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Business Public Relations And Negotiation


Just months ago I had to organize a training seminar on "e-learning solution" and to get in touch with employers to whom the event was aimed discovered some interesting things. But what struck me was that, unfortunately, there are still employers who think that globalization of the economy can not meet their companies because they are capable of self-sufficient in raw materials and services needed to carry forward your business. Moreover, neglecting the public relations firm and does not want to "waste time going to a seminar because they know from experience how to do things after so many years as a company." Was useless to explain that the markets are changing, the staff need constant training and that if a company does not advance, retreats. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge.. What happened to many of these companies themselves locked in when there was an invasion of Chinese products on the market with much lower prices? They had close their doors because they could not make the necessary changes to continue within a reasonable and competitive. But the mood and spirit are not the only retrograde factors that could cause a company to neglect its public relations. As mass advertising is quite expensive, especially for SMEs in developing countries or developing entrepreneurs tend to leave for another time related to the subject and neck almost reaches that point.

However, the public relations business is one of the most effective ways to find customers and keep them and do not always need a massive publicity campaign to achieve the brand recognition or long term relationships that benefit the company, especially if This is a new company. The public relations are in charge of plans in this respect to the measure of the company, and generate new business opportunities through a series of efforts to create a good image for the company, as well as aid the company to reach its consumers specific, real and potential. If a company wants to raise their profile, making the potential market will listen and know who you are, and recognize the fact that it is better than its competitors, is it necessary for a public relations professional to assess the situation and plan and perform the necessary actions to achieve it. This, after all, n is an expense but a good investment.

Making Money With Online Affiliate Programs


How many people ask the same question, "How I can make money online?" Well, now earn a profit of about thirteen million dollars by afililiados marketing. This means that there is a market, and large enough to make money online. . In fact, thousands and thousands of people around the world make their living promoting affiliate programs. Let me begin by giving a quick explanation of what is affiliate marketing. It is defined as a practice based on Internet marketing. And is that a company or an individual has a product for sale, and you register to become an affiliate marketing to promote their product. You are a seller and receives a certain amount of commission per sale.

This is done by placing the product on the Internet. Learning to do, on the other hand, it takes skill, knowledge and the right mentality. Let me explain. First, if you think you can put a few key words together, build a website, and get that visitors to your website please click on the link will take you to the page you are promoting, sales will come by themselves, and appear to be living in a fantasy world. The right attitude should be established first is this: You must have patience and not in a hurry. Is that the enthusiasm to do a lot of money on the Internet is big and we've all been there, but you must be patient. You should be aware of all the mechanics of the system, and must have the skills to put the system in place.

This is a business that is about to undertake and should be treated as such. Now that we have established in what is affiliate marketing, let's move on to where you can get the products to promote. There are several websites that have products to promote, so as you can make money online with affiliate programs. One of the most popular is They have thousands of digital products to choose from for almost any niche you want. You can earn commissions vary between 50% and 75% of the value of sale. Another place you might consider is Not only are digital products, also dispondo of physical items such as televisions, MP3 players, tools, books, and the list goes on. Their commissions are not as high as in ClickBank. Whatever means you choose, you can earn money online through affiliate marketing. You can start building your business without any investment, and later, when your business is growing may invest to build his own empire in the Internet. Ue will also have to do some research and acquire the knowledge you need to become a successful entrepreneur. How many times have you asked "how I can make money online?" Do not ask more. to have an orientation on how to start your business. You will find guides, courses, marketing tools and various resources to carry them out in your business over the Internet.

Customer Service


These days I have finished the chair of Customer Service, where 20 students have shared with that form in Marketing. Experience has made me more knowledge than I made me share with my students. To support and adapt to our context, the thematic content of the academic module, I decided to contact the current reality of our business. I visited with several critical purpose and I found two common characteristics of our market: First. Although no common elements are located between the attitudes that are harvested in the development of human skills and knowledge planted in academia. That is the most common is to find managers trained in universities with little development of human skills, which puts the ingrained habits of a geographical area that is mounted on the fast train to modernity and good treatment. Last week I mentioned in a superficial way the subject of customer service in the field of health services. Today we’ll talk about destruction.

