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Society And Individuals .


The company’s Latin root “socius” which means friend. This companion is at all times, all along the life of each. From childhood, we learn the different procedures they require us to ourselves. We have already learned the different structures, moral, etc. of the company unknown to us by our parents.

We can compare the company with a stable structure which is built our life. It is much more than companion, it forms the backdrop for our lives. It has limitations, including that for its maintenance, since the company formed in all businesses, infrastructure, states, etc.. It has a low capacity for change by the fact that it acts on own people and people act on it now this ecosystem that includes plural form of each order and interrelation, however, our society changed a lot ( services change, etc.) as a result of scientific and technological. Our company shines on all the others, by the fact that the order goes into disorder and so on, through “creative destruction” of capitalism. Change is in the heart of our society. Nobody can escape it … except to live in isolation and there we find another model of society.

The company compensates as those involved in its maintenance, in his life, etc.. The company provided guidance to each. But today, his bearings vary enormously in the life of an individual over his bearings used in the development of our future life, a certain conception of happiness, which can take as soon as morphs too quickly .

Cosmetic Surgery-Liposuction


Image via Wikipedia An Surgery That Is Light Years Ahead of Liposuction by Herb Greggerson Liposuction is a medical procedure that is operated on patients who plan to have body fat removed from their physique for aesthetic purposes.For many folks, liposuction can be a traumatic experience, but there is a new lipo surgery on the market, SmartLipo, or generically also called “laser liposuction”. Called aa medical miracle in some healthcare circles SmartLipo has proven itself to patients and doctors around the world. SmartLipo delivers on what it claims it will accomplish, and that is get rid of fat tissue simply. Traditional Liposuction – Invasive and Dicey Liposuction has been done on millions of people in the time right after its introduction in 1982. In accordance to the policies of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Over 300,000 patients in the USA undergone invasive surgical treatment in 2006 to get rid of fat from within their bodies. SmartLipo Benefits With SmartLipo, by first melting away fat cells elimination vacuum before, overall trauma to surrounding tissue is minimized to a great extent. The individual’s energy and health are restored Because soreness soon after surgery and healing time is kept to a minimum. Usually, it is only a few days and the expense is about 45 less than the time-honored liposuction. The weight loss surgery patient is not fully unconscious Because of general anesthesia, so SmartLipo has much less complications than conventional liposuction surgery. People having Smartlipo undergoes a much faster healing period with far less health issues when compared to older liposuction methods. The laser light causes instant coagulation of the small blood vessels in the adipose tissue. The particular wavelength of laser light emitted by the surgical device seals the tiny blood vessels.Subsequent swelling hemorrhaging in the treatment area is minimized greatly, creating a speedie healing time for the patient. This is why there is a rapid healing time for patients undergoing SmartLipo therapy. Smart Lipo The minimally invasive techniques are more exact Which means a more uniformly treated area, Which yet further improves the healing as time elapsed and the epidermis contours around the site. Smart Lipo precision makes for a more uniformly treated area, even more Which gets better as the recovery time comes to an end and the outer skin shrinks around the site. Many feature set SmartLipo in a class of its own above conventional liposuction such as improved healing time, pain levels, length of medical visits, as well as reduced bruising and bleeding. Compression Garments May Be Necessary for Smooth Healing Following Surgery SmartLipo Compression garments are not always compulsory.Considering on the size of the body that undergoes SmartLipo, the physician prescribed compression garments could be worn for a brief period of time in order to minimize swelling plus help in healing.



Today, handbags are an essential element of style that complements the image of its owner, making it thus completed. Female image under an implied subtle grace and delicate taste of luxury. Decisive attribute this image and has a bag. Today the role of this charming accessory is much more significant than the transfer of women's affairs. Every woman has a wardrobe of handbags at least three different in shape and color, and for different cases: walk, , a journey out into the light Let's talk about the most common types of handbags for today.

Bags differ not only for its intended purpose or type of material, but also by type of construction, it's: Tote, Satchel, Duffel, Clutch, Hobo, Frame bag, Wristlet. Clutch – a small bag, which usually hold in their hands. Clutch – the most important element of the wardrobe for the evening. Now clutches have become so popular that the designers have to offer us more and more new kinds of handbags, departing from the usual standards. Clutches are so ornate and very elegant, and can be major concise, every day. Tote – a rather large volume bag has double handles and open top.

