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There is no best letter of introduction into Spain with the best foot in the world of the franchise than the carry thirty years of success in Italy. And it is that to SANDRO FERRONE (), the renowned Italian fashion brand, the bet of landing in our country not has failed to exit you best. All internationalisation project involves starting from scratch but the acceptance that we have had here has been much higher than the expected. We have convinced a demanding public thanks to our good make and our values of identity like quality, exclusivity and elegance, says Ana de la Cruz Fernandez, Director of Expansion for SANDRO FERRONE of Spain. And it is that in only 7 months SANDRO FERRONE family has made numerous with 4 shops in Pamplona, Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), Cadiz and Murcia. And things go more. For 2011 the list will grow with new franchisees. We have 6 openings for the first quarter of 2011.

Our desire is that very soon all the women in the country to know and show off our designs, says de la Cruz. Good step that brings SANDRO FERRONE is explained by the added value it brings to our market and until now did not exist. We offer an attractive offer on clothing, bags, shoes and accessories based on the exclusivity that gives almost no marks, said Ana de la Cruz Fernandez, Director of Expansion. Our philosophy, known as fast-fashion, entails a continuous renewal of the collection. For our clients, this means that a garment that today they are found in one of our stores, next week will not be, there will be another dress or other pants, but not the same.

This ensures them not found someone dressed like them in the street. Safe and differentiating values but the elegance and exclusivity are not the only values that make a special mark of SANDRO FERRONE. Sweet Size is another reason contributing to the success of this flag. And is that the bet mark also by clothes for those women with sizes between 42 and 56 that are neglected by the manufacturers, but which also like go to fashion and look great. Our firm always has been worried and occupied by this segment of the population of women of flesh and blood who resign do not dress in current, elegant and self-assurance, says de la Cruz. Things was so patent that SANDRO FERRONE wants to be a reference in Spain in women’s fashion and therefore does not leave any loose end. It has come stomping, knowing what their credentials and how to captivate an audience that is already beginning to include it in one of its essential stores. There are women who wore long waiting for an alternative that would allow them to be modern, elegant and exclusive with a great value for money, it ends cross.

New General Accounting Plan


The taxable amount is the sale price. This amount will be neutral because although the buyer must deliver to the seller, he is not required to pay to the Treasury for being in the special charge equivalence. – The mark of equivalence was established in order to release retailers of virtually all of the obligations formal management or liquidation of VAT in this scheme, retailers do not have to submit settlement declaration of VAT. Providers are responsible for liquidating and enter the surcharge to the Treasury. 1.c) AJD (ACTS JUDICIAL doctors documents) to not transmit the entire business assets, the transfer may be subject to stamp concept to the extent that writing is registrable in a register and not subject to TPO, but As this is not registrable not taxed on the tax.

1.d) The rental of the premises – We generate revenue from real estate assets to be integrated into the general part of their personal income and taxed at a rate that is appropriate for all net income received. Keep in mind that there is progressive type, is a scale. – The rental of business premises carries with it the obligation to charge VAT by the owner of the premises to the tenant. This means you have to submit quarterly relevant self-assessments by the tax. 2) For the buyer 2.a) Income Tax – When calculating the benefits of pharmacy may be included as an expense: AU for the fiscal amortization of goodwill, even though the New General Accounting Plan is not amortized for accounting: A 5% or 7.5% of the value for that Fund for the next 20 or 13 years, respectively, spending very interesting post which will substantially reduce the net return of the pharmacy during that period of time. AU The price for the car that meets the LOCAL – For the rental of the premises, the tenant, in this case the buyer of the pharmacy can not deduct the VAT paid by not assessed payments for this tax be subject to the surcharge by equivalence.

However, for this reason, it will be a deductible expense in calculating income from the pharmacy for the income statement. You will also have the obligation to retain a percentage of the price for the car and meet quarterly revenue in the Treasury 115 public models. 2.b) VAT. – The purchase of the pharmacy is subject to VAT, since, by not transmitting the location can not be understood to forward the entire business assets, VAT can not be deduced from the special treatment of charge equivalence. The taxable amount is the sale price. The rate applicable on 16%. – This tax will be higher purchase price of the pharmacy, so to be charged as an expense via amortization.

Mahatma Ghandi Society


In these times of global crisis in which people wondered whether there were any satisfactory output and adverse events that are occurring, it is important to recognize how valuable it is to the emergence of leaders that target and motivate a society towards the struggle and work, aimed at a common goal which is to overcome adversityIt is well known that working as a team and aimed at the same goal the results will always be positive. We can find a clear example of this leadership in the assumed by President Felipe Calderon who at any time has kept optimism and the union of Mexicans to go forward notwithstanding that global conditions have resulted in other economies really unfavourable situations, decisions made by the President of Mexico have been successful in seeking to achieve the lowest impact to families in Mexicoyour positive attitude, confidence, as well as its capacity of motivation, have resulted in recognition as a talented leader with a clear vision of the desired result even in other Governments get to our country. That is why we reiterate that a society without leaders is destined to get lost in the abyss of the problems facing. Throughout our history have arisen transcendent leaderships that have marked the guideline to be followed among which we can cite to Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Lutther King, Juan Pablo II, who with his example led to a momentous and historical change of the societies to which they served, of which we must take the example of life and philosophy applicable to our times in order to use them as a motivating example that spread to future leaders that they will inspire our society go forward in times of crisis and uncertainty..

President Hugo Chavez


The companies with best performance are those that support the development of its staff. And, as a return on this investment, employees build a better workplace.Increasingly more companies see people as the main resource and try to train them, so that they work more effectively. However, coaching goes further and adds other ingredients to the development initiative: the working life of a person is most effective if it puts into action their goals, dreams and values, both at work and in the rest of his life. Here, that the most important aspect of the task of the coach is to increase intelligence, control and responsibility of a person about his own life and free expression of their talents and strengths. The core of This work is that the client will achieve greater consistency and integrity between your work and personal life.

Organizational coaching mission is, precisely, align the personal quest for individual freedom, quality relationships and meaningful purposes, with imperatives enterprise as job teamwork, shared mission, creativity and flexibility. The coach responds to question the person or the Organization?: both. Venezuelan companies, our case of interest, face still serious problems in the management of their human resources, all for neglect that both management and its executives remain regarding the proper management of human resources, very little encouraged, trained them, provide opportunities for their development, leads to not very favourable outcomes for the companywhere there is an absence of productivity that allows them to delve into the highly competitive scenarios, in addition, a negative organizational climate, coupled with other factors that have had impact on the efficiency of the company, in its development, as political and economic insecurity that currently are facing, more when it has become a turning point in the policy as it is the intention of the Government of President Hugo Chavez of wanting to establish a socialism that has never been used the Venezuelan.