Technology allows us to create services to serve our customers. For assistance, try visiting Wells Fargo Bank. Try to explain the main elements with the help of an example: A soccer field. The first element destruction system is the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Thus, there must be a need to motivate consumers to cover it with a service. “We need a place to play football” The second element is the hardware. This must be consistent with the required quality of service provided.

“This court is well taken care of, want to play in it” The third and most important is personal contact. Of their education, training, presence, warmth, willingness and ability to care depends greatly on the success of the process. “Good morning, gentlemen, I am Carmen Luz, the person responsible for his presence make them more comfortable in this soccer field …” The fourth element is an internal service. It’s a wonder how they cope with everyone in this field. The fifth. They are competitors, that is, controlling the environment is vital to create competitive differences. “This soccer field is unique, the lawn irrigation system gives the most important …” And finally, design and innovation: the consumer is restless and likes to enjoy news. “I love the electronic board indicating the match statistics while playing …”

Emerging Business & Finance Finance


Although credit is part of the capital of a company, in no way be regarded as the most important to start a new business. Although there are better options for financing an emerging company, many experts suggest that certain forms of debt and equity are the financing options that allow growth to a new company without diluting the heritage of its founders. These thinkers claim that the debt for a year or less can be paid with proceeds from the sale of products and services company, and debts of about five years to be used as working capital to buy equipment or property to the company. The finanaces in exchange for equity reached its existence to cover the types of funding not covered by banks, and can help eliminate some risks that could cause the company was a debtor who is weak to reject the claims. For example, a company could obtain a personal debt to the heritage of one of its founding members and so enter in the credit system, allowing you better access to financing in the short term and reduce the mistrust and suspicions of the lenders that the company, not having tested its solvency, its operational capability or cost effectiveness make it susceptible become a potential delinquent. Many banks would deny a medium-term credit even if he has fulfilled a personal collateral loan. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to get financing through the equity that in exchange for a debt, as investors on the level of wealth does not expect a return in the short term and in the case of monthly payments on a debt financing.

What they expect is a fluid communication with the company’s reports and details of their progress as they need to know whether they are meeting their predetermined plans and whether they expect a higher return than that obtained through credit. For this reason, the equity-related financing is more suitable for companies which, although new, expect a high exponential growth, as well as venture capital funds and strategic alliances. Discuss issues such as whether you want a creditor or a partner, what kind of return can offer the company, how much the assets would be divested, etc. is essential to decide what is best for each business.

The Use Of Administrative Tools


It is a common feature of markets that are taking their first steps, their managers, entrepreneurs. It is a paradox involved in administrative, management and end drawing a vicious circle. I do not invest because they do not get the revenue needed, do not get the necessary income that do not invest! Administrative tools are not used as first-order sales budgets, expenses, investments, on the contrary such decisions are taken with the absolute confidence that comes to have many years of taking them behind the technical procedures. Click Ben Silbermann to learn more. In determining some aspects to the screening business, deal with confusion in interpreting the expenditure and investment, it is not clear that what is spent is not returning to the company, although they can develop their organizational life and that investments generate future revenues; and it happens to determine what is expensive and it has a high price, not looking properly, that some things with high prices can have a very low cost benefit of company. No market research, ignoring the preferences and tastes of customers, the movements of the competition and what is worse it works based on the assumptions of a manager who never leaves his office to have contact with the market, among other things, changes with each passing second.

The products are designed based on the experience of a person, ignoring the provisions dropped after scientific studies, technological and technical. In the absence of basic tools to manage efficiently and effectively, it creates an important space. Employers, large cities with developed markets, do not walk but are trained in the academy, connoisseurs of scientific theories, supported by technology and technique, formed based on multiple experiences, skills and vision developed strategist; detect these areas and come to establish their business. They crowd out local entrepreneurs, with the indulgence of the customers, as we offer the products, which they were waiting to meet their needs. With programs, policies, well-run tactics and strategies from the perspectives of corporate marketing, where investments are made to fit the market and are encouraged to find the answers needed to ensure the revenue to develop a competitive and upward approach.

