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Primary Managers


Can you avoid these stages? When the primary symptoms of the crisis need an adequate program, but not chaotic "pseudo-optimization". To avoid this, managers need time To understand the reasons for which the enterprise economy is in crisis, and to take steps even before the external manifestations of the difficulties (financial difficulties). Need to develop an adequate strategy for crisis management. It is important to detect signs of the formation of the crisis and to predict its onset. Of course, the crisis has a major role psychological aspects of leadership qualities, and then the skills of managers. But the modern state or business manager, used to operate only in conditions of successful businesses, with steady growth, but in a crisis, most managers do not know what to do. And managers are not to blame, as the program of contemporary Education is built on an optimistic business scenarios, but not in a crisis. Crisis management – is not only beautiful words, but also the actual and real program, which must be approved around the world.

But the actual implementation of such programs means first of all the standardization and unification of the educational program. Therefore could not be up to date anti-crisis program of education managers. The reality is that the engine out of the crisis, companies can become the very crisis manager, but not small-town level, and globally harmonized and even standardized. Anti-crisis training is a major tool for rapid recovery. Why according to the head inleco managers need additional training of anti-crisis? 1. Tools and approaches to the analysis of internal and external environment, significantly different between crisis and in stable period. 2. Decision-making in crisis management, as well as "normal" control differ substantially 3.

Necessary tools to analyze business and decision-making during the crisis, What most managers do not possess. 4. Anti-crisis education will enable managers to obtain timely tools to streamline business processes and avoid bankruptcy 5. Competent crisis manager will retain staff and avoid massive layoffs. 6. Multiplicative effect of each saved the company as a whole will affect the recovery of the economy of the region, and even countries. 7. State retains afloat taxable enterprises. Of course, such a program can be implemented at the state level and should include also a number of additional measures on improvement of business environment. But one thing is clear that the anti-crisis training of managers – a tool to mitigate the negative effect of the crisis, which ultimately will contribute to global economy.

The History Of Coffee


It turns out the story a familiar automatic coffee machine has an almost two-century history. The growing popularity of coffee, even in the early 18 th century began to dictate the need for brewing coffee in large quantities. Popular drink enjoyed great demand, he served in elite restaurants and numerous cafes. The moment of coffee due attention to technological innovations, one of which was the steam engine. Wizards self-taught and tried to force couples to work in a variety of areas.

Has escaped that fate and the process of making coffee. So in 1822 the Frenchman Louis-Bernard Babo proposed way to brew coffee by passing through the ground Coffee coming out under pressure from a steam boiler parovodnoy mixture. Despite the lack of a workable model of the brewery, the author considered the progenitor of the modern espresso machine. And already in 1843, designer Edward Loyzel de Sante design workable espresso machine, which was presented to the public at the Paris Exhibition of 1855. The first espresso machine is more like a locomotive, which succumbed to the furnace stoker coal operator followed pressure in the boiler and filled pounds of ground coffee.

This coffee maker has been able to make coffee cups with a rate of thousands per hour. The first espresso machine had several shortcomings. This superheated steam, instead of the regular 86-93 degrees, and little pressure 1,5-2 atmosphere, instead of the optimal 9 atmospheres. On top of the first machines were still explode, making the process of brewing coffee quite risky. Walked a good half century before the Italian designers managed to find the "golden formula" and create a compact and reliable coffee machine, which would have brewed each cup of coffee on a metered portion of ground coffee. It is such a coffee machine that produces familiar espresso created in 1901 by Italian Luigi Bezzera, and later offered such an innovation as the use of hot steam for whipping milk and cream. In 1938, coffee machines have been improved. They appeared piston pump, supplied to the ground coffee hot but not boiling water. This allowed us to get rid of the taste of burnt coffee, which had committed the previous model. Familiar espresso coffee machines appeared in 1947. It was the first espresso machine with dosed water supply pressure of 8 bar. Within a few years the production of coffee begins to shift from industrial models to the home and office options with lower performance and cost. And in 1974 the company began offering full-fledged coffee machines for home use. It was at this time in everyday life is such a thing as a coffee maker. 1980's witnessed the introduction of design coffee makers and coffee machines all possible improvements aimed at convenience and ease of management, and in 1991 the Italian company Saeco offers its customers a real automatic espresso machines designed specifically for use in home and small offices. Today, coffee machines allow us to immediately prepare the coffee by pushing a few buttons, and daily maintenance is reduced to a set of water and fed with beans. The familiar aroma this coffee has become for us a permanent attribute of a happy and comfortable life of a good income.

The Rapid


The problems encountered in During the project: deployment of funds did not cause difficulties. Education project participants allowed everyone to participate actively in the work. Interested parties as a result of a direct impact on the success of complete each mini-project, all projects supported and tightly controlled by management. The only unfortunate decision task was the introduction of requirements management, due to disinterest responsible for the implementation of this employee (soon to change jobs). All work in this direction have been carried out by consultants, so after they are gone no one could continue the process. After several months of requirements management had to re-introduce, and the remaining teams were interested in the success and learning. Emerging technical problems quickly solved by joint efforts.

In each mini-project there was no risk of passing the buck to another division and the risks of interaction with other departments in implementing the new process. Also, there were no risks of integration processes and instruments among themselves. After successful completion of mini-projects within a few months the processes have been further adapted, extended to other projects and departments and integrated with each other as necessary. Another very interesting and unusual project – the rapid introduction of offshore testing process. Raw data: an American company – a software developer. Must implement a process of functional testing, planned duration of the project – a month. The division of responsibilities in the process after its implementation: the client company provides software and test plans, and specialists consulting company to carry out testing and provide the results.