This kind of bags is easy, so it is very popular. Most women prefer this type of bags, because they are suitable for all situations in life, whether it's hiking or a trip to the store, walk with a child or a business meeting. Frame bag – bags, which can vary in form, but they usually have a solid foundation. They are very comfortable to wear paper without fear, because they can bruise. Wristlet – Handbags that have a belt that fastened at the waist. These bags are comfortable to walk. Satchel – it capacious bag, with two small handles and long shoulder strap. This bag is perfectly suited for students and for business women. Bag has a flat bottom that allows you to move into the new folder with the documents do not worried about their appearance. Duffel – this kind of bag is suitable for recreation. Bag bulky and has lots of pockets, so it is convenient to put everything you need. Quite often, such a bag can have attachments. Created for the convenience of the trip: the wheels and strap. Hobo – Bag in shape like a crescent or banana. It has a handle passing through the entire length of bags, such bag is usually fastened with a zipper. This soft shape and material manufacturing bag used by women in cases where there is no need to carry heavy things. And, remember that many designers are always free to mix styles and make your imagination run wild.

Old Habits


That way you like and understand the need to engage in the development of resources, but still actually doing the current activity. How to change the habit of head or any other person? We have seen what is the reason that people do not want to engage in the development of resources and great pleasure to deal with the current activity. The reason in our habits, which are stored in the subconscious and guiding the subconscious mind, controlling our current activities. If the subconscious to the process of change is the enemy, you have to somehow turn it into an ally. How do I do? The subconscious mind will ally present only when it will be programmed with a habit of how to perform the current activity on another. Thus, some habits must be replaced by other subconscious. We have found thus, the end result – "In our subconscious mind a new habit." But how do we overcome the way from the old to the new habit. ure choices.

Here, it seems, without our consciousness can not do. But earlier we said that the mind can only create new images and behaviors, and passes these new behaviors on the executive bodies of the unconscious, only under the influence of effort. But can we somehow reduce the effort? Practice shows that You can, using the same characterization of subconsciousness – the resistance of the deviations from habits. The fact is that our subconscious mind, especially in today's enterprises, almost always confronted with inability to solve the current problems with the current experience (habits). Everyone is familiar with the application managers that the problem should be solved yesterday, the risk of layoffs in times of crisis, etc.

This raises our stress. Especially, this situation is exacerbated in times of crisis, when the subconscious has no habits to act in a changed situation. So, if programmed into the unconscious habit – the image of the final result of our transformations, in which there are no reasons for today's stresses, the subconscious is not only significantly reduce the resistance to change old habits, but every day will feed us with energy for transformations.

Civil Code


In this way, the assimilation of the figure of the sale with payment in kind is only acceptable with instrumental nature by certain operative rules applying to the contract of sale, when they are consistent with the very nature of the dation in payment. And this nature has aims to extinguish a pre-existing compulsory relationship and not to create ex novo an obligacional contract, because as they perform the doctrine and the jurisprudence, it should be the accent in the extintivo character (causes solvendi) agreement of conveyance which, although it has business nature, does not have the qualification of contract itself. On the other hand, is very abundant jurisprudence that will differentiate the dation in payment with another sympathetic figure as it is the so-called transfer of goods for payment or payment by transfer of goods which, though not found expressly regulated in our Civil Code is being equally admitted to our right. The assignment of property (damage pro solvendo) consists in the transmission of the debtor to the creditor’s possession and administration of their goods or part of them so you settle them and apply the price obtained payment of loans and, therefore, this transfer does not involve, automatically the extinction of the obligation to originaria.Como we have pointed out, jurisprudence has been reiterated to distinguish the dation in payment damage pro soluto-payment by transfer of goods data pro solvendo-. Thus, the judgment of 28 June 1997, collecting many more earlier, says that: has recalled the reiterated doctrine of this room on the differentiating features between the damage pro soluto and damage pro solvendo, collected, among other things, in judgments of 14 September 1987, 4 and December 15, 1989, 29 April 1991 and 19 October 1992widely exposed in the 13 of February 1989 saying that the damage pro soluto, significance of adjudication for payment of debts, although it does not have a specified definition in the civil substantive law, although Yes in tax matters, it is an act whereby the debtor transmits goods of its property to the creditor, to the well-received this apply to the extinction of the credit that was holder, acting this credit with equal function than the price in the sale, given that, as you have declared this room in ruling on December 7, 1983, is well catalogue the legal business that involves for sale, already configured as novation or complex act, its regulation must accommodate analogically by trading standards, lacking rules specific, acquiring the credit that with such cession is extinguished, as it is said, the price category of the good or goods delivered to the adjudication in payment of debts, while the second, i.e. the damage pro solvendo, revealing Award for payment of debts, which has specified regulation in article 1175 of the Civil Code, is configured as a legal business by virtue of which the debtor owner transmitted to a third party, which in reality acts by custom, the possession of their property and the power to proceed to its implementation, with greater or lesser extent of powers, but with the obligation of applying the amount obtained in the alienation of those to the payment of debts incurred by the transferor. Original author and source of the article.

Brazil Index


These joint actions to provide liquidity to these emerging economies are important because these are the economies of “last resort.” These economies have achieved macro-economic strengthened in recent years due to better prices in commodities, and better positioned today that economies plants that were several years ago who saved the periphery. Therefore, it is time to re-position itself after this low of 65% in emerging, some of them looking for value, which is all that remains after the financial volatility. The world will continue consuming, and demanding feeding oil, maybe less with the global slowdown, but it will, against a financial sector will take time to rebuild and adapt to this new environment of heightened uncertainty, distrust, more regulation and less liquid. Brazil with its important natural resources, large population, its strategic trading position in Latin America, with an economic policy and institutional linear in time and actions, with the possibility of becoming one of the oil world powers in the future, is one of the most interesting options from emerging. Therefore, the MSCI Brazil Index ETF (NYSE: EWZ) is a good way to accompany the country in its growth. Sovereign bonds, local currencies and stock markets corresponding surged after the announcement Wednesday of granting credit lines. Brazil’s stock market by 7.5%, Mexico 5.5%, Singapore 8% and 12% South Korea. The IMF said it would not unveil the countries that did not qualify for loans without strings, not to create turbulence in these countries.

Argentina was not to get as many, and yet it was named. Its managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said the country “would not be eligible” for these loans, granted to countries with “sound policies” in the past two years. A country that knows a lot of doing business, such as Argentina, need not resort to an IMF rate of 7%. Chavez is financed more than doubled, to 15%. The country’s finances can be resent, but which has not intrusion into our accounts. The premium Chavez obeys a certain “discretionary” for the management of public accounts in Argentina. And rightly so. Searching imagine the Internal Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno sent explaining the IMF staff, the new method of calculating inflation? We are far from imagining that the decision to reveal that Argentina did not qualify for IMF loans, has been derived from the affair skirts exchange between the Fund’s managing director and a former president of the Argentine Central Bank, which was published Romanesque episode even in the sadly-now-pink, more politicized and popularized Wall Street Journal (since Murdoch took the controls).

Nothing is what it was … not free market capitalism, or the Wall Street Journal, or romance. Disturbing also can no longer be having an affair in peace because of this globalization.

Automobile Businesses


Only a true professionals automobile business could learn a couple of years ago, Chinese car, but in order to find an easy motorist on his Chinese auto parts was necessary to spend lots of time. None However, in the present time, quite often on domestic routes have to ride the machine, which resembles a whole body models of cars world-famous car brands. It is very necessary in Currently, Chinese steel cars and parts. This success is the difference between Chinese auto dealers. In particular, the successful and popular in Russia became China's auto Chery. 've Got unprecedented prominence first models badged Chery began to sell well in Russia.

And no matter how high was not a car, and auto operation has been very careful, sooner or later there is a need buy spare parts cherry. Cherry Amulet parts are presented not only from authorized dealers of these cars, but also in the auto market. Price cherry amulet parts became available to all owners of such cars. Domestic motorists fairly long period of time due to lack of domestic market of Chinese parts on the car replaced, such spare parts, spare parts of cars of other brands. Consequently, a lot of examples of change necessary spare parts for car parts of another brand. Today, original spare parts cherry amulet owners of these vehicles replace parts of German and American production.

On Web sites, owners of cars of motorists Chery qq 3, the Board replace the candles on this car to spark a car Opel, a wheel bearing on an analogy with the Mazda 626 or a vw Passat 2 and so on. Such replacements will reduce fuel consumption in this survey were acquitted avtomobile.Podobnye time when Chinese automobiles and spare parts in Russia were not so popular. However, these skills, abilities and experience will not enjoy success, because the parts chery amulet today you can buy easily. Now buy durable parts chery amulet much easier. Moreover, in order to find the necessary spare parts Chery, do not need to waste time going to the shops and auto parts stores. To buy, view the settings and immediately see the cost of spare parts cherry amulet, simply open site of an online store, view catalog offered Chery spare parts and order the necessary parts.

Giant Mountain View


But you and your business contacts, fortunately, will persist. And we know that the professional networking can be a good resource for finding work or the quest for new projects. Let's focus on the use of consumer support for Twitter, what interests the majority of those seeking to do business with the help of this portal microblogging. To elucidate this process, we will score three orientation stage. Time zero, when we have no contacts or followers and customers. The moment one, when we have created a significant network of contacts, made up of leads and potential customers, and some real customers. The two time, after-sales support.

Without doubt, the urgency lies in moving from time zero to one. It is in this passage of "zero network" to "some network" where we often find the greatest difficulty. We will develop further in future articles, but the key, both in these early stages, and the evening to after sales is to offer added value. And this is how the interaction should be addressed in Twitter: the possibility of bringing added value to the products we offer. Think of our past experiences as consumers, and we can see clearly what it means.

In fact, it is necessary to go back to the past. One of the weakest points, and white of most complaints is the lack of aftermarket support Google's cell phone, the Nexus One recounted Customers bitterly that the only way to get post-sale support was by visiting certain sites (see the FAQs, manual, user forums and YouTube) or by mail, of dubious impact. There was, at the time of product launch, the chance to really talk with a person of flesh and blood that we explain what we were doing wrong that our blessed gadget was not working as hoped. Without doubt, and beyond question the Giant Mountain View, an unforgivable strategic error. Imagine the worst scenario. Consumers are rebelling against poor service and never again buy a cell phone made by Google, I'm not saying that will happen, it is simply for illustrative purposes. Surely, Google will lose some hundreds or thousands of millions of dollars in the failed venture, but will continue with its many business units, without returning to try to sell or manufacture cell phones in the future. Google can be such licenses, and allow these "small" obstacles. But Could you face a mass boycott of its current customers due to poor after sales service, and mass migration to your competition? If the answer is no, then you have to learn to use Twitter.

Socialist Party


So well that Saints flames may not preside over the new Duero-espana box. I do not say this because one has anything against that man, in contrast to what happens to the PP, which has been given the cross and stripe. What I think of drawer is that anyone who owes money to a savings box can preside it, because that would always be the suspicion that if Santos flames not had commanded in Spain box maybe this does not you would have paid 80 million. And it is that boxes, which have always been politicized to the grips, have cheerfully managed money that was not their managers, but of their depositors. In the first place, and why is pecata minuta, they have shown a splendid largesse with its directors and other managers, even up to bring entities into bankruptcy, as happened with Caja Sur. The President of one of them, who came to Office without a penny, thanks to the loan of one million euros and the obtained privileged information in his new post, could then operate in the stock market and is now billionaire.

There are other well visible and notorious cases of incompetence When not of irresponsibility at the forefront of these entities, such as loans granted by Caja Castilla – La Mancha to the broken Ciudad Real airport. Something similar could be said of Bancaja, with some monies invested in Terra Mitica and a few loans to Valencia C.F. very difficult collection. All that, however, is not nothing compared to the non-payment of 26.5 million by the President of the CEOE, Diaz Ferran, at Caja Madrid, entity of which he was Chief Executive when the generous credit. Still has fewer pass the remission by La Caixa from 8 million to the catalan Socialist Party of Jose Montilla.

As you can see, is much dirt accumulated under the fluffy rugs from our savings entities. So, regardless of that incompatibility established by the Board is to benefit some at the expense of others, welcome is this. And I only wish there is more similar laws with which to be able to clean, finally, savings banks.