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NAFTA Foreign


Unlimited travel also limitless insured? Many foreign health insurance companies are known worldwide – with the exception of the NAFTA countries. The North American free trade agreement NAFTA is an extended economic association between Canada, the United States and Mexico and formed a free trade area on the North American continent. Only certain foreign insurance companies are tailored to the needs of leisure travellers, business travellers, au pairs, students, students, students and educational travelers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The contract, including extension, can be from one day to 12 months. Is the destination of one of the NAFTA countries, should be requested from the insurer, whether all insurance benefits are valid for these countries. As a general rule: is completed, a stay in a country with which there is no social security agreement, is required to complete a health insurance. Treatments in these countries often cost several times as in Germany.

One Health insurance and accident and liability insurance are required. A liability insurance policy is therefore also useful abroad because horrendous costs may apply in countries, such as the United States, a damage. Note! To note is that existing foreign health insurance, which is usually valid for holidays up to 42 days should not be combined with a long-term health insurance. In a paid, the insurance end of short-term health insurance at the beginning of the long-term health insurance could overlap. The cost of ongoing treatment, that is to see in this case as a disease, are not taken over by the long-term health insurance. A monthly contribution payment of health insurance makes sense for long-term stays abroad. In addition is to check whether the insurance company complies with the requirements of international insolvency protection in a foreign insurance policy. More information and instructions to special international insurance: info/alien/foreign insurance bildungsdoc is a service of education for parents, pupils, students, trainees and adult.

Find objective information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions here is simple and fast. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There is educational information, education and counselling for: abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training.

Mannheim Fitness


Against this background, this took “Forum corporate health management (BGM) the theme of psyche and health at the workplace” on. Here everything a differentiated discussion revolved around the actual progress to mental stress in the workplace. This individual solution approaches for implementation within the framework of professional BGM were represented. The final presentation was Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, who showed up, what are the chances for businesses or professionals and executives by the mega-trend health a future result. Congress partner providing a good value for money the Congress has grown since 2007 a permanent meeting place for the fitness and health industry.

It shows also the variety of established industry players, the rise of Congress 2013 “support as a partner. With their commitment they made possible again to offer all Congress content at an affordable price it again this year. First major exhibition of partners and speakers corner”even 2013 was the Congress of an entertaining Framework programme complements. Well received was also the new speakers corner”, stood in the speakers after their talks for individual questions. “Conclusion: premiere in Mannheim found consistently succeeded in 2013 con for the first time in the m: the Congress of the University Congress Center Rosengarten” held in Mannheim, Germany, with over 22,000 square meters of one of the most modern event in Europe. The light-flooded seminar rooms on the level three in a 5-star architecture were a perfect location for exciting presentations. Also, they offered plenty of room for the Congress partners who could present the participants so offers and new developments. Good sign for the rise of Congress 2014, which will surely convince with lots of practice. More info the German College for prevention and health management (DHfPG) qualified around 4,000 students for the Bachelor of Arts degree”in the departments of fitness training, sports economics, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and Health management, master of Arts”prevention and health management, as well as the master of Business Administration MBA sports / health management for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health.

GOP Auctioned Homes


A dream house for 150,000 euros including land grant up to 100,000 euro – the lowest unique bid Gets the contract Lochgau, 07.11.2013: an early Christmas present Christmas awaits the winner of an auction, which organized the Group of pictures together with town & country house. Ulrich Kappl (town & country Franchsiepartner) supports this Germany-wide promotion as a partner company. In the so-called Ruckwartsversteigerung is awarded of the player with the smallest once the bid. The winner gets the model 113 “by town & country house worth of 150,000 euro turnkey built, as well as a grant to the land purchase up to 100,000 euros. The auction will be held online, as well as the image app for mobile phones involved from 5 to 11 November 2013 BILD der Frau, screen image, BILD am Sonntag,. The principle of Ruckwartsversteigerung”is very simple.

Each participant is via SMS ($0.50 fee from all German mobile phone networks) bid off. This should be compared to traditional auction where the highest bid WINS be as low as possible. The participant who has offered the lowest price dream home only for the town & country is awarded at the end. The Gewinnerhaus flair 113 is one of the top models in our flair series”, explains Ulrich Kappl (town & country Franchsiepartner). The flair series is one of the most popular House models in Germany.