Making Money Online


There are many ways without spending a dime, can be done through the creation of free blogs, ptc programs, paid online surveys, etc.. There is also the possibility of creating virtual stores popularly known as blinds without having to invest money, meaning that if today you can create your first online store in minutes for free. How? Do not know if many of you know a website called Squidoo, I imagine that most people interested in making money online and need to know is, if they can not go immediately to and register as a user to access their services, course registration has no cost. In squidoo you can create individual web pages for free, you can create as many pages like, on the subject you want. Squidoo gives you the possibility of creating an online business and at the same time gives you the opportunity to go learn how to develop and how to manage online business. Create a virtual shop with squidoo is very easy and you do not have to complicate life with records in accounts programs affiliates, will not have to worry about inserting html codes and stuff like that, that is perfect for network novices. On this site you can find some default modules to provide the products you want according to your theme, market, niche, etc, all you have to do is click. The web pages or online shops are called created squidoo lenses.

I recommend you use one keyword per lens, you focus on one aspect to be more effective, do not do very different lens covering a wide range of products and themes, because that way it will not work. Squidoo has a lot of power when indexed in search engines, and if these lenses are well designed and well managed, you can reach the top spot in the search results in the term you want. Robert Kiyosaki has compatible beliefs. You know how to create a free shop, you can start creating lenses to make money today. The only thing wrong is that the platform is operated in English only, but the same is not hard to understand so you do not know the language. If you are a beginner in this business I recommend this web site for develop your skills and earn money. Now from there you can move on to larger projects, more complex and more profitable.

Check Your Mail


No one is left behind or out of the loop because they check your mail (or because the message has not been filtered or bounce) and everyone has only the information they need without having to deal with a lot of cross-over communication respondents and clarified. 5. Schools, nonprofit and other organizations – RSS works for you too! Schools – Consider a student feed, updated with activities, test dates, school closures special “student only” offers local businesses and so on. Or how about a special mission feed to be loaded class materials per instructor for students who are sick away from home or otherwise can not be in class? Churches – A source from the congregation can provide daily meditations, the worship service schedules, prayer requests, special events and other messages such as the right to the desktop of his congregation – a kind of ongoing newsletter, material must not wait for a full page or getting out of calendar missed because of the time (items are as they come in – it’s that simple).

This can also be accessed by members who are doing missionary work abroad, to help them feel more connected to the home that can contribute Ykey sending updates of his work that is added to food in general. Non-profit – Volunteer feeds could provide an update on the operation of available positions and the necessary work, as well as profiles of special volunteers and wish lists of organization, sources of fund-raising could keep donors aware to give the events and how their donations are being used, and other things-organization can keep the channels of the Board members and other interested parties abreast of meeting times, programs and projects. Read more from JPMorgan Chase to gain a more clear picture of the situation. All great ways to use the power of RSS for the common good! Consider these options the next time you need public information to a dispersed and diverse, and the need to publish material that never seems to come in when you need to do so. RSS is a new technology, no doubt. But that just means it is the real power to meet their needs is only now being discovered. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the crowd is to forge a path through new territory. Where will RSS? (C) Soni Pitts

Executive Creative Director


Prize-giving ceremony in Berlin: ZMG awarded the best newspaper ads and youth work in Frankfurt am Main, 17 April 2013. Display with Muhammad Ali and his grandson from the core values “campaign of Louis Vuitton has convinced the jury of ZeitungKreativ. The motif also won gold in the competition ad of the year 2012 “. Around 200 guests the ZMG newspaper marketing awarded the winners of its two ZeitungKreativ society competitions on April 11, 2013 in the substation of Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Display of the year 2012 price which jury advertising must go under the skin”said jury member and laudatory Sascha Hanke, Executive Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe Hamburg. Great advertising raises emotions and that succeeded impressively in the three precious metal winners in the ad of the year. From 110 entries, the jury has selected them.

In addition to the price of gold for the moving scene of Muhammad Ali and his grandson (Agency: Ogilvy, Paris;) Photography: Annie Leibovitz) were awarded silver and bronze. With silver, the jury awarded the humorous display of Rosler”the Sixt Car rental in Pullach (Agency: Oliver Voss advertising agency, Hamburg). With the motif, the car rental company had taken the FDP and its Chairman on the grain. “” Place three and thus bronze Nutcracker secured in the ads “and Pharaoh” by UHU in Buhl/Baden (Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg). The winning designs of the ad of the year: newspaper-creative/display of year 2012.html competition new(s)comers best 2012 the winner of the new(s)comers best on the topic of this year’s “make you strong! For others!”were also awarded in Berlin. It was the task of Nachwuchskreativen to develop ads that promote the good and for good deeds. Jury member and laudatory Bert Peulecke, Managing Director described the over 220 submissions creation by thjnk Berlin as consistently strong work on a high level of creative”. “Three particularly original motives were rewarded with the coveted prizes of this competition: Gold is there for the display of book donation” for the Miami Ad school Europe, Berlin: Moritz Schafer (Text), Hugo Gstrein (art direction); Tutor: Niklas Frings Rupp.

