a high efficiency, for example, conventions and meetings.

So many staff about new products and services can be in the context of Vertriebsbriefings within a short time inform. The staff from different locations to meet in the nearest Darmstadtium Conference Hotel. The teams can with one-to-many then a large dialog event together. New opportunities for successful meetings of the One-to-many service in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels accelerated not only the communication of information in distributed teams. Bundling including the training also leads to significant cost savings through reduced travel expenses. The transport of information instead of personnel also protects the environment. Of course can be used not only for corporate events one-to-many.

Opens up new possibilities for meetings with business partners and customers with the service the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels. State of the art virtual network infrastructure with one-to-many is the interconnection of all required locations in a closed user group via an E-meeting – application. The application practically removes the distance between the participants. In addition to images and sound for example from lectures, panel discussions and keynote speakers, even Office documents such as PowerPoint presentations can be transmitted over the Internet. Especially important: The combination of presence events and online meeting is the bi-directional communication support. So, during a lecture or presentation, questions from all connected places are possible. For documentation purposes or for reuse for marketing and service purposes can be also recorded the events. Background information Darmstadtium Conference Hotels in eight nationwide locations offer the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels (until August 2009 Telekom of Conference Hotel) a comprehensive, technology-driven products and services for seminars, conferences, workshops, presentations or other events. A total of 315 rooms for 4 to 250 participants are in Hamburg, Konigs Wusterhausen (near Berlin), Leipzig, Neuss, Bad Honnef, Germany, Darmstadt, Stuttgart and Ismaning (near Munich). In addition, offer a total of nearly 1,600 single – and double rooms and apartments accommodation with a good price-performance ratio. In addition a variety of gastronomic offerings are available in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels. 33,000 are annually in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels approx. Day of event space, as well as approximately 310 000 overnight stays counted. All management and organizational processes in the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels are ISO certified. The hotels participate for years the EFQM programme (European Foundation for quality management). All eight hotels carry the label “certified Conference Hotel”, that the Association of German travel management, the German society for association management, the German Convention Bureau and the Association of German event organizers awarded. The Darmstadtium Conference Hotels run beyond Bad Honnef, Darmstadt, Ismaning, Germany and Leipzig in the list drawn up by journalists of the “250 best conference hotels of in Germany”.

Directorate General


To respond to the growing demand for quality linguistic services, the Directorate General for translation (DGT) from the Commission European has launched the network of European master in translation (EMT). This project, initiated last year 2009, aims to group together the best training programs for translation of the European Union under common standards of quality graduate. Currently, 34 master’s degrees of 16 European States integrate the network, among them, three programs of institutions of higher education of our country.Translation is a profession of the future. So says Leonard Orban, Commissioner for multilingualism in the European Community. But to be not enough professional translator with acquiring sufficient language skills in one or more languages, it is necessary to be able to provide full services, adds this expert.To facilitate access to a complete training of these professionals, the General direction of translation of the European Commission has created the EMT network (European Master s in Translation). A project to bring together, under a same label to all those postgraduate programs of master level of European higher education institutions that meet certain standards of quality that ensure the professional competence of translators.Last year 93 24 States call for first applications were filed to join the network, among them 34 programs in 16 countries that currently are part of the project, three of them from Spanish universities were selected.

These masters, which will remain on the network for four years, are now the main postgraduate training reference for all those graduates who want to complete their specialization in this professional area. Quality training initiative to create a network of postgraduate European studies reference in translation arises from two realities present in Europe in this professional field. On the one hand, the rise in the demand for language services of quality to the growing economic globalization of the Union and on the other, the need for translators qualified for certain European languages of States adhered in recent years in which the University training in translation is scarce or nonexistent.The response to the demand for full language services is guaranteed.