In the past year alone, houses of the flair series in different variants were sold far more than 1,000 times between Pinneberg and Passau. The winner will be 113 flair “can build freely with four or five bedrooms. Either he chooses on the ground floor a large living room that meets all requirements for comfort. Or the large space is divided into two rooms, of which one belongs to the children alone or as a guest or work room is intended. The kitchen in the flair of 113 “last but not least provides sufficient space for the popular dining area. The attic Finally presents itself with three rooms and a bath, so that every Member of the family here has enough free space. Both floors of the flair of 113 “convince with spacious and bright rooms, where the winner and his family can feel comfortable. About Ulrich Kappl (town & country Franchsiepartner): In the year 2012, Ulrich Kappl founded his company as a town & country partner company in Lochgau. Over 30 houses of types of form the basis of the business concept, which enable low-cost construction of high quality through its modular construction of the system. Town & country caused a House with the introduction of three HausBau – letters included in the purchase price of a house through the before, during and after the construction of optimal safety offered the builders for new standards in the construction industry. Since 2012, TuV SuD certifies the transparency and security of the building contracts of the massive house party. With the development of energy-saving and solar homes, the company also bears the Cost explosion in the energy markets into account. In the fiscal year 2012, town & country house nationwide 3.187 houses sold and achieved Group sales of EUR 523 million. Town & country is the best-selling changes of in Germany already since 2007. More information: company contact and contact person: Ulrich Kappl town & country house partner of Besigheim str. 62 74369 hole s Tel.: 07143/2604-62 fax: 07143/2604-63 mobile: 0177/6586400 e-Mail:

Stefanie Walter


The trauma accompanied by the victims of the Typhoon is one of the first phase of the aid. To further aid in two villages on the island of Leyte, the divine word missionaries now have the started the second phase of relief efforts. Each family will be supported with 300 euro. Specifically, the religious people and their employees help 137 families in Del Carmen and 77 families in Maricum are both places have so far received little support from other organizations. The missionaries do the people rebuild their homes under the arms and to distribute construction material. Until Christmas, all families that help in the reconstruction, should have a new roof over their heads.

The infrastructure must be rebuilt. Schools and kindergartens can resume as soon as possible their operation. But also small farmers and fishermen need support, so that they and their families soon self can feed. Four weeks after the devastating typhoon in the Philippines there are still places where no support so far has arrived. Now the scarce money is spent to build the huts, lacks the other end for the seeds or tools. It is now not only on the acute emergency relief, but also on ways and means how to make usable again destroyed agriculture “that so Norbert Wolf. Therefore every cent is a help.” For more information of press photos and more information to Philippines emergency help for the divine word missionaries and the divine word ethics Bank under: updates Yusuf ethics Bank Nalluri ethics Bank operates in Germany since 1964 and in Austria since 2002 as a full bench the entire banking business including the Foundation consultancy.

Particular emphasis is placed on the ethical investment strategy and customer service. Investments will flow into securities only, the set criteria with regard to social and environmental considerations. With their income from the banking business and voluntary assignments of interest and capital gifts of their customers, the ethical Bank supports international aid projects of around 10,000 of the divine word missionaries and sisters throughout the world. Since its inception, the Institute has generated donations amounting to 88 million euros. More information, see. Press contact Jurgen Welzel, spokesman of the Steyler Bank GmbH 53757 Sankt Augustin Arnold-Janssen-Strasse 22 phone: + 49 (0) 22 41 / 120 51 90 Stefanie Walter, HBS International GmbH Highway 47, 60313 Frankfurt phone: + 49 (0) 69 / 85 70 82 53

Our Future


Our future 'I put the open bottle to his nose and closed his eyes and when I again opened my eyes, I saw an amazing picture. On the pavement, bending your elbows, like children playing in the drivers, businessmen columns gallop. They hastily fingered feet, leaning back as if on a soft seat back. " The global financial crisis has caused my association with these lines from 'futurological Congress' Lem. Lem genius in his story wrote about the illusory nature of life. The fact that we always live under a layer of a multi-level intoxication, which distorts reality. Swallow one pill after another, trying not to see, to ignore reality. But when development goes unnatural way, failures are inevitable.

