Brand Equity

Examples are the names as the air deodorant BomAr, Always Free feminine absorbent. c) Desirable: Aesthetic, the consumers must find the element of the cativante mark, must visually be desirable, verbally, amongst other aspects. Names as Shining (detergent in dust), or Silk (Shampoo), exemplificam. d) Transfervel: The element of the mark must be able to be used to present new products in the same one or other categories. Sufficiently used criterion for manufacturers of automobiles.

e) Adaptable: The element of the mark must be adaptable and atualizvel, f) Protected: The element must be able to be protected judicially, in concorrenciais terms, and also not to have easiness of being copied. It is important that the names become synonymous of its categories, as Gillette, Xerox or Maisena, and still thus, withholds its rights on the mark and they do not become generic. The elements of the mark must easily recognized and be remembered, beyond inherently descriptive and persuasivos. Being memorable or significant they can also alliviate the responsibility of the marketing communications whose objective is to stimulate the awareness and to tie associations with mark (KOTLER; KELLER, 2006). As well as the names of the marks, another powerful element is the slogan, that can function as one ' ' gancho' ' to help the consumers to understand what it is the mark and becomes what it special. Moreover, it is an indispensable way to summarize and to translate the objective of a marketing program, as ' ' Goal, airlines inteligentes' ' or ' ' TIM, you without fronteiras' ' (KOTLER; KELLER, 2006). The different associations that also appear of the desirable and cativante aspect of the mark elements can exert basic function in the Brand Equity, treat subject to follow. 4,4 BRAND EQUITY? MANAGING THE VALUE OF MARK In accordance with Aaker (1998), the Brand Equity is a set of on factors to a mark, its name and its symbol, that add or deduct from the proportionate value for a product or service for a company and/or the consumers of it.