If at the conclusion of the lease space (respectively nondomestic) there is no point of waste disposal, in this case, be sure to sign a contract with specialized organizations in the garbage disposal. When This concluding a contract for waste collection, organization (supplier management) only pays for services for transporting waste to the place of their disposal or recycling (the landfill, as mandated by landfill, waste recycling plant), it costs only with garbage disposal (operation of machinery, staff salaries ). Always need to remember – from the organizations involved in export and disposal of hazardous waste must have a permit (license for this activity). Keep in mind – a contract for garbage collection does not exempt the organization from payment for environmental pollution. This confirms that life and more judicial practice.

For example, one company arbitral tribunal must make a payment for having been removed debris, although there have been considerable money spent on the export of these wastes. Therefore, debris belongs to the company, as a result of which he was formed (the Law on Production and Consumption Waste "). To avoid possible disputes and litigation costs as a consequence we recommend: 1.B text of the lease should always include the item outline responsibilities for removal and disposal under which these duties belong to the tenant, and that the fee is only making the tenant; 2.If you do not want to pay for someone else's garbage, it stipulates in the contract lease immediately and conclude contracts with specialized organizations on removal and recycling of industrial wastes Note: the company can just for the money to pollute and harm to nature. In this case, as a consequence of removal, storage, disposal, recycling refers to the harmful effects on nature, so for all you have to pay. In this way, the whole civilized world, the legislator brings a careful and rational attitude towards surrounding nature. Would like to remind that there are professional penalties for crimes in the sphere of ecology. The resulting emergence of serious consequences for the environment or causing substantial harm to human health.