Installation Of Xenon


You want to smash your car? As you know, our country must be double the solid concrete and forty centimeters in height, and the best sign "Stop" – is a big sleeper across the road. If you are traveling not only to central roads of Moscow, the well know exactly why our road standards (and guests) are allowed to pit and give the definition of the maximum allowable size, as well as other interesting things (from the usual bricks to cows and ran from the way young people to the bottle) can meet you on the road. The car – a vehicle, not the subject in which you want to go slowly and carefully, risking to get into an accident. If you want to move quickly on the roads during the evening and night time and not arrive just in time to your schedule light day, you just need to somehow decide comfortable and practical lighting. The right light for experienced drivers Do you have a simple choice to fully enjoy the extreme and go on domestic roads, hoping that the next surprise will not hurt you and your car – or you can choose full control of road space, comfort and safety. If you prefer the first option (that is, in fact, driving blindly) and then xenon biksenon your car completely useless, but if you have already encountered this specific problem, or just understand how important it is see the road and surroundings, the excellent level of light output you just need.

Internet Company


The resident companies needed best trained people to meet the challenges. In addition, the innovation will be important to play a crucial role in the competition of the regions. Kubat literally: we have a solid economic structure and good company, the partly the global players are. If we courageously make and store values, we will create the future.” “Dr. Peter Kreuz: initiative, creativity and passion remain on the line how to unleash himself the living potential in our company”? The keynote speaker of the evening, Dr. Peter Kreuz went, this question in his speech enriched with concrete examples. He made it clear that in many companies the creativity of employees due to bureaucracy and formalities Hierachiedenken was inhibited, but extremely necessary for the ever more dramatic competition just the involvement and commitment of the staff.

Promote rebels and thinkers, the mainstream put dry”- so the credo of the speaker and proceeds experiment ignorance!”. ” “As well as in the latest book: only dead lie” described, pleaded the former senior consultant with Andersen Consulting and Assistant Professor of international marketing & management at the University of Economics Vienna for, to take advantage of the achievements and developments of the Internet and to take over the existing democratic freedom of expression and communication principle. Rather than send in detail matched and aussagelose press releases, should company via blogs, Facebook and Twitter radically open and transparent.”every day we humans encounter”, so cross, who have opted. For Dynamics. Against static. People, the no longer nameless cog in the machine of the System are to follow their own map. u0085. You are our heroes.” Contact for inquiries: economic junioren Waldeck-Frankenberg e.V. Chamber of Commerce Service Center Christian-Paul-Strasse 5 Bert Schulte, Tel: 0160-1533450 district spokesperson 2011

Transport Logistic


T.TV-Studio on the transport some managers from the Munich are logistics Munich again, 06.06.2013. Day 2 on the tl 2013: also today welcomes Peter Klischewsky, editor in Chief of the media group telematics as presenter in the TV Studio of our transmitter Telematik.TV interesting interlocutors. More TOP managers have followed our invitation and we expect again today exciting information at first hand. Follow us on Twitter in real time or from time to time click our page. Yesterday he enriched the discussion of the telematics-TALKs – as participants today we want to know of course, more in an individual interview of him and his company. Today, as first guest in the TV Studio, we welcome Marcus Burmeister, Managing Director sales and technology derEURO-Leasing GmbH. Then we expect Andreas Kirchheiner, Managing Director of AIS advanced InfoData Systems GmbH, which seems to be coming anyway as “Innovation creators” in the world.

When he comes into the Studio, then you can assume almost, that exciting Are to learn from him. Christian Meschnig, CEO of CEplus GmbH put on very high claims in the last interview at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart for his company. Berlin was not enough to the entrepreneur native in Austria, he clearly based on international activities. Today, we want to know of course from him what happened to his courageous undertaking. In the afternoon, looking forward to Ralf Faust, Business Director for customer service/service/telematics of Fahrzeugwerk Bernard KRONE GmbH. He beam out over a special serenity and sovereignty in the interview, even though one knows perfectly that he again bold in the market are expected.

What particularly pleased our production is that Reinhard Klein, project leader of the Messe Munchen GmbH took the time, for an interview to get to us in the Studio. As a partner, the media group telematics and also the fair society look back on a very pleasant and successful cooperation… and also ahead, because we want to come back to the next transport logistic. Reinhard Klein, we want to know how, the exhibition presented the exhibitors and the public this year and may there on new projects.