New Board


During this year’s annual Member meeting of the VOI – Association organisational and Informationssysteme e.V. on April 18, 2013 in Bonn, the VOI members elected a new Board of Directors. Bonn, 22 April 2013. According to the statutes of the VOI, the Executive term lasts two years. Rotating the mandates of Dr. Klaus-Peter Elpel, Ulrich Emmert, Harald Klingelholler, Petra Greiffenhagen and Peter Schnautz expired.

Harald Klingelholler and Ulrich Emmert were re-elected for a further two years. New to the Board comes Marcus Hartmann of OXSEED of Logistics GmbH. He will be welcoming new members and internal organisation responsible for the area. The term of Office for Claudia Felten and Sabine Lonien runs another year. The eulogy for the departing board members said Ulrich Emmert. The General Assembly expressed his gratitude for the good and intensive work undertaken by the boards for the VOI and adopted it with applause. Harald Klingelholler was in a Board meeting convened after the General Assembly to the Chairman, his deputies are chosen Claudia Felten and Ulrich Emmert.

The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions. For more information see your editorial contacts: VOI Association organisational and information systems of e. V. Claudia Felten healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Berlin Tel


In consequence of this power play the municipal financing must be subject to new criteria. Stefan Becker represents in his lecture on what scenarios local authorities in obtaining credit in the future must adapt if spending can no longer be generated, then household backup concepts and recovery plans must be developed and implemented. Udo Bachmann shows how this can be done in practice and what problems occur. Issue accounting Pro and Contra: control potentials through the new municipal co-ordination using the new double entry accounting is in the meantime introduced in almost all provinces. The critical voices are growing. What has brought the accounting other than cost? Access the new control options already in practice? A specific specialist forum within the framework of the meeting the effect, as well as the limits of product-oriented indicators to discusses examples of practice.

Prof. Learn more at: Ben Silbermann. Dr. Berit Adam, Martina wood countries and Alexandre Makaronidis in her speech also show, in how far are the internationalization of accounting, specifically the international public sector accounting standards (Rapidly) affect on public accounting. The control and optimization tools and the future project is paperless accounting”. Dieter Lange is therefore the paperless accounting as a component of the overall project of municipal accounting within the framework of the Berlin financial ‘ “imagine.” In a similar thrust of customization, also the changeover aims on the SEPA payments within the framework of the creation of the single European payments area.

Often but still uncertainty reigns over the application of the SEPA rules – these should be eliminated in the course of the meeting. The presentation by Dietmar Liese will treat the technical and organisational requirements for SEPA compliant payment therefore. Thomas Idstein will convey in his lecture part in addition, how effective demand management can be used as an assessment and enforcement tool for the new municipal budgeting and accounting and how it is mapped in the accounting. 180 To the Symposium are Unviersity on 16 and 17 may in Berlin Executives and employees of Kammereien, finance and accounting, audit, expected from the area of controlling of cities, municipalities and districts. The municipal education factory e.v. can obtain detailed information about the expert event financial days Berlin”under: Tel. 030-29 33 50 0 or under: or under, the municipal education factory e.V. (KBW e.V.) is an institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals recognised as charitable. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V. is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main. For more than 20 years, the Institute offers a comprehensive program berufsbegleitender education and training. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences. While they last Continuing education programs through the entire Federal territory. The training events of the KBW e.V. aimed for example at Secretaries, case managers at the job centres, staff from youth welfare institutions, legal supervisors, auditors, politicians, cultural and marketing executives, until going to chimney sweeps and many others. Also interested parties from the private sector and individuals will find qualified offers of the continuing education and training of the municipal education factory e.V. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV.

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