And opening the reality sets in horror as Iyona Pacific. Pills that we swallow – our selfish desires. It seems to us that if we are rich, you certainly are happy. Material prosperity, in turn, causes a craving for power, fame. Already want us considered, we want to manage. When we understand that this pill is not enough to experience the fullness of life, begin to show interest in exotic teachings, exclusive knowledge, the forgotten language.

And since we have neither a businessman – a policy that no politician – the media heavy face. Dances and sings, and participates in all the shows. Each oligarch – a collector, a connoisseur of some the rare kind of movement in art or literature. Our desires make us strive for content, at any price without regard to anyone.



Standardization of contracts, clearing system, the existence of regulatory oversight and centralization of commerce serve as the basis of futures markets – one of the most efficient, highly organized and competitive pricing systems in the world. All traders are divided into two categories: hedgers and speculators. Hedgers buy and sell futures contracts to protect against risk of adverse changes in the price of the underlying asset in the future. Thus they are able to guarantee yourself a real standard of profitability of its core business operations. Hedging becomes more and more popular all over the world. In the U.S., for example, hedging is a prerequisite for obtaining a number of benefits and subsidies from the government and loans from banks.

Other members of the futures markets are speculative investors who are in search of profits, buy and sell futures contracts to profit from the resale of futures contracts at favorable prices for them. Thus, speculators buy when they expect a rise in prices and sell when the expected fall in prices. Speculative participation in futures trading has become increasingly popular with the development of alternative methods of participation. At that time, as many Futures traders still prefer to make their own decisions, such as what to buy and sell and when to buy and sell, others use the services of professional traders by creating managed trading account or participating in futures funds. Futures contracts are traded may be used in combination with stocks, bonds and other investments to achieve greater diversification and potentially higher overall rate of return. Speculative trading in futures contracts creates the possibility of implementing a substantial profit within a relatively short period of time, but also proportional probability of significant losses. Possibility of realizing large gains or losses relative to the size of the original capital, due to the high degree of leverage existing in the form of speculative investment. Only a small amount of money needed in order to control far more valuable assets. While the futures trade, characterized by a high degree of leverage, attracting investors looking for the possibility of significant profits, it also may not be appropriate for investors with low tolerance for risk.

Shore Excursion


The resort island of Penang is a favorite destination of Asia cruises in Malaysia at the first glance it is a temple like many others in the far East: the heavy scent of the incense, the interiors of the centuries-old smoke darkened, gloss and glitter to the altars. Only when the eye of the blazing sunlight outside has accustomed to the half-light, you see them. The snakes. They are everywhere, the poisonous vipers. On the altars of the beams on the ground, even on a ladder, which was probably needed for repair work, they rest mostly neatly on a stage, but sometimes in strange contortions. It is revered as sacred, the vipers were in a trance, half numbed by the smoke victims. Therefore, assure the tourist-photographer in the next room, is also completely safe, with one of the snakes on her bosom photographed it. The business with the Snake is flourishing, no shore excursion, which not the snake Temple stopped on the tour about the small Malay Penang Island.

Here one knows about strangers and their wishes, Penang is one of the oldest ports of the region is. Already in 1786 the British Captain Francis Light took over the already thriving hub of the Sultan of Kedah; Light remained on Penang, his grave can be found in the old cemetery of Georgetown. The island’s capital was named Georgetown in British days, in the shipping world, the name of the island remained a synonym for the port anyway. Today, Georgetown is a popular destination for Asia cruises. It remained thus, as in the last decade, Penang was discovered for tourism and on the beautiful beaches of the Straits of Malacca new hotels were built, even though the water quality at the busy sea route can not be compared with the clear waves in other corners of the Indian Ocean. Fort Cornwallis, a fortress from 1810 dating back to the early days of English domination over Georgetown.

Successful Marketing


You would like to participate or already joined an affiliate program, but you have misconceptions about affiliate marketing, then, it is possible that you need a mentor who will help you to work and tell you where to start and what to do to succeed. In the dictionary, the word mentor is defined as a trusted instructor or counselor. In general, they are experts in the matter, to which it is dedicated. They can guide you and give tips.So when we say that the affiliate marketing mentors, are experienced counsellors who have made affiliate marketing their specialty and have earned lots of money for the internet. Affiliate marketing mentors can be persons who have already been successful in affiliate marketing and are always willing to share their knowledge, based on experience from the perspective both as affiliates and web merchants. And that is the reason why we are in this page to know where to start and what to do to succeed its objective is to give the idea that mentors should have much knowledge.

By course, is beneficial for a mentor that the affiliate can live and use many theories here give you something free for your business (course how to get no. 1 in the search engines), but there is nothing more effective and useful to say to the client, that is what works today and what are the things that could probably work in the future and also the changes in trends. As a mentor, you must be one of the sources of knowledge to customers and the first to teach on how to generate more revenue to the affiliate. You must also be informed and equipped with the keys to success. For the affiliate vendors, as well as for traders. And that must guide their customers, since we try to do things that help increase their profits, because once they do well in this business, this can be counted as one of his great achievements and so you’ll know where to start and what to do to succeed. This also makes a mentor to succeed. Luis alberto mejia original author and source of the article



If you are dissatisfied with the current job that you do, you feel that it is not for you, that you don’t full, that you spend many hours a day there inside, that the salary they receive is not enough, that the company where you are working you don’t like is time that you make a stop in your life, let the complaints aside and begin to create new options for your working life. It depends only on you that you can see them. Don’t forget that if you first see these possibilities in your mind, you will be able to express them in your reality. The excitement of the constant complaint that you feel may be affecting your actions and your chances to go after new and better experiences for you. Remember moods are generated from the positive or negative thoughts that are first created in your mind. Emotional States for which you transitas, constantly affect your willingness to act. The complaints appear for something.

If you feel bad in your current job, you know how are you going to prepare you. Surely you’ll see black scene, victim of the situation, you’ll begging guilty results? You’ll still equal or worse, because your feelings and reactions of victim will take you prisoner and this emotionality you not drive to look for solutions. If you’re open to hear what these complaints are wanting you to say, surely you can make positive changes. If you listen to the hidden message in your complaints (what I need?), you will create in you moods you predisposing to act to solve what is needed. You will feel energetic and protagonist of the situation and pursue opportunities to be better. Results? Things will change because you’re changing, because your proactive actions are creating new alternatives of action. To the extent that you insist on wanting others to change or to change something in your environment, you’re going to suffer, because the change has to be born in your interior.

IMD World Competitiveness Center


In this line, Brazil advanced three position in ranking of more competitive countries of the world and has presented performance favorable in way to the international crisis. The conclusions are of the International Institute for the Managemental Development (IMD, in the acronym in English), that it divulged in day 20 of May, its traditional ranking of competitiveness. Although the improvements, Brazil still is in 40 place between the 57 evaluated economies. Therefore, still one is considered of that less they have conditions to dispute the international market. In 2008, the position was 43. On account of the crisis, this year the IMD created one ' ' test of estresse' ' , from pointers that show which countries had resisted the turbulences better.

Brazil was in 20 place, to the front of U.S.A. (28), Germany (24) and Japan (26); however behind other great emergent ones as India (13) and China (18), in one ranking led by the Denmark. This rank if must mainly because of Brics that the acronym gave to steps to the front according to IMD World Competitiveness Center. The economic performance, especially in what it says respect to the domestic activity, is its main force., since the country if now recouped of 47 position in 2007 for 41 in 2008 and 31. The main weaknesses inhabit in the lack of efficiency of the government in all the spheres – nesse question, Brazil is in 52 in the list (with negative prominences for the finances public and the legislation for the businesses) – and of infrastructure, what it includes the bases technological, scientific, of education, health public and surrounding. They still weigh against the low degree of opening to the foreign commerce, the persistent tax of unemployment and the low per capita GIP. Brazil also is in last place, for> example, in the number of days necessary to confide a company and in the number of procedures necessary to confide a company.