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Valencian Community


Thousands of people are concentrate to two of afternoon in Neptune and the adjacent streets. The centric Madrilenian place has been the point of contact of the six marches that have crossed the capital during all the morning. The day in Madrid has been developed of pacific form and the atmosphere has been the one of a great celebration. In the final reading of the manifesto it has been alluded to the call of a general strike. The relief has taken it this behind schedule Barcelona, where tens of thousands of demonstrators have marched by their streets to the shout " Not us representan" and " We will not pay his crisis". Valencia, Alicante, Bilbao, Palm, Malaga and other Spanish capitals of province also are celebrating multitudinal marches. According to calculations of the COUNTRY, 250,000 people have participated in manifestations in Madrid, Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, the Balearics and Valencian Community. Still they are to know data other communities. Source of the news: : 19-J, in Spain

Typical Conduct


The typical conduct consists of executing acts of culture, elaboration or traffic or otherwise to promote, to favor or to facilitate the illegal drug consumption or to own them with those aims. a) Culture, elaboration or traffic. – The acts of culture, elaboration or drug traffic do not pose special problems. Perhaps solely, on the one hand, regarding the more and more frequent culture of plants of marijuana and on the authenticity or not of the possession of the seeds and equipment for seedtime and, on the other, on the traffic acts and what concepts are included in the same. 1.a) The culture. – The culture of the cannabis plants sativa when it intends the own consumption is not typical, according to a repeated jurisprudence, but when it exceeds the amounts indicated by the National Institute of Toxicology as own of the normal consumption of a person, then this conduct yes is encuadrable in the type of Art. 368, interjection 1. Therefore, in the case of occupation of plants to an individual, to determine if the same are or no for the own consumption it will be necessary to calculate: a) First of all, the weight of the same and to discount those nonexcellent parts (earth, roots, trunk and branches) that habitually pays attention to a 40%.

b) The consumption is of the dry parts reason why next it is necessary to discount between 80 and a 85% of water of the plant. c) The resultant, without being a mathematical criterion, since it would have to be put under on approval expert in each tactical mission, will be the part of the consumable plant like marijuana and that amount is the one that will be to consider to appreciate if the drug were for own consumption or no. For example: We find 20 plants that weigh 50 kg altogether (including trunk, roots and others).

Andrew Corentt


v Little capacity of the people who surround to us: If we did not count on competent personnel in our organization really we are in serious problems, this will bring a great amount to us of problems, for that reason at the time of engaging a person we must make sure that it fulfills to cabalidad with the required profile. v Lack of communication: An inadequate communication generates a great amount of disadvantages and an exaggerated one loss of time, nowadays in spite of the technological advances still we observed these problems, when protocols exist and clear policies where all the know avoid east problem. v Excess of meetings: In many institutions one gets used to realising meetings for everything and this is become a vice, the meetings must be effective and not so excessive, in the measurement that are obtained true advances are reduced the frequency or duration of the meetings, if it happens the opposite implies that every day there are more problems and than the respective ones are not being taken corrective. We observe that all these factors affect and are considered &quot to us; externos" , but in fact the external thing does not exist, which we perceived is a manifestation of our inner state, in the book I I am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt you you will learn that you are its mind the one that conditions the world, if a person totally is convinced of a then idea all the forces of the universe will act to her favor, whereas if an idea is in conflict with our interior all the forces of the universe will confabularn in his against and perhaps it experiences the external enemies who we have mentioned, in fact you you are in the capacity to control its life but it must find the form to accede to that power, in the book I I am Happy, I I am Rico is the effective form to obtain it. Perhaps we have observed a series of conditions that can affect our life and with conscious decisions it is possible to improve, but most important it is the subconscious programming because it allows us to act with an extraordinary one to be able, visits the following page to discover it: Original author and source of the article.