Society And Individuals .

The company’s Latin root “socius” which means friend. This companion is at all times, all along the life of each. From childhood, we learn the different procedures they require us to ourselves. We have already learned the different structures, moral, etc. of the company unknown to us by our parents.

We can compare the company with a stable structure which is built our life. It is much more than companion, it forms the backdrop for our lives. It has limitations, including that for its maintenance, since the company formed in all businesses, infrastructure, states, etc.. It has a low capacity for change by the fact that it acts on own people and people act on it now this ecosystem that includes plural form of each order and interrelation, however, our society changed a lot ( services change, etc.) as a result of scientific and technological. Our company shines on all the others, by the fact that the order goes into disorder and so on, through “creative destruction” of capitalism. Change is in the heart of our society. Nobody can escape it … except to live in isolation and there we find another model of society.

The company compensates as those involved in its maintenance, in his life, etc.. The company provided guidance to each. But today, his bearings vary enormously in the life of an individual over his bearings used in the development of our future life, a certain conception of happiness, which can take as soon as morphs too quickly .