The Yaroslavl Water Canal


Figure 1 Dynamics of power by a similar scheme being modernized, and other utilities. For example, Yaroslavl water canal, one of the largest in Russia several years ago began a program of staged reconstruction, including replacement of obsolete and uneconomical equipment and dispatch pumping stations. As a result, today most of the pumping stations of the first, second and third climbs here are the installation type Hydro mpc and 2000. These step-up the installation with the cascade and the frequency management, consisting of several vertical multistage pumps, have the highest efficiency. Modern controllers and remote access systems allow you to control the pumping station without the presence of personnel, as well as store and transfer the necessary information, such as power failure or other emergency situations. Together all this not only provides tangible savings, but and provides an opportunity to significantly reduce labor costs – to maintain communication and pumping stations are now required minimal staff, as connected to the system and sensors fire alarm and all the information about operation of pumping stations in the city is displayed on a single control panel in real time. Water treatment utilities basic tasks is not simply a supply of water, but training it to the specified standards parameters. However, due to the obvious environmental degradation almost everywhere in Russia (according to some sources of contamination of surface water up to 70%), cleaning and cooling water is becoming more complex technical problem. Until recently, the primary water treatment technology has been mechanical cleaning, followed by direct chlorination.

Successful Online Business


Unfortunately, the design of the site – it's no sled "that can be prepared one day in the summer and then all the winter skate. Despite the huge number of sites in each of them has its own personality. It is characteristic of this identity and determine the success or unlucky Internet Projects When a resource has the highest percentage of return customers, advertising the site's features gradually weaken and to stimulate the attention of customers to order or other services site requires redesign. Redesign of the site is relevant it is in essence creating a new face on your site or create a new corporate identity, organization and creation of a site in the same corporate style. Typically a site redesign book their customers, who at one time saved on the normal design.

If you literally translate from English, it suggests a "change of design." In fact, the redesign means the restructuring, the new design of the site. As you can see, it's not just design. There are situations where, starting with the update, say, the only content management system (CMS), the customer comes to the conclusion that he wants to change and rest. As a result, the site acquires a new face and new "Stuffing". The company uses four types of redesigning the current website depending on individual goals, objectives, customer and required him the results. It is important to know the target audience the site, particularly the potential buyers of specific products and services. All of this information web designer without the participation of the customer can not get.

Smart Home


Selecting necessary functions for you. But remember – implementation a fully functional installation of automation systems is only possible if an integrated approach to all life support systems. Choose a contractor carefully! Solve the problem of constructing a single engineering system can be Only companies that an integrated approach to design, installation and commissioning of systems that use advanced technologies, implementing financial and technical optimization of the design decisions. What is the algorithm implementation? One of the first stage is pre-project stage – formation of the Terms of Reference. There is a widespread opinion about the possibility of installing automation systems at the stage of completion of engineering works. That – not true. Decided to install those or other systems, especially systems 'Smart Home', was adopted before the beginning of the design of engineering equipment for your home. At this stage, together with specialists from the company you are building list of required systems for you, determine the amount of required functionality, get a preliminary financial assessment of costs.

Further, by far the most important stage of installation – design. After all the technical solutions accepted at this time. Design of engineering systems in a complex with regard to the functions 'Smart House' will consider all possible systems and their interaction, the technical features of equipment, etc. After passing the design of engineering systems, project documentation is passed to the assembly. Laying cable lines and installation of equipment – the actual embodiment of engineered systems. Installation work is usually required time-consuming, however, when working on the project, assembling a skilled team significantly reduces the production works.

The next stage is programming. At this stage specialists carefully studying the features of an object, the customer's needs, giving priority to the implementation of certain requirements, particularly exploitation spend customization software software and create a 'friendly' interface for customer communication management system, scheduling and monitoring. This is followed by stage of commissioning. At this stage, qualified service personnel shall 'Running' and 'synchronization' of engineering systems, connect the appropriate dispatch services, educates the customer (or his staff). And do not forget about maintenance! In operation, for the proper operation of all systems require periodic 'audit' of the systems service engineer. Here is the correct algorithm of the plant systems 'Smart Home'.

Debris Removal


If at the conclusion of the lease space (respectively nondomestic) there is no point of waste disposal, in this case, be sure to sign a contract with specialized organizations in the garbage disposal. When This concluding a contract for waste collection, organization (supplier management) only pays for services for transporting waste to the place of their disposal or recycling (the landfill, as mandated by landfill, waste recycling plant), it costs only with garbage disposal (operation of machinery, staff salaries ). Always need to remember – from the organizations involved in export and disposal of hazardous waste must have a permit (license for this activity). Keep in mind – a contract for garbage collection does not exempt the organization from payment for environmental pollution. This confirms that life and more judicial practice.

For example, one company arbitral tribunal must make a payment for having been removed debris, although there have been considerable money spent on the export of these wastes. Therefore, debris belongs to the company, as a result of which he was formed (the Law on Production and Consumption Waste "). To avoid possible disputes and litigation costs as a consequence we recommend: 1.B text of the lease should always include the item outline responsibilities for removal and disposal under which these duties belong to the tenant, and that the fee is only making the tenant; 2.If you do not want to pay for someone else's garbage, it stipulates in the contract lease immediately and conclude contracts with specialized organizations on removal and recycling of industrial wastes Note: the company can just for the money to pollute and harm to nature. In this case, as a consequence of removal, storage, disposal, recycling refers to the harmful effects on nature, so for all you have to pay. In this way, the whole civilized world, the legislator brings a careful and rational attitude towards surrounding nature. Would like to remind that there are professional penalties for crimes in the sphere of ecology. The resulting emergence of serious consequences for the environment or causing substantial harm to human health.