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With the advent of spring, and even in the spring and summer there is a need for cleaning windows and facades. In the market of high-rise cleaning services and our company operates. Our experience, skill and application professional equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently perform the work in this area. Rope is a special kind of cleaning services for window cleaning and cleaning of the facades. Today, with the facade This stock company UNGER and professional cleaners. When washing the facade used high-pressure (HPA). To improve efficiency, complete with pressure washers, we use foam penogenerator.Aktivnaya retained on vertical surfaces and removes dirt better.

This dramatically reduces the consumption of detergent. Washing stucco facade is in gently so as not to spoil the finish. Washing high-rise cleaning work depends on the degree of contamination, the amount and availability of treated surfaces. Typically, it ranges from 30 rubles. / M. square. for cleaning a solid regular washable glass, up to 100 rubles. / m.

square. for complex plots. Using the techniques of industrial production of high-altitude mountaineering in the cleaning operations, significantly reducing their costs, compared with the use of cradles, derricks and hoists. Increases performance, while maintaining adequate quality. Given that only a small part of the buildings equipped with special lifts for the production of high-altitude operations, the use of industrial high on Cleaning high-rise market works, almost no alternatives, and develops at an incredible rate



Mind is in every side but our main Association head and, of itself, is a misconception. We are also filled with limited and mistaken associations which are those that give shape to our lives. Then, a way of breaking with what has been learned is open your mind to the field of the unlimited. This is a process, it does not happen overnight overnight, normally. The trip to open the mind and achieve comprehensive awareness is a great adventure. For example, learn to feel the force around us and understand, internally, that there is no difference between rock, tree, Earth and the spacecraft from Luke. Learn how you can really feel the union between these apparent things separated, who clearly feel that relationship and energy dynamics, you can do something as He did Yoda: take the ship of the swamp.

It seems impossible? Only it seems! It seems science fiction? Well, that certainly seems and then why know, deep down, that Yes it is possible, that is true? Undoubtedly, the process that has to be experienced to get to experience such a union is not something that most, we are willing to do because it is much work with oneself and in an unknown, illogical and symbolic field. What laziness! Best live la vida loca! Recently I had an experience that completely disrupted my life. Given the conditions that took place in the encounter with a person, I had the opportunity to know her inside out instead of outside-in. Slowly and with each space between words, was finding, like the contents of one of these movies mentioned, an identification with that inner truth that wraps, attracts, overwhelms and moves. See inside this person, even if this person does not see the same way, was reason for my heart opening like a flower of Lotus. The vulnerability of open heart had not known ever before and, hence, I could identify the Kingdom of the elves in the Lord of the rings.

Production Manufacturing


Manufacturing production in March 2009 compared to March last year shows falls of 0.4% in seasonally terms. Despite being the second month which demonstrates a fall, remain doubts about the magnitude of this, due to the lack of data to contrast older hikes that presents. The most relevant sectors that explain the decline are; Firstly basic metals industry, the raw steel with a decline of – 48.4% in interannual terms and a drop in turn – 38.3% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. It must be borne in mind that the production of primary aluminium had a growth of 9.3%, explained by the need to have a continuous production since the cost of stopping production is high. However the total number of block declined – 39.1% in interannual terms and – 30.1% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008.

Secondly, the sector of motor vehicles, with a decline of – 18.8% YOY and – 36.7% in terms accumulated over the same period of 2008. This decline in the fall is explained by the end in the plant sector layoff period. At the same time, other sectors that showed a contraction, were petroleum refining with a decline of – 6.0% year on year and – 5.3% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. And the textile industry with a decline of – 18.2% YOY and – 14.0% in cumulative terms compared to same period of 2008. Sectors that partly counteract the contraction are represented firstly by the food industry with a growth in annual terms of the order of 21.9% and 13.8% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. Explained by the push in red meats 79.9% YOY.

It must be borne in mind that for March 2008 the fall had been important for the conflict with the field, however beyond that can in part be explained still doubts arise about the magnitude of the growth in the absence of data to compare. White meat with a growth of 30.3 % interannual and – 16.7% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008, and grain and oilseed milling with a growth of 45.1% year on year and 13.6% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008 closed the block. Another sector with positive balance is the substances and chemicals, it throws a 5.4% year on year growth and 7.3% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008, and of rubber and plastic products with a growth of 1.6% year on year and 2.1% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. Finally there to focus the gaze on the sector metalworking excluded automotive industry that presents a preview of 6.9% in interannual terms and 5.2% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. This data does not stop be peculiar because in March of last year while the conflict between the Government and the agricultural sector was entering the tightest part, lagging orders allowed keep the industry stable. And now where this factor does not play, the international demand shrinking by the effect of the crisis and the prices of commodities following the same course is at least peculiar to this sector to have a breakthrough. Source: abeceb.

Between Law Firm


At some point in life we find ourselves or we will find ourselves with a legal problem that we do not know how to exit properly freed, a problem that is very difficult to solve ourselves and we need legal advice. The best option in these cases is both resort to experts at the moment need them, so that the problem becomes bigger and a legal firm to receive all the legal advice that we need depending on the problem you present us. As for experts, what we know is that judicial experts and forensic experts can call them, are professionals who have specialized knowledge, also have a title, which guarantees that you know the information that courts of Justice supplied for all opinions. There are two types of experts, who are appointed by a court and those proposed by one or both parties, obviously they have to accept the judge or Prosecutor. Both experts have the same influence on the trial. These servers are there to explain that sometimes is not so evident, at Sometimes, this evidence should be recorded either in video or photographs, so that this way is more reliable and more easily accessible. On the other hand we have various options of legal firm or law firm that are quite useful in the case of requiring legal advice, either by accident, by an inheritance or any legal matter that we do not know well a well how.

These firms are places where we can assist with a legal problem, there are several lawyers at our disposal with different specialities depending on what you’re looking for, there you will quote us your query and we channel with the lawyer who can better help us on the problem, all this in a single law firm. Aguilar Valdez Abogados is a law firm in which give different types of services, among them you will find specialized lawyers, legal consulting, legal audit, recovery of portfolio, preventive opinion, migration efforts, etc., promise a specialized attention and good treatment and course for all its customers. Another law firm is firm legal Ricardo Peralta, S.C. comprehensive professional services, mainly offers legal advice to small, medium and large companies, serves throughout the country, United States and Latin America in all disciplines of the law. Now we know it, if you have a legal problem, experts and no doubt any law firm are our best choice.