Internet Company

The resident companies needed best trained people to meet the challenges. In addition, the innovation will be important to play a crucial role in the competition of the regions. Kubat literally: we have a solid economic structure and good company, the partly the global players are. If we courageously make and store values, we will create the future.” “Dr. Peter Kreuz: initiative, creativity and passion remain on the line how to unleash himself the living potential in our company”? The keynote speaker of the evening, Dr. Peter Kreuz went, this question in his speech enriched with concrete examples. He made it clear that in many companies the creativity of employees due to bureaucracy and formalities Hierachiedenken was inhibited, but extremely necessary for the ever more dramatic competition just the involvement and commitment of the staff.

Promote rebels and thinkers, the mainstream put dry”- so the credo of the speaker and proceeds experiment ignorance!”. ” “As well as in the latest book: only dead lie” described, pleaded the former senior consultant with Andersen Consulting and Assistant Professor of international marketing & management at the University of Economics Vienna for, to take advantage of the achievements and developments of the Internet and to take over the existing democratic freedom of expression and communication principle. Rather than send in detail matched and aussagelose press releases, should company via blogs, Facebook and Twitter radically open and transparent.”every day we humans encounter”, so cross, who have opted. For Dynamics. Against static. People, the no longer nameless cog in the machine of the System are to follow their own map. u0085. You are our heroes.” Contact for inquiries: economic junioren Waldeck-Frankenberg e.V. Chamber of Commerce Service Center Christian-Paul-Strasse 5 Bert Schulte, Tel: 0160-1533450 district spokesperson 2011