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General Assembly


Where there is a soul, there is a hope. Proverb has Much since to in the last speak to months the case of Cuba with respect to the OAS and as it is known after intense debates, XXXIX the General Assembly of the Organization of American Estados (OAS) finishes concluding in Honduras with a resolution that ended the suspension of Cuba like total member, " without condiciones" of no type. In this way, as the OAS emphasizes looked for to amend in its meeting of Honduras " error" historical assignment in 1962, when it suspended the participation in the inter-American system of that Caribbean island of socialist government, by pressures of the United States. The chancellor of Honduras, Patricia Rhodes, read the text of two points, adopted by consensus, that countermanded resolution 662, of the 31 of January of 1962, that separated to Cuba from this hemispherical organism to consider that it had changed " his rumbo" towards the marxism-leninismo. Rhodes, one of the main creators of the resolution, indicated moved that " from now on participation of Cuba in the OAS will be restituted by means of the dialogue to request of Cuba and within the framework of the democratic practices that prevail to the OEA".

" The previous thing constitutes the second point of the resolution and, as country soothes of this assembly, we received with approval this I make amends for fact to the island. We have begun to construct the new history in our relations of tolerance, respect, solidarity, self-determination of the towns and the right to organizarnos" , it said Rhodes. After the reading of the resolution, the ministers and other civil service presents put themselves standing up and applauded, to soon take step to the interventions of the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, host of the encounter, and several diplomatic chancellors and other representatives.

Chico Buarque


We raise the atoilcito, if it denotes ‘ ‘ esperteza’ ‘ , he benefits the author and he has the candy unpunished flavor dologro of the authority – this dicotmico father and stepfather, loved quandopremia, hated when he punishes; in this ambivalence, we unload however it, however we oreconduzimos to the power, sailing in circles in plago social, without arriving aum safe port. We search the personal advantage, without remorsospela whatever the cost inevitable> disadvantage that we will cause outrem it. We exert preconceitocontra the badly-been born ones, as much how much against eventual well-been born that with osprimeiros if miscigenem or coexists to any heading. We praise the ethics doatalho, of the search of results without effort; thus, even so let us deplore noatacado the corruption, the authorial piracy and the recorrentesnos tax evasion tax high steps, we do not hesitate in practising them in the retail, with the daesquina guard, the peddler or the Treasury department. Clamamos against the incapacity of the government of prcobro to the incontida violence of the streets and the field, but with this we compactuamos, since the thick sight on who spear a dejection to the gutter, until the escape of the cenado crime, from fear of the certification. We friction repeats frequently the corrupt policies as ineficazese, when crime reigns; if its action result exitosa, conta of the job of the force, censure them for presumptions committed excesses contradelinquents, before feared, and of which now we feel sorry in them. We get infuriated ourselves you eat exchanges of favors between the powerful ones, but we always take care of of of the Brazilian nation, that only blunts in the euphoria desportoou of it in the momesca folclrica manifestation.

Perhaps for nossatropicalidade shame, for in them frustrating not terms been born in the provincianamenteidolatrado foreigner and for better knowing in them to lament the blackout of what lighting a light. Diantede such, that to make? How to reerguer the blind lady of the scale and the gldio, tovilipendiada for our moral lassido? Therefore its Courts and Judges are not alone; so that they act – never ex-officio, but when set in motion -, applying the laws queno he fits to promulgate to them nor to sancionar, one becomes necessity to also purificar all osatores correlatos Parliament, Policies, Public prosecution service, public and private Usefulnesses, Advocacias, Prisionais systems and the object biggest of> , we do not agree to nossasalmas with Lucifer, nor we deliver in them (still) to the total dissolution of the customs, exactly that it seems to be next to it. Before, we let us admit to be, this picture, fruit of mazelas described, fitting only to repaint it, for, who we know, to assume finally the true face who we know to have, that he reflects, as they jdisseram> poets, ‘ ‘ calm skill of our hearts and the hard and quick blow denossas mos’ ‘ 1. Quemsabe, will serve in them to understand in definitive not having hopes is doDireito and of Justice. who knows, thus thinking, capable of will be darpartida, here and now, with inabalvel persistence, to the search future it that espelharnossa largeness, launching to the limb of History the loss of heart and autoflagelaopelo passed that it reflects